Friday, September 18, 2015

Friends and Enemies // Half-Chapter Forty // Sisters in Secrecy

"What's up?" Darrion questioned, leaning towards her sister.
   Willow threw a glance at the guys, shuffled closer, and started whispering rapidly in a different language.
   Emmeth heard the hard sounds of the odd language and gave Cole a concerned look. "I have never heard that speech before."
   Cole rolled his eyes. "I have, it's called Khuzdul, and they speak it when they don't want anyone else to know what they're talking about. It's not a language you find here, it's from another world," he explained.
   "Hm," Emmeth answered, wondering what the two were saying.
   But since you probably don't understand the Language of the Dwarves (very few people do, the dwarves are very secretive) here is a translation of their conversation;
   "I found one of the Dwarf Rings of Power," Willow confided.
   Darrion gaped at her. Willow hurried on. "It was Thrain's Ring, I'd know it anywhere. I put it in my box, where it'll be safe. But only for now. Why did you come when I specifically told you not to!"
   Darrion's face scrunched up in confusion. "What? You never told me not to come, we didn't even know where you were! Cole and I are here because we heard that these people needed help!"
   Willow narrowed her eyes. "It's not safe for you to be here." She lowered her voice even further. "The Illusionist is here."
   Darrion's eyes widened. "You're kidding! Why? Oh, well duh, Thrain's Ring. How did everyone take the news about her and well, you know, you?"
   Willow avoided her eyes. "I haven't told them. They wouldn't believe me! It's too crazy! You know that."
   Darrion sighed dramatically. "You don't like, like this dude here right? He really needs to learn what button means on a shirt. They're to be buttoned."
   Willow poked her. "Of course I don't, we're friends. Like me and Cole, except Emmeth is a lot nicer than Cole. He doesn't argue with me all the time. But let's get down to business."
   "To defeat the Huns? Or the Hans? Either one works." Darrion's eyes danced.
   "No. You can't be known to be my sister. If Zaria finds out..." Willow trailed off, her expression worried.
   "Ah, so I can be your friend? That'll be fun, you don't get to boss me around anymore! Sweet!" Darrion exclaimed gleefully.
   "Ha ha, very funny. But we need to be serious, Tash is here too. I'm guess they want the dwarf ring, but it's gotta be more than that. I don't know," Willow sighed.
   Darrion gave her sister a playful punch. "Well, what're sisters for? And co-workers. We'll help ya, don't worry."

I'd gotten just past D's line when I ran out of ideas, so that's why we have a half-chapter. Happily, though, I have an actor who plays Cole now. I'll be doing a character post on him soon. 
Also, sorry for posting later in the day, since we usually try to get things up in the morning {if we get them up at all} but I forgot, so that's why it's being posted now. I've been fixing my missewn skirt and ironing and listening to the new Adventures in Odyssey.
Don't forget to shoot me any questions you have about the {half} chapter!

Be a Friend, Not and Enemy,


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Watchmen Files // File Two // Character Post

Hey guys!

I know, it's been forever.

Okay, this guy is one of my favorite upcoming characters in COW...

   Arthur Kingston was a good friend of Conner's, back in the day. They grew up together with similar interests, and ended up with similar jobs until Conner took a turn for the Watchmen. Arthur didn't know much about these Watchmen, but thought it was pretty dumb of him to leave everything all suddenly like that.

   Arthur's big line for the book is "Friends don't abandon friends."

Eh... which quote do you think sounds better? Desert or abandon?

   He and Mason don't get along too well, at least in the beginning. But they must team up to rescue their common friend, Conner McKee.

   I would say Arthur is a bit jealous of Mason, seeing he's Conner's new best friend. But he's still a good guy, and works for the good of them both.

Well, that's all I've got to say about him for now... hopefully more stuff to come... thanks for sticking with us, guys :) There are a few things to finish up with the old file,

Always Watching,

Monday, August 10, 2015

New Character Additions || Shades of Reason

Hey guys!

I've got the Keira Knightly character's name for you, and a new character who'll be in SOR {Shades of Reason} her younger sister, Mercedes!

She'll be Genevieve Kerr Wiley.
I realized that because her character is married to Fletcher Wiley that she also needs to have a kid who's around twenty three or so by 2013, so that means she'd have to be married before 1993, when SOR takes place.
Genevieve is the daughter of a crime family named the Kerrs.
One reason I liked the name "Kerr" was that the "K" in it is the first letter in Keira Knightly's first and last names. I like to tie in actor's names and even other characters they might have played to my own characters names sometimes.
I thought that the name "Genevieve" was a good alternative to "Genesis" which was my first choice for her. The reason I changed it was because 1. D wanted Genesis to be a good guy's name 2. I wanted to use the name for someone who we'll see more, instead of someone who won't make a whole lot of appearances *spoilers*.

Mercedes Kerr is Genevieve's younger sister. She is played by the actress Natalie Dormer.
It's rather amusing because "Mercedes" {Benz} is a car brand and "Kerr" sounds a lot like "car". *spoilers* She is also connected to someone with the name "Ben" like "Benz" {who will most likely not be turning up in this book}, so we obviously had fun with this :)
Mercedes will make a short appearance in this book, but you'll see her around.

We've been totally off schedule for a while, so now we're hopefully starting up again! We just got back from San Diego on Tuesday, which was a fun and warm trip.
I'll try to get D to do a COW new character post on Wednesday {but she might not, since we're helping at Senior Luncheon at our church and I volunteered to make the dessert}.
Thanks so much for sticking with us!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Emerald City Comic Con || Meeting Skye + Agent Carter + River Song

   Hey guys!
   We went to Comic Con! More specifically, Emerald City Comic Con {ECCC}. If you don't know what a comic con is, it's basically a gathering place for nerds. Plus actors and actresses from tv shows!
   Unfortunately, Jenna Coleman canceled about a week before, which was really sad, because she's my {Willow's} favorite actress. But they managed to replace her with Alex Kingston (River Song from Doctor Who) which was a happy consolation :)

   I {Willow} cosplayed Clara Oswin Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman in her Governess Dress from The Snowmen from Doctor Who. Darrion {D} cosplayed Agent Melinda May, played by Ming-Na Wen from Agents of Shield. Ammelia {Ammie} cosplayed Agent Jemma Simmons, played by Elizabeth Henstridge from Agents of Shield.  

