Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Watchmen Wednesday // File Two // New Character

Hey guys!

   *sheepishly shifts in place* Well, I know excuses are not to be used by teenagers (note the sarcasm dripping statement), but it's been busy. We're getting ready for a trip, which means I will not be here next Wednesday. I'm not sure what we'll be posting then, but we'll see, I guess! :)

   Anyway, I'm finally going to introduce a certain new character for File Two. I've mentioned her in my personal blog, which some of you probably noticed. I've drawn here twice (here and here), and I think you guys will really like her. She's my favorite newbie in the group.

   This is her! Sweet and gentle, she's a good addition to the make-shift team Mason's set up, and was a good friend to Conner before he joined the Watchmen. But with no experience with a gun or violence, she's both a trial and a blessing as they sift through a world riddled with danger.

   This is the perfect photo of her. Long bangs, brown wavy hair, cute dress and bright smile (oh, and a purity ring, it looks like).

   Her name is Grace Hope, and she's played by Rachel McAdams.

   In conclusion, there are many new characters to look forward to in File Two. Digory, Arthur, Troy, Grace, and more! And there will be old characters too, like Jason, and obviously, Mason and Conner.

Well, I hope you guys have a great week! Allons-y!

Always Watching,