Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pinterest and the Rookie

Hello, everybody! It's me. Wait, you don't know who I am? Well, I guess I should introduce myself then: My name is Darrion Marine, and I'm Willow's younger sister. I'm the behind the scenes sort of girl, and I write a few stories, but I don't like posting them, because I haven't finished them yet, and I don't want to leave anyone on a ledge waiting for me to hurry up and be done with it. I'm a rookie blogger, too. I only have this blog at this time.

But there is something I do like doing for anyone... helping. I help Willow (I call her Will) with her stories, and I'd like to help you with yours. So, I'm gonna post on here some inspirational quotes that might get a story goin' for you! I'm pulling them off of our Pinterest board called The Words Behind It All. I'll put the link to it on the bottom here, so if you want more, you can go get 'em! Okay, here it goes...

Love this one... 

And this one too...

This one is great!

Let's just say that they're all really good, and I'll stop saying so :)

True, true

I think this one is my favorite of them all :) Makes me think of the Lonely Mountain!

So, I hope you enjoyed that little post on me and Pinterest. I hope to do more of these, if you like them.

Post again soon, I hope!


Here's the link to our Pinterest page that I just pulled these pins off of...

Would you rather me post more inspirational quotes, or funny things, or movie things, or things that remind me of me, or what?? Love to hear what you would like to see!