   So it took us about two hours to find a parking spot (Dad dropped us off in front of the con about 15 minutes before he found a parking space ~ 6 blocks away!). So we missed the early signings, but knew that there were more to come.

 This was my first souvenir {below}! It cost me quite a bit, but we all waited in line {minus Dad} for about forty minutes to get Chloe's autograph.
   I didn't have time to get a cool picture from eBay or Amazon, but they have photos there that are free if you buy the autograph. I had to wait in a shorter line to buy the autograph at the celebrity's booth, which you pay for and then they give you a little card that looks like a business card, but has a sticker that you give to the person next to the celebrity. They then give the celebrity the thing to sign. They also have a sticky note pad where you wrote what you wanted them to write on your object. I chose the picture below from the free pictures they had there and then took my place in line.
   While there, I saw that someone in front of me had a picture like mine that was signed by multiple actors/actresses from AoS. I decided I wanted that too, so I quickly hurried to the desk to the sticky note pad and scribbled what you see on the pink sticky note on the picture below. The lady selling the autographs smiled in a oh-how-cute way, but I was too excited to really care.

When we FINALLY got to meet Chloe, she was so nice! She asked how I was, and I was pretty excited and nervous to actually meet her {we'd been freaking out because we could see her from our line} and I asked how she was. She copied how I'd written what I'd like her to say on my picture.
    Then she saw Darrion's and Ammelia's costumes and was like "Oh my gosh! Guys, my co-workers are here!" She also said she liked our costumes. Then she said "Let me take your picture to send to them," meaning Elizabeth Henstridge {Simmons} and Ming-Na Wen {May}. D and Ammie couldn't really talk, but they posed together and Chloe took their picture with her phone. She then said goodbye and we floated away, me making little squeals under my breath and D and Ammie having huge smiles on their faces.

After that, we knew we had Chloe's photo, but we had to get our receipt that Mom had printed at home after we'd bought the photo ops online and given to Dad to hold. I texted Mom and told her about Chloe, and we sat with Dad for awhile to cosplayer-watch.
   Then we went to go see if the lines had started for Chloe's op yet, and as we were walking, Dad pulled me back and said to watch out. I turned to the left and there was Chloe, heading to her next gig! She said hi again, and we managed to utter a greeting.
Then we waited in line for what seemed line hours, especially because a guy {who I think was cosplaying casual Wolverine from X-Men, but I don't know X-Men, so you never know} was flirting with a shy girl, both of them in front of us {and there was a girl further up in the line who took about ten thousand selfies!}.
   But we finally made it! Chloe said "Hey, my co-workers are back! We've got to pose! You {to Ammelia} stand like this, like Elizabeth does. You {to D} stand like this, like Ming-Na. And you {Willow} just do something". She was so friendly. She posed, and we all posed! She said that she hoped we could come to her panel, and then said goodbye again and we left the booth to get our picture from the printer people.

We jumped to the next line for photo ops, Hayley Atwell! Her op was about fifteen minutes after Chloe's. Thankfully, photo ops take forever to wait in line and get done, and the fact that Haley was only there for that day meant that tons of people were waiting for a photo with her. The poor lady was tired (D's note: you'd be too, if you had to stand and smile with high-heels on all day!), but she said hello and we posed with her, then we left to get our picture from the photo printing booth. She DOES have a real British accent, just like in the movies and show!

Then we waited in line with D for Hayley Atwell's signature, on the piece of art that D had spent hours feverishly drawing. Here's a post that she wrote about the experience on her blog:

What made us worried was that our Alex Kingston photo op was coming up, and we were still in line. We actually almost missed getting in line because of all the people getting stuff signed by her. That was freaky. Ammie and I scouted out the line for Alex Kingston's op, and were anxiously being anxious until D could get her art signed. D said to go on without her, but we refused, and waited more. Finally, we were at the front of the line. Hayley was pretty quiet, but she did say that D was talented to draw the fanart (D's note: and that it was fantastic *faints*). We didn't take much time to marvel over that, but dashed over to our Alex Kingston op!

Thankfully, the line hadn't really moved for at least twenty minutes, so we were fine, all that anxiousness for nothin'. D had a backpack that she was carting around that held some cookies, and a protective place to put her fanart. Thankfully, it was also a protective place to put the pictures and my signed picture (D's note: good this I'd brought that hard paper stuff, or we'd have bent up everything! If you ever go to a con, remember to do that, or you'll be a very sorry camper when you get home). I had also brought along my Time Journal, which I made with my art teacher's help out of a book. It's a replica of River's Journal in Doctor Who. We decided to ask her to hold it. Then Ammelia wanted to change into her 11th Doctor outfit that she'd carted along in her backpack, so she and I left to do that. We got back with still plenty of time.
While we were standing in line chatting with the people behind us, we saw Chloe Bennett leaving her panel {presumably} and waved again. She saw  us and said "Hi again!" and we all grinned at each other (D's note: and I shouted Hi! back).
Finally, we reached the front of the line. They have a table were you can put your bags and such so they're not in the picture, and while D and Ammie were doing so, I took my Time Journal and asked Alex Kingston "could you hold this, please?". "Oh," she said in her lovely voice {it sounds just like it does on Doctor Who!} and held it and posed. When the op was done, we thanked her and left to get our printed picture. Ammie touched her cheek and said that Alex's hair had touched her cheek. We were still giggling as we went to show Dad our pictures.

Then we went to get Alex's signature on my Time Journal, but the lady who was directing the line said that it was full and to come back in a half hour! I was crestfallen, but we went to go cosplay-watch for a while with Dad again. It was getting almost to the end of the con, and I was anxious to get my book signed. After about ten minutes we decided to try again. It worked, and I paid for it and we stood in line again!

