Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Heirs of Durin // Bad Dreams

Hey peoples!

I have something new for you today :)

Something completely new.

   Now, I have noted before that I've written some little stories about little Fili and Kili (the royal Dwarves from The Hobbit, Thorin's nephews) before, though I've never posted them.

   But, in the occasion of the Battle of the Five Armies trailer (*cough cough* and my lack of chapter *cough cough*), I will.

   I wrote 'Bad Dreams' awhile ago, and since then have come up with the makings of a fan-fiction (which I will call 'Heirs of Durin', I think). I know what you're thinking. Ugh, a fanfic? But seriously, unlike some people I've heard from, I've had a good experience with fanfiction (if you don't know what a fanfiction is, it's basically fans writings stories outside of and/or different from the actual story. No two fanfictions are alike!). I read a deal of Saphira's fanfiction, which I liked.

   A little backstory on this, it takes place after their father Galahad (pronounced just like you thought, Gal-a-had) died. The Author is the creator (another name for God), and Thorin doesn't believe in Him for plot purposes.

I did the cover art, btw. I know, they look a bit older than then they are in the story, but it works in a pinch.

Bad Dreams
by Darrion Marine

   A small dwarf child tossed and turned restlessly in his bed, his frightening dream preventing him form a good nights sleep. The memory of his passed father plagued his dreams, and a sharp scream left his little pink lips as he woke from his dreadful nightmare with a jerk.
   Fili, son of Galahad, son of Galrowhan, heir of Durin rolled over to glimpse his younger brother Kili's frightened face. His little plump cheeks and forehead were sweaty, and his big teary brown eyes stared fearfully back at his big brother.
   "Another nightmare?" Fili asked, already knowing the answer.
   Kili nodded, his messy brown hair falling in front of his deep brown eyes.
   Fili patted his leather sleeping mat, signaling him to come over. "Come on, get in."
   Kili's lower lip trembled as he climbed out of his bed, making his way over to Fili and slipping under the covers. His little cold feet pressed against his brothers', chilling them. But Fili didn't mind, not really. He was his big brother. He needed him.
   "It's alright, Kili." Fili wrapped his arms around him and squeezed him closer. "It's alright. Father may be gone, but Uncle Thorin will keep us safe now. He said he'll always be here for us."
   "That's what Father said before he left... and now he's gone forever." He could hear Kili crying softly into his tunic.
   He patted Kili's head and lifted his chin up so he could look him straight in the eyes. "Not forever. Remember what Mum told us? We'll see him again. At the White Shores, where the Author is. We'll see him again, don't worry."
   "Uncle Thorin doesn't believe in the Author."
   Kili was right. Their Uncle Thorin Oakenshield didn't believe that there was an Author, and he made that very clear. He said if there even was an Author, He was a mean, cruel person. The boys had always stayed out of that conversation, that was Mum's fight, not their own. Fili and Kili had heard their mum and uncle loudly discussing that before. It was a frightening thing, hearing them fight. They had never heard their mum and father fight. Never. Then he remembered something Father had told him once...
   Fili smiled. " 'Just because someone doesn't believe in the Author doesn't mean He doesn't exist.' That's what Father said, and he meant it."
   He could hear Kili sniffling under the covers. "Yeah, sniff, I just wish he was still here."
   "Me too, little brother. Me too."
   And with that, both brothers went back to sleep, and they dreamed good dreams of their father, and were he was. With the Author.

   Okay, that's that! Hope you liked it :) I know it doesn't have much to it right now, but Willow and I hope to write more sometime soon. How soon? No idea. But soon! :)

   Anyway, on another note, if you would like to see my reaction to the Battle of the Five Armies trailer illustrated in gifs, click here to view. THE FEELS!!

On to announcements...
Willow wrote a chapter last week. It's got a masquerade in it :) I'd love to go to one of those. I mean, seriously, how cool is that?! She's going to try and write another chapter for Friday, too.
Also, I'm going to try and pass my feels and write the chapter for next week's posting (notice I said try).
 Well, that looks like everything I've got to say (for now). Allons-y!
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What do you guys think about the sign off? I could use it for the Heirs of Durin posts. And it doesn't mean never forget me. That's... that's not what I meant :)