Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sneak Peak at Chapter 3 of Friends and Enemies

Here's the cover for the next chapter of Friends and Enemies, which will be done very soon.

The first part of Chapter Three:  Secrets, Traitors and Rings

 Willow was half-sleeping. She was half awake/half asleep. There were whispers, footsteps, the clunk of a door closing and...
   Willow jolted out of half-sleep and sat up quickly.
   "We know that no one is here, Emmeth and that Sir Richard are at the capital. No one will disturb us," a male voice assured.
   Wondering if that someone was talking to her, Willow snatched her horn off of the washstand and pressed herself silently against the door to her room.
   "Are you absolutely sure, Ketennith? What if you're caught? How will you talk your way out of that?" Another male voice, cold and stern, demanded.
   "Hah! There's no one to catch me here! This place is only known to Rebels, and no others are here tonight," scoffed Ketennith.
   After pulling on her cloak and tugging the hood over her head, Willow edged the door open as silently as she could, then tiptoed barefooted to the carved stone railing overlooking the large open room where the speakers undoubtedly were. Leaning her right shoulder against the railing, she peered down to see what these traitors-okay, they might not be traitors, but still-looked like.

What do you think of it? What do you think of the story of Friends and Enemies so far?

Monday, May 6, 2013

So What's in a Name?

Suilaid :)

On the topic of names: tons of things.

Which is why I need your {yes, your} help.

I've wracked my brain for a name for this guy.

He's going to be a bad guy in Friends and Enemies. But I need his name.

To give you a quick character summary: He's working with the Shadow lord over Tashra, and is basically a high-ranking evil errand boy. He's a rather scary and intimidating fellow. But he's smart and not easily convinced with things.

Any ideas?


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sherlock crossovers from Pinterest with Darrion

Hello, peoples! It's D again :)

You remember me, right? Willow's younger sister, Darrion? Ring any bells? No, not really?

Well, whatever. You can still enjoy this post, even if no one remembers me. Sigh!

Anyway, like the title says, this post is filled with pins I found on Pinterest.

Now, you might be wondering, "What is this crossover you speak of?" Well, a crossover pin is when someone puts something (could be characters, actors, places, etc.)  from different movies together in one pin. Like Sherlock and Bilbo, Toothless and Thorin, or even Thor and Thorin! You can do all sorts of things with crossovers. And I love to pin them!

Enough blabbing on my part, now to the pins!

Let us start with Sherlock...

The Hobbit and Sherlock crossover

The Avengers and Sherlock crossover
How to Train your Dragon and Sherlock crossover

Thor and Sherlock crossover (love this one!)

The Princess bride and Sherlock crossover. This is what Willow says she was thinking when we watched it!

The Hobbit and Sherlock crossover

Sherlock and the Lord of the Rings crossover

Yes, one more Hobbit and Sherlock crossover

Oh, did I say one more? Oops, I meant a whole lot more! :)

Bilbo and Sherlock

Them again

Did you know that the same guy who plays Sherlock plays Smaug, and the same guy who plays Watson plays Bilbo? I think that's super cool! So they call Smaug either Smauglock or Cumbersmaug, in honor of the actor who plays them both. So, all the others are Sherlock and The Hobbit crossovers.

 I know that one is really small, but it's so funny!

Well, that's all of 'em, I think :) I hope you enjoyed all those pins, and thank you for taking the time to look! I really appreciate comments, too :) If you like Sherlock, make sure to check out our board on Pinterest, 221.B Baker Street.

Now, I will hopefully post more crossovers soon, but which ones should I post first?? I would love to hear your opinion! Please comment and tell me! Thanks :)