Thankfully, we stood behind some very friendly people, former homeschoolers, and we chatted about lots of fandom and homeschool stuff while we waited. There were hardly any people left in line by the time I handed the assistant my Time Journal. There was a little ribbon that was used as a bookmark in the original book, so I knotted its end and put a clothing tag that said "happening in the present" on it and a little gift tag that I'd written "Willow's Time Journal (Spoilers!)" on it, it was supposed to be like were we were in time at that point, but it's rather hard to explain. {If you read our someday-coming A Study In Time it will be explained.}
I hadn't been able to think of something to have her write on it, especially because I didn't know she would be there until a week before the con! {I thankfully had already made my Time Journal, so there was no rush about that!} So I asked the assistant to have her sign it Alex Kingston as River Song.
Alex Kingston took the journal and looked it over, and noticed my little bookmark. She actually read out loud "Willow's Time Journal, (Spoilers!)". So she signed it "This book is full of spoilers, River Song" then lower down, "AKA Alex Kingston".

I was so pleased because that was so much better than just plain "Alex Kingston and River Song" especially for the inside cover! {Just a note, the little sticker letters around the edge of the page say "Spoilers" and "Hello Sweetie"}. I wasn't really able to say anything, but Ammie told her that she liked her dress {which was gorgeous!}. (D's note: as I gawked at her big hair.)
We ran into the former homschoolers that were in front of us in line again and I showed them my book.
Then it was almost the end of the con, so we left, along with basically everyone else.
We basically spent the whole con on the celebrity floor, because we had a packed schedule. We didn't know that standing in line would take so long. And we almost didn't get a picture with Chloe Bennett! We had already purchased the ops for Alex and Hayley, but were unsure if we'd have enough time for Chloe. Thankfully, they moved her op fifteen minutes before Hayley's, so we decided to take a chance! Happily, Chloe had originally been only going Saturday and Sunday, but had to change her schedule to only Friday. Lucky us!
   But Clark Gregg {Phil Coulson, Marvel movies, Agents of Shield} had moved his days as well, to Saturday and Sunday instead of all three, as had John Barrowman {Captain Jack Harkness, Doctor Who}. Anthony Mackie {Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron} also went only on Saturday and Sunday. Stan Lee was there all three days, and we actually saw him while we were waiting for Alex Kingston's autograph.
Overall it was pretty overwhelming, but we're so glad we went! We spent quite a bit on the autographs and photos, but my parents paid for our tickets {thanks Mom and Dad!}.
D was disappointed about not getting to look at the artwork and not get to buy any cool stuff, but it was jam packed, and it was hard to just get into the art area (D's note: seriously, how can you look at stuff with tall people crowding you and the art?).
So we are hoping to go to the Rose City Comic Con in Portland this September, and meet and get pictures with Brett Dalton {Grant Ward, Agents of Shield} and Elizabeth Henstridge {Jemma Simmons, Agents of Shield}.
   We've come up with two group cosplays for those days, if we get to go. Agents of Shield for when we meet/get pictures with them, me as "meet" Skye, D as May again and Ammelia and Simmons again. The other day {there are two days of that con} we hope to do a Big Hero Six group with me as Gogo Tomago and D as fem!Tadashi and Ammie as Honey Lemon and my mom as Aunt Cass.

   D's note: Over all, it went quite well, and was a very interesting experience. We didn't lose anyone, and didn't miss anyone, so that's a plus :) The "minions" aka the comic con helper people, we very nice! Even when we ended up in the wrong building {the kid's building} a helper guy walked us across the street and helped us get programs.
   Anyway, we'd do things a little bit differently if we do it again... get our cosplays ready earlier, go to a smaller con (maybe), and save up lots of money. And I mean lots. And our advice for you if you're going to a con... wear comfortable shoes, don't wear lots of layers, and be prepared for everything to take a long time (and a lot of standing in lines).

~Willow (and D's notes)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Watchmen Files || Shades of Reason || Character Name Help!!

   Really long time, no post {good gosh, I've really got to start working!}. Anyhow, I've been working on the second chapter of Shades of Reason, and I added a new character, to be played by Keira Knightly.
   She's going to be the young Lila Norland's best friend and the future wife of Fletcher Wiley. In the story she'll probably be engaged to him. She's the daughter of a high ranking crime family {like Lila}.
   I really like the name Genesis for her {Genesis Wiley?} or Gypsy {but that sounds kind of dumb}. I also like the name Rose, but I would love some suggestions!
   I also need a last name {maiden name} for her, but I'm thinking Kerr {like in In Freedom's Cause by G.A. Henty} pronounced like the last part on "concur". 

I hope to get chapter two of SOR {Shades of Reason} done by next Wednesday, but you never know...
I'll also work on our comic con post, we met Alex Kingston {River Song, Doctor Who} Hayley Atwell {Peggy Carter, Captain America, Agent Carter} and Chloe Bennett {Skye, Agents of Shield} and got our pictures with them and got stuff signed.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Watchmen Files // the Christmas Edition // Half-Chapter Twelve // the Asset

   Hey guys!

   Um, wow, yeah. I'm back to life! Long time know see, huh? :)

   Sorry about the lack of writing, I've been neglectful of the Files and lost interest for a while. Then I picked up File One and read some of the Christmas Special again. Wow, I forgot about all of that!

   Anyway, I only got as far as the half chapter, which I have here. Hopefully the rest will be written by next Wednesday. I've got another writing project, maybe I'll have that announced and posted by next Wednesday, also.

