Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Website Announcement, Watchmen Chibis, and Procrastination: Oh My!

Hey everyone!

It's D again.

   And this time, as you may have noticed, I have no chapter. The writer's block and procrastination bug have really gotten to me...

   So that means we'll be doing something a little different this Wednesday.

    That's mine, by the way. I thought it'd be cute to draw chibis Conner, Ava, and Mason. I did it in pen on tracing paper, then took a picture and got in online. Editing it so it was just stark black and white on Picmonkey, I went onto and clicked on editor, filled it in with color, and went back to Picmonkey to finish it up with the words and red bottom thingy. It was surprisingly easy...

    Anyway, I'm going to start out by saying that Willow and I are going to open a Weebly website for cosplay and fanart. Cosplay is when a person dresses like a character in a show/book, and fanart is just want it sounds like: fans that draw art from/of a movie/book that they like.

    Our faces will be shown, of course, so you'll get to see what we look like! Here's a sneak peek :) That's me in manga chibis form, by the way. I just started working on that style of drawing.

   I'm in the art department of the site, and Willow is the cosplayer (though she's planning a Sherlock cosplay for me), and I am the fanartist. Right now, we don't have much going into it, but as time goes on we'll be continually adding new things.

   Which is why there is also going to be a blog to go along with it. You don't have to be checking around the entire website looking for new things, you can simply follow the blog and get updates as new things are put up.

   Willow and I will be opening it soon, so keep watch for another post about it!

   Anyway, back to the Watchmen! As you've already seen, I've been working on chibis (as certain type of manga, which is a certain type of drawing style) lately, and my test subjects are the characters from the Watchmen Files. I hope you like them!

From last week's chapter, the scene with Mason and Conner around the fire

Closeup of Conner with better coloring

Conner, Ava, and Mason ready for the Christmas Edition (man, I just can't seem to find the right skin tone for these guys!)

   So yeah, that's them! I'm working on a normal, realistic pencil drawing of Mason right now, but that may take a while to complete. I'll have some more stuff like this on the website, once we get it up, like a pencil sketch of Fili and another one of children Fili and Kili eating cookies and reading a book. I'm also going to try and draw Dis based off of Willow... this may be interesting...

   Well, I think that's everything! I hope you enjoyed that little bit, and make sure to watch out for the announcement of our website!

Love you guys, post to you later! ;)

Always Watching,