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The Watchmen Files: File Two

Collision of Worlds

 by Darrion Marine

The Watchmen Files || File Two

Collision of Worlds || Back of the Book
In File Two of the Watchmen Files series, Mason Kruger is left on his own when his co-worker, Conner McKee, is taken prisoner by a vengeful mysterious man from his shadowed past. Desperate to save his friend, Mason must join forces with old companions of Conner and travel the globe to rescue him. And in the process, he discovers a much more sinister plot lurking below the surface that could threaten not only the personal life of the McKees, but also the whole world.
Join them as these two Watchmen are set in very different worlds as Mason undergoes the unexpected story of Conner's past, learns to work with his untrusting friends, and asking the questions: is Conner even really his friend? And Conner is put under pressure by the psychopathic Fletcher Wiley as he is faced with the threat of those closest to him, and struggles to keep his long kept secret untold.

What's Next? C.O.W.

File Two // Sneak Peek!

An Unexpected Journey

by Darrion Marine and Willow Silver Black

(description soon)

Forgotten - the book after Friends and Enemies

by Willow Silver Black

The screech of a Nazgul. The pain of a wound. The cry of a friend. That's all I remember. 
I can honestly say that I can't remember anything else.
They say I am a Chosen, the second of the Chosen Four. 
They say that all of these worlds that I thought were made up, are real.
They say that I was a great hero, along with my friends, of many worlds. They say that I have great courage.
I don't know what to think. I don't remember. 
I've forgotten. 


  1. Willow/Darrion!! These are all so fantastic! I hope hope hope hope that we'll be able to read some chapters soon!


  2. Awesome! I love 'Forgotten'! It sounds so interesting! :)

  3. Hey Willow and Darrion! So I was reading the summary of Shades of Reason. First, it sounds so awesome! I can't wait! But then I can, because that will probably mean the Friends and Enemies has ended. But anyway, the second thing was that it saw SuperTech, then it says InterTech. Is there a difference, or is it the same organization? Thanks so much!


    1. Hey, Hope O!
      Thank you! Actually, I have a different thing I'm working on after F&E is done, not Forgotten for a while. I plan on working on and posting SoR {Shades of Reason} this summer, in fact, while D works on her second file and I simultaneously working on F&E.
      Also, SuperTech is basically a good version of InterTech, run the honest way. They are different :)

  4. The girl on the Forgotten book cover looks exactly like me! I have the same shirt, pants, shoes, and hair:)


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