   The drive back to the house was silent. No one said a word, but they all knew what the other was thinking. Had Hydra really found their safe house? How could that be, no one knew where they were. Were the girls safe at the church? What about the Hydra agents, had the Watchmen caught all of them?
   Conner gulped hard, beating down that dark feeling inside screaming a suspicion at him. No. It couldn't be. He had no idea they were there. He would never find Conner, not with the Watchmen. There was no way.
   But that nagging gut feeling told him otherwise.
   "We're here," Mr. Harrison confirmed, though it was rather obvious.
   Police tape was set up everywhere, with Watchmen in black uniforms all around the perimeter, guns pointed at the Harrison house.
   Before Mr. Harrison could park the van, Conner leapt out and raced over to a Watchman. "Agents C.J.M. and M.W.K.," he stated, gesturing to Mason who had just jumped out of the car to join him.
   "This way," the Watchman clarified, leading them up to one of many black security vans parked in their driveway. "Green Leader is waiting."
   Sliding the door open, a well known face with a cocky demeanor popped out in a flash. "Do you guys know where I was? Budapest! There's a huge mess going on there thanks to Clint and his stupid grumpy girlfriend that I have to straighten out, but no, gotta run to save the Harrisons 'cause he turned his cell off! Seriously, you're a Watchmen, keep your phone on!"
   "Come on Jason," Isaiah excused himself, "I was at a performance! You know, please silence your cell phones and all." Shaking his head, he turned apologetic. "I'm sorry guys, I just haven't been on the field in so long I've lost it."
   Jason nodded understandingly, but still held a look of annoyance. "Whatever."
   "Good to see a Kruger at Christmas time," a husky slightly Scottish accent added as he stepped out from around the van.
   "Graham," Mason smiled, then quickly sobered. "What's happening?"
   Gesturing to the house, he answered sharply, "Obviously Hydra agents have found your location, even with all of our precautions. They're still in there, we think. No one has gone in yet, we were waiting for the Asset to get here."
   Mason sighed with relief. "Oh good, a professional to take charge. Okay, where is he?"
   Jason and Graham exchanged glances. Clearing his throat, Jason gestured to Mason. "When do we start, chief?"
   Taking a double-check behind him to make sure, he turned his uncertain expression back to Graham. "Me?"
   "That's your code name. Welcome to Special Operations, Asset."
   Glancing over at Conner, he Mason shrugged and grabbed a shot-gun out of the van, holding it over his shoulder. "Let's move."

   Aaaaaand that's as far as I got. Check back next Wednesday for another half-chapter, hopefully! Thanks for hanging in there, guys. I'm so glad people are still willing to read this. You da best! :)

Always Watching,

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Shades of Reason || Characters

Meet the characters in Shades of Reason

Jonas N. Parker
played by Drew Roy

Jeremiah (Jeremy) F. Stone
played by Andrew Garfield

Lila Norris (formerly Norland)
 played by Evangeline Lilly

Quentin Norris
played by Ewan McGregor

Briella (Brie) Norris
played by Lily Collins

Cambria Norris
played by Emmy Rossum

 Simon Hollens
played by David Wenham

Ginger Hollens
played by Georgie Henley

Nora Hollens
played by Natalie Portman

Daniel Shakes
played by George Blagden

Victor Shakes
played by Aneurin Barnard

Renata Stone
played by Emily Rudd

Dr. Hans J. Kruger
played by Richard Armitage

(Captain) Clark Barton
played by Daniel Craig

Michael (Mike) B. Graham
played by Graham McTavish

Cesar E. Russell
played by n/a

Genevieve Kerr Wiley
played by Keira Knightly

Mercedes Kerr
played by Natalie Dormer

(more will be added once more characters are introduced)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Schedule Additions

   So here's our new schedule for this blog:

Monday: Without Cause (Ammelia's still working at it! She hopes to make it a summer project.)

Tuesday: Star Stories (D's new series, not final name)

Wednesday: Watchmen Files (the Christmas Special and Shades of Reason, then Collision of Worlds)

Thursday: Dwarves or Yore / Heirs of Durin / etc. (Dwarvey stuffs, Thorin Thursday)

Friday: Friends and Enemies (and someday, Forgotten, basically Four Rings-y stuffs)

Saturday: n/a (Song Saturday, but we're not doing stories so it doesn't quite count)

Sunday: n/a (Billie, unfortunately, is quite busy, so she is not planning on working on her book for a while. If she does, we'll be sure to add her back on the schedule!

Which new stories do you anticipate most?

~Willow + Darrion + Ammelia + Billie

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dwarves of Yore ~ Heavy is the Head + Theme Song

This is the very first story of our Dwarves of Yore stories! You've read a little of the second tale, called Dis Makes a Friend, but this one is the very first one :)

Note from Willow || D wrote this one, and I'm writing Dis Makes a Friend, but we're kind of co-writing this series. She'll write some, I'll write some. Just to clarify :)

This song is called "Don't You Worry Child" by Swedish House Mafia,
and is covered here by Sam Tsui. It's basically the theme song for Dwarves of Yore.

Okay, now that you're through listening to the song... here we go!

   Years before the the fall of the mountain, and ages prior the great dragon's flames licking the cornerstone of Erebor, a sharp child's cry echoed through their dark halls as servant bounced off to tell his prince of the joyous news: it was a boy.
   Blue icy eyes aglow, the little one sucked contentedly on his thumb as his father gazed down at him, gently rocking the newborn in his arms.
   "Come child, there is a time for rest and a time for war," the proud father coaxed as the baby tugged mercilessly on the man's beard. Chuckling, he commented "I see you have Durin's twinkle in your eyes. A grand King under the Mountain you shall be! Just as our forefathers before us, you will rule this mountain with loyalty, honor, and a willing heart."
   A dark shadow passed by outside of the door. The Dwarf quickly recognized that it was his father, the infant's grandfather. He watched suspiciously as the large Dwarf drifted away, probably back to admiring his growing hoard of glittering gold and treasure in one of the lower halls.
   "Well, as honorable as most of them," he muttered as the baby watched his grandfather disappear out of sight inquisitively.
   "Can you feel the weight of it? Even from afar, one with Durin's blood running through his veins can feel the pull of gold."
   Glancing down, he found the boy gurgling as he sucked contentedly at his father's signet ring. He chuckled at his son's obliviousness. "Fine, you may be a child for now, while you still can. Soon enough, you will be king, and heavy is the head that bears the crown of his people."
   Wandering to the balcony, he surveyed his sleeping kingdom. The golden lights illuminated its halls just enough for one to gape over the mountain's vastness, the levels hewn directly from the living stone as glittering gold ran down them in streaks like rivers.
   "One day, this will all be yours, young Thorin."
   The child cooed softly, his blue eyes closing gently as he snuggled closer to the warmth of his father.
   With the future lying asleep in his arms, the father, Thrain, whispered half to himself and half to his son, "At least one of us will sleep tonight."

