Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Watchmen Files // What's Next? C.O.W.

Hey guys! It's D(arrion).

   And I know what you're thinking. Man, she's not posting anything new?!

   Aha! But you're wrong!

   Well, actually, you're right. I don't have a new chapter. But I've got something else for you this week...

   The second file, as you know, is coming up soon. Once I'm finished with the Christmas Edition, we're going to be moving on to File Two. But what exactly is file two? If you read this post a while ago, you know different aspects of the character development, and you know some new characters. But what's the title?

   I haven't told you yet, though I do know what I'm going to call it. And now, I'm going to let you guess!

   Don't worry, I'm not leaving it all up to you. Here's a hint... the acronym is C.O.W.

   Yes, that spells cow. Like the animal that gives us milk and cheese (and yummy burgers and steaks!). The book doesn't necessarily have anything to do with cows, but that's what the acronyms turned out to be. Odd, and kind of funny at the same time.

Here are some more cover edits...

 Oh, and that evil guy at the end of the last chapter (Fletcher Wiley) is played (if I can use that term) by Lee Pace (above). I was in such a rush to post it, I forgot to tell you guys! Sorry 'bout that ;)

 The other character I clued you into, Arthur Kingston (above).

Another new character, Troy, and his C.O.W. cover

Conner's cover (above). Yep, that's Conner. Don't ask yet!! Spoilers ;) Okay, I shouldn't be smiling, that actually does look painful. Anyway...

And Mason's cover

Guess away! Which cover is your favorite? What do C, O, and W stand for? You give a go in the comments below or on Pinterest! I'd love to hear what you think :) Though, of course, I can't tell you if you're right or not yet... as my sister always seems to say, patience is a virtue :)

That should be all for the moment... sorry about the lack of chapter and all. I was busily thinking up ideas for C.O.W. and finishing up a drawing of Thorin Oakenshield. Hope I made up for it with this :) Have a great day brainstorming! :)

Always Watching,