   Whew, that's it! Super short intro story. Hope it's okay! I haven't written in a long time, as you know. Too busy crying my eyes out about the Battle of the Five Armies (I still haven't had the guts to watch it a second time). But soon I'll be working on the Watchmen Files once again, and also a new fanfiction sort of series. I hope to get that done soon.

Thanks for reading, guys! You're the best to be hanging in there for us this long.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Watchmen Files || Shades of Reason || Prologue


A deep blue van idled next to the curb of the Hôtel Très Belle on the French Riviera. Inside the typical looking vehicle, four Watchmen were preparing for their mission, Hans Kruger and his partner Clark Barton, and partners Mike Graham and Cesar Russell. Kruger was perfecting his disguise in a small hanging mirror that dangled from the ceiling of the van while the other three booted up the computers.
   "You ready for this, Hans?" Barton poked at the surveillance equipment as it began to turn on (these are the '90s we're talking about).
   Kruger glanced at his partner in the mirror. "You think I'm not ready for the job?" he asked rather sharply, his ice blue eyes narrowing ever-so-slightly.
   Barton shook his head. "I just thought flirtation wasn't really your forte."
   Kruger's brow smoothed, and he finished applying his disguise and turned around. "It's a job," he explained simply.
   "I'll tell Jackie that sometime," Graham muttered under his breath. As Kruger shot him a look, Graham pretended to be busy with the computer while Russell snickered into his hand.
   "Ready?" Barton interrupted, handing Kruger his custom-fitted earpiece.
   Kruger nodded and took the earpiece, fitting it perfectly into his ear. "Comm check."
   "Comm's good," Graham reported. "Good luck out there, man."
   "You'll need it," Russell muttered under his breath.
   Kruger closed his eyes for a moment, his expression completely blank. Then his eyes sprang open, a cheerful smile brightened his pale face, and stepped out of the van onto the sunny French sidewalk.

1993 (fifteen minutes earlier)

   Lila Norland (someday to become Norris) stepped out with her parents into the crowded ballroom. The party was a "thank you" to the many donors whom had helped make InterTech a force to be reckoned with. It was also the place her parents, the heads of InterTech, hoped that she would meet the husband who would assist her in running the organization one day. She was 18 years old, with naturally curly brown hair and hazel eyes. And at five foot six, high heels bought at a high end London department store complemented her elegant dress. She looked and felt like a million bucks. Which she was worth. Her parents had become rich with their illegal business dealings, selling things on the black market. Which afforded her many expensive things to show off to her friends at boarding school. But now she had graduated, and was being taken under her parent's wings to prepare for the massive task of running InterTech. The only child of Edward and Cate Norland, Lila was poised to inherit the company once they could no longer handle the day-to-day operations.
   But all that was in the future. Today was about enjoying the party.


"Jeremy? Yo, Jeremiah!"
   "Huh?" nineteen year old Jeremy Stone jerked his head up from over a pile of old reports. "What'd you say, Joe?"
   Twenty year old Jonas Parker rolled his eyes. The two had only just finished their Watchmen training a week ago and had been assigned their first mission as rookies only two days previously. They were on a plane to their mission as they spoke. "I said, what have you found out?" he repeated.
   Jeremy waved a handful of reports that he has half finished reading. "Well, as we were told, Captain Barton, before he was Captain Barton, and Doctor Hans J. Kruger, along with Sargent Graham and Cesar Russell were assigned to extract some information from the heads of InterTech, Cate and Edward Norland, and went after their heiress daughter, Lila, who now runs it with her husband Quentin. They also have a daughter named Briella. I don't have many particulars, I've only gotten about half way through this stack of field reports," he gestured to the haphazard pile.
   "Interesting, I'll have to add that to my notes." Jonas snatched his brand new "field book" (as he called it) and started to scrawl on the fresh pages. His steady brown eyes scanned his notes and his neatly combed dark hair glinted under the overhead lights.
   Jeremy hunkered down back over his field reports, picking up the one he'd not finished reading. Jonas twisted in his seat to peer at his teammate. Jeremiah Stone, known by everyone in training as "Jeremy", and himself were very different from one another. While Jeremy could be hot-headed and reckless, Jonas always thought things over and had a backup plan.
   He glanced out the window of the plane. "Hey, Jeremy, you'd better finish reading soon. We're coming up on land."

2013 (earlier that year)

   Ginger Hollens grabbed her backpack and planted a kiss on her brother's cheek. "See you later, Simon." She wrapped her arm around his shoulders. "You too, Nora!" she called over her shoulder towards her sister as she stepped out from under their cover porch into the rain.
   Ginger's private school was located half way across the city of Boston from her house, so she waited under the covered bus stop for her bus. Raindrops landed with a plop into the puddles on the sidewalk, and cars swept the water out of the way with their tires, wetting Ginger's black converse shoes.
   Tugging at the zipper of her backpack, Ginger withdrew a stack of papers stapled together. Her lines for her school's upcoming play "The Sound of Music" where she had the role of Liesl, was going to be her big debut, she was sure of it. She also hoped sincerely that Simon could attend. Ever since their parents had died a few years ago, she and her elder sister Nora had lived with Simon, who worked at a company called SuperTech. The siblings had all become very close, but now that Simon was working on a very important (and top secret) project, Nora and Ginger had begun to drift apart from him. They themselves grew closer, going out for milkshakes and cheeseburgers and such, but with his busy schedule, they hardly ever saw him.
   I really hope he can make it to my play, Ginger mused as her bus pulled up. I hope, I hope, I hope.

   "But MOM!" Briella Norris, better known as Brie, called as she stomped after her mother, the infamous Lila Norris. She had inherited her hazel eyes from her mother, and they were giving off angry sparks that told all of the minions scurrying about to stay away. "Mom!" she cried, grabbing Lila's elbow and catching up to her. "I don't want to stay here over summer vacation! I wanted to go stay with Grandma and Grandpa Norland in France!"
   Lila rolled her eyes. "Brie, listen to me. You need to learn about the family business. Grandma and Grandpa used to run InterTech, but it's so much more now, and you are going to run it with your husband someday, so you need to learn how it works, and how to handle it."
   Brie stomped her foot. "Well, maybe you should have kept me around instead of sending me to boarding school if you wanted me to learn so much!"
   Lila's eyes blazed. "We did what was best for you, Briella. You know that."
   "Ahem, Mrs. Norris?" Lila's personal assistant interrupted warily. "Dominik Kruger is here to see you and Mr. Norris."
   Brie sighed as her mother flitted off to go meet with the second-in-command of Hydra. She wondered what they were planning this time.

Whew! And to think I wrote most of that last night! I only wrote the part with Brie this morning :)
 Anyway, I hope you liked it! Drop me a comment here or on Pinterest! And follow my board Shades of Reason to get the latest stuff on this book!


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Friends and Enemies // Chapter Thirty Nine // Sisterly Support

   Digging her heels into the ground, Willow raced down the side of the mountain in pursuit of the spy. Emmeth was about five yards ahead of her and counting.
   "Halt!" he shouted at the escapee, sliding down a steep part of the mountain. The escapee ignored his shouted words and raced on, faster and faster, kicking up rocks and dust as he fled.
   Approaching the same steep part as Emmeth had just a moment before, Willow set her teeth and pushed off from the edge, landing and rolling at the bottom, but back on her feet in seconds. Her bow was out now, and she aimed it steadily at the rogue's back. The twang of the bowstring got his attention and he threw a terrified look over his shoulder, thinking that imminent death was coming straight at him in the form of a well-shot arrow.
   The arrow was well-shot, but it didn't pierce his skin as he'd imagined in the four seconds he had. Instead, the arrow caught right under his armor and just above his skin and pinned him to a tree right near the edge of a cliff.
   "Move and you will die," Emmeth warned as he scrambled up, his sword already in hand.
   "Yeah," Willow panted as she jogged up, her face pale under her face mask from the hard run.
   "What do ya want?" the vagabond questioned, squirming at the sight of the sword in Emmeth's hand.
   "You know what we want, thief scum. You have the money that the people collected for the Prince and his rebels," Willow sneered, tossing her head with drama.
   The thief trembled at the sight of the two Shadow Guards, each clothed in black and their faces covered with black face masks so you could only see their eyes. (Willow was using the Illusionist's mask). Because they both sounded young, he estimated that they were guards-in-training, and not true Shadow Guards. He pretty much knew that he'd be dead if they were not just trainees.
   "It is not your money," he resisted, then tugged the arrow out of his vagabond-y outfit and edged towards the cliff. "It's somethin' else ya want to, isn't it?"
   The two "Shadow Guards" glanced at each other, as if communicating with their eyes. Willow stepped forward. "Give it to us, Krideth. If you want to survive this encounter, give it up." She held out her hand expectantly, one dark eyebrow cocked.
   Krideth broke into a cold sweat. "Don't kill me..." he pleaded, falling on his knees. "Pleeeeaaassseee?" he began to wail.
   The pair rolled their eyes. "Nice trick there, Krideth. Now hand it over, or we will have to take it from you by force," Emmeth announced, taking a menacing step forward.
   "Hey!" a shout came from the road, and two cloaked people dressed in traveling clothes appeared, both wearing lower-face masks that hid their identities.
   "Stay back," Emmeth warned, waving his sword at them as he concentrated on his adversary. "Last chance, thief."
   "What's going on, Shadow?" the smaller of the travelers demanded.
   Willow glared at the pair. "Let us be. This man has stolen money that the kingdom is in need of."
   "And you're going to kill him if he doesn't give it to you, am I right?" the taller one butted in.
   This time both "Shadow Guards" glared at the pair. "We are by law permitted to arrest anyone in whom we feel to be a threat to national security," Emmeth announced.
   The smaller traveler leaned closer to the taller traveler. "I think they want to 'arrest' us," he whispered loudly. " That's kinda funny don't you think?" He lifted her eyebrows dramatically. Something in Willow nudged at her brain, as if that gesture of sarcasm held familiarity, but she couldn't think of why.
   Emmeth puffed out a sigh. "Look, we will be willing to overlook your fault if you leave now."
   The smaller traveler placed both hands on his hips and gave him a defiant glare. "In your dreams, buddy boy."
   Emmeth and Willow exchange glances. Willow gave him a slight nod, and she edged behind him slightly, to keep watch over the prisoner. Emmeth advanced on the pair quickly.
   "Bring it on!" cried the small one, whipping out a shining sword. The sunlight filtering down through the trees caught on the silver and reflected out into many different directions.
   A fight ensued, Emmeth managed to knock the smaller one in the mouth, but it was a losing battle. Willow pulled out her bow and arrows but didn't see the taller traveler sneak up behind her. He knocked her out with a clean blow to the back of the head with the back of his sword while the smaller traveler knocked Emmeth against a tree to knock him unconscious.
   "Sooo..." Emmeth felt a sword prick his neck as he came out of unconsciousness. "You're not a Shadow Guard, are ya, squirt?" the same voice of the smaller traveler stated. The only thing was that his voice sounded odd. "Thanks for the broken lip, by the way," he grumbled, patting the part of his mask where his lip probably was.
   "Wha..?" Emmeth shook his head, and immediately regretted it. His head ached. "Wait, where is she?"
   "She? Oh, your girlfriend is right over there," he pointed to the other side of the tree. Emmeth then realized that his back was flat against a tree, and his arms were pulled straight out and tied to something else on each side. He felt stretched.
   "She is not my "girlfriend". She is a friend who happens to be a lady," he answered.
   "Same difference," smirked the traveler.
   "Where am I?" a soft voice questioned from the other side of the tree. The thing tied to Emmeth's wrist twitched, and he realized that their adversaries had tied Willow's wrists to his.
   "I've got this under control," he tried to assure her.
   "Right. Is that why we're tied to a tree with swords pointed at our necks?" she inquired.
   He blushed. "Yes."
   She let out a long sigh. "Brilliant."
   The small traveler cocked his head, swishing a few strands of dark hair across his face. His dark eyes darted over the pair with suspicion. "Who are you two anyway?" he questioned, pointing his sword menacingly.
   "What are your names?" the taller traveler pushed past the smaller one, who narrowed his eyes at him.
   "I do not believe I should say," Emmeth hedged, glancing around. He needed something, anything, sharp. Then he felt a burning sensation at his wrists, and realized Willow was using her purple flame to burn through the ropes. He coughed. "Who are you people, then?" he asked, attempting to distract them.
   "I believe we ask the questions," the tall traveler commented, facing him. His pale skin looked even paler against his black cloak, unlike the other traveler, whose tanned skin was starkly different, leading Emmeth to believe that they were not related.
   He felt the ropes drop off. Lunging at the pair before they had a chance to react, Emmeth tackled the taller traveler. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Willow throw herself upon the smaller one. But then he became occupied with his own fight. His opponent was strong, and the two struggled to gain the upper hand. Emmeth had managed to gain it, and was about to deliver a knock-out blow when he heard Willow shriek.
   Both Emmeth and his opponent twisted around to stare at the two others. They both had their arms wrapped around each other, and the smaller traveler's hood and mask were no longer covering his face. Make that her face. Warm tan skin accented with dark brown eyes and even darker hair that reached just past her jawline, the girl's features corresponded remarkably with Willow's, same hair color, eyes, and even general look were reflected in Willow's own face.
   "Will?!" the girl seemed equally surprised. "What are you doing here?"
   Emmeth's instincts reacted, and he leaped in front of Willow, shielding her from the girl.
   "Oi," the girl poked her head around him. "Will, is this your boyfriend or something?"
   Willow rolled her eyes. "No, of course not."
   "I'm Prince Emmeth of Tashra," he informed D.
   D gave him a sarcastic look. "You're not dressed like a prince," she countered gesturing to his Shadow clothing.
   "It is a disguise," he explained.
   D arched an eyebrow at Willow, who nodded. "Thank you, Emmeth," she patted his arm and moved around him to get at D.
   "Emmeth, this is my younger sister, Darrion," Willow introduced. "D, this is Emmeth. I'm helping him and his group of Resistance to get his throne back."
   Darrion looked him up and down, her gaze intense. "At your service," she offered slowly.
   His opponent, the taller traveler had walked over and was now speaking with Willow. He had neat black hair and dark eyes.
   "Emmeth, this is Cole. He's a representative, along with me, of the Resistance. We're co-workers," Willow explained. "Cole, this is Prince Emmeth."
   The boys nodded and shook hands. Cole seemed like a sensible sort, Emmeth observed.
   Willow grasped her sister's elbow and pulled her out of hearing distance of the boys. "D," she whispered. "I need to tell you something! Something is very wrong here!"

Interesting thing is, I wrote the bulk of this chapter back in October, I believe. I knew I wanted to introduce D and Cole, and so I wrote this :)
 Working on costumes, I just ordered the print that I'm going to have Jenna Coleman sign, it's a print from The Snowmen, which I will be cosplaying from!
 D and Ammelia are also working on their costumes, but I'm glad I already have mine! I wore it to the Fairmont Fair in October for Awana, so I've had it awhile. I had no idea it was going to be worn to meet the actual Clara!

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Dwarves of Yore || Cover + Quote

   Hey guys, it's Willow!
   This has been a while coming, but here's the cover for our story called the Dwarves of Yore. It is basically many small stories that combined tell the tale of the three royal sibling under the Lonely Mountain, up until the Firestorm, which then the tale becomes known as Heirs of Durin.
   Anyway, here's the cover (D edited this one while I edited the quote) :

 Back before Thorin was called Oakenshield, back before the Firestorm, back before Fili and Kili were born, there were three royal siblings living under the Lonely Mountain, Thorin, Dis and Frerin, sons and daughter of Thrain, son of Thror, King Under the Mountain.

 And if you know me, I LOVE quotes! I'm always going on about quotes for books. So here's the one for DOY (Dwarves of Yore)

This is where it all began. How does that sound? I'm really excited to work on this! I just have to finish "Dis Makes a Friend" and D has a short bit with Baby Thorin and Thrain that she wants to post first, I believe.

We'll be back soon with the new schedule! I've talked with both Ammelia and Billie, and have their okays with certain changes! Hopefully we'll be able to post that by tomorrow or Saturday.
Meanwhile, I'm still looking for a poster to have Jenna Coleman (Clara) to sign. She's going to be at Emerald City Comic Con and WE'RE GOING!! We're also going to meet Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter)!!


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What's Next || The Watchmen Files || Shades of Reason || Preview

What's Next? Shades of Reason! I haven't decided on a cover yet, even a temporary cover :)

Watchmen rookies Jeremy Stone and Jonas Parker are on their first mission, rescuing teen Ginger Hollens from the black market organization InterTech. But even though it seems mundane, they realize that it's not a coincidence that Ginger's brother works for the legal equal of the illegal group, SuperTech. Meanwhile, the daughter and heiress of the Norris', Briella, is having secret second thoughts about her family business, and befriends Ginger. As bounty hunter brothers Daniel and Victor Shakes add to the group Ginger's siblings Simon and Nora also join forces with Jeremy and Jonas to save her. The group also does not know what Lila and Quentin are truly up to.

~this is not going to be the "final back of the book"~

Character Collage! All new characters, including cameos from Captain Barton and Doctor Kruger! The end will also prelude a coming book, which is really exciting!

"There are many shades of reason." quote

I'm really excited about starting this, I was planning on writing this last summer, but, well, I didn't. So here we go!

I'm curious to see how everyone receives it, and really want your feedback!

Would you read Shades of Reason?

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Friends and Enemies // Chapter Thirty Eight // The Illusionist

The roar of battle rose up from the fire-lit courtyard of Wynnath, a small town that many Resistance members called home, and that the other side had been ignorant of until now.
   Willow watched from a turret tower, sharpening her sword, a gift from another world, called by the name Hadhafang. The handwriting on the note that had been sent via an arrow in Liberty's wing was gnawing at her, and she paced the room to try to dissipate the anxiousness. A sudden brightness from the courtyard drew her attention, and she squinted to see the dimly-lit scene below.
   Many orcs were there, their horrible faces shadowy and even more disfigured in the firelight. Only a few humans were among them, mostly Shadow Knights, Willow reasoned. But one stood out. She was obviously female, because of her ankle-length royal blue dress with a flash of gold at the front and a shimmery turquoise hooded cloak flowing from her shoulders. She was carrying a long, straight metal staff that was taller than she was with a design at the top that had a large jewel set in it, and that made it extend about a foot above her head. Willow couldn't help sensing that something about that staff was very evil. She also wondered how on earth that girl could wear a full length dress plus cloak (no armor) and be moving with such ease.
   The girl was using her staff as a weapon (obviously) but the strange thing was that she was throwing what looked like black powder at her foes, and the powder mysteriously burst into flames. Shadow fire powder, Willow realized. Works when it hits something warm. Like clothes that you've been wearing for several days. Lovely.
   Glancing behind her at wear Ryshdare had been tied to a chair, she noted his fearful expression. Kneeling in front of him, she tilted her head slightly and looked into his eyes. "Look, Ryshdare. The Illusionist, did you see what she looked like? Her face?" she asked.
   Ryshdare shook his head. "She had dark hair, and dark eyes. But she was wearing a face mask that cover most of her face.
   "Of course she did," Willow muttered. "Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, eh, Zaria?"
   "Whom?" Ryshdare questioned.
   "Her name means things like "princess" and "lady" and "born at sunrise" and such. She's anything but," Willow answered, twisting the fabric of her knee-length skirt into a knot.
   Stepping back to the window, Willow once again surveyed the scene below. The Illusionist (for that was her title) was easily overpowering everyone, with her staff (and her fire powder). The confused warriors were falling back, not knowing what to do against her. Willow sighed impatiently, but she knew how dangerous Zaria was. Striding to a full length mirror at the other side of the turret, she gazed at her reflection for a moment, tracing the shape of her face with her finger. Taking a breath, she turned. "Where's my bow?"

   Emmeth's sword clanged against the metal of the Illusionist's staff, causing sparks. He applied as much pressure as he could, and they were soon facing one another, as she was forced to push back against the prince's sword, but losing. She was smaller than he expected, about Willow's height, and under her cloak, bright, dark brown eyes glared into his eyes. It felt like they were glaring into his soul. And then her eyes changed. It looked as if someone had dropped black ink into them, as it covered the white and brown and became completely black.
   A sudden twang to the right of him broke the glare, and she suddenly pulled back instead of pushed, and he fell forward, his sword slicing through her cloak and delivering a deep cut to her left arm. Eerily, instead of the blood being red, it was inky black. She spun lightly and deflected one of Willow's arrows, and the Illusionist turned to face Elvish-grace.
   But she barely had any time to prepare, as Willow seemed to come out of nowhere from above and slam her bow across Zaria's staff. The bow did not break. Zaria shoved back hard, pushing Willow back, and then aimed her staff at her opponent's head. Willow ducked just in time, as she threw herself to the ground, she used the tip of her bow to slam Zaria's stomach, and then to sweep her legs out from under her. Zaria tumbled (ungracefully) into a heap on the ground. Then, again using the tip of her bow, Willow swept the black nose and mouth covering off of Zaria's face. She was the only one who got a glimpse of the full face of the Illusionist before Zaria swept part of her cloak over it and leaped to her feet.
   "Retreat!" she ordered, sweeping her cape around her, and for a few seconds, the lights in the lanterns flickered. The sound of feet pounding and the fleeting glimpses of retreating soldiers were all that was left. The lights stilled, and not one of the enemy was left.

Willow gently picked up the mask that Zaria had left behind. It felt cool in her hands and she turned it over to look at the curves on the inside where the nose was and the lips where. "What might that be?" Emmeth asked as he joined her.
   "The Illusionist's mask," she explained, handing it to him.
   He turned it over, then placed it on his face to see how it worked. It didn't fit properly, but he saw how it worked. "Fascinating. This belonged to the lovely lady who was commanding those forces. What did Ryshdare say her name was?"
   "The Illusionist."
   "Odd name, I wonder how she "illusions". No matter," he handed the mask back to her. "We shall find them."
   Willow nodded, but her eyes remained pensive as Emmeth hurried away to see the wounded.
   She lifted the mask to her own face. She put it on. It fit perfectly.

I am SO sorry for not posting sooner!
D and I are working on a new schedule for this blog, with some new stuff, so look for that post soon.
I was having a massive I-don't-want-to-work-on-this-right-now block, so that's why is too me so long.
 Hope you guys are still reading, let me know in the comments? And who do you think Zaria/The Illusionist is?

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The Last Goodbye || Lyrics || Dedicated to Our Dear Friends

The Battle of the Five Armies occurred on the 23rd of November T.A. 2941


this post contains the song lyrics from the end of the movie credits song. if you don't want to read them, be forewarned.

The Last Goodbye || sung by Billy Boyd {Pippin}

i saw the light

fade from the sky.

on the wind i heard a sigh.

as the snowflakes cover

my fallen brothers,

i will say this last goodbye.

night is now falling

so ends this day.

the road is now calling

and i must away.

over hill

and under tree

to lands where never light has shone

to silver streams that run down to the sea.

under cloud

beneath the stars

over snow and winter's morn

i turn at last

to paths

that lead home.

and oh, where the road then takes me

i cannot tell.

 we came all this way

but now comes the day

to bid you farewell.

many places i have been

many sorrows i have seen.

but i don't regret

nor will i forget

all who took that road with me.

night is now falling

so ends this day.

the road is now calling

and i must away.

over hill

and under tree

to lands where never light has shone.

i turn at last

to paths

that lead home!

and oh, where the road then takes me

i cannot tell.

we came all this way

but now comes the day

to bid you farewell.

i bid you all

a very fond


This song is dedicated to our friends Elisha, Hosanna, Beth, Jubilee and Titus.

These are all the words we couldn't say.

we bid you all a very fond farewell. we wish you well at your new home.


Willow + Darrion

Postscript || this is a new thing called Song Saturday!