Friday, November 15, 2013

Friends and Enemies // Q and A!

Hey everybody,

   I am about to do something that I've never done before and that I do not know if it will work!

   A Friends and Enemies Q&A!

   So, how it will work is that you can comment to ask ANYTHING at all, as long as it's appropriate, and I will answer on next Friday's post.

   Example questions: will Willow marry anybody? Who's Aliatha's love? etc.

   But please, if you can, confine your asking to blog comments on this post. A comment anywhere else will not be answered on this post. But if you ask on Pinterest, please say "for the q&a post" when you comment.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Watchmen Files // Plan B

Hey, peoples!

   It is I, Darrion, here again to post another chapter.

   But wait... I don't have a chapter. And I'm not a king. That makes me nobody really- wait, sorry, that's the Hobbit.

   But anyway, yes, I did not finish the chapter. It has lots of important stuff, you can't rush it. So that means another half chapter sort of thingy. Actually, I don't even know what this is, but it will have to do. I hope you enjoy it anyways :)

Plan B
   "Anführer?" A young man dressed in a crisp black and blood red Hydra uniform peeked his head inside the door of Sven Kruger, the Direktor des Spezialeinheiten (Director of Hydra Special Forces). The far wall was covered in maps for every place imaginable, but other than that, the room was quite barren, only filled with a dresser, a small bunk jutting out of the wall, a simple chest, a single chair in the corner, and a desk. The one who lived in the simple dirty room was seated on the bunk, tending to a slash on his arm carefully.
   Sven glanced up for a moment before continuing to bandage his wound that he had received from a Watchman when he had kidnapped the little girl. "What?"
   "The Leiter has summoned you to his office immediately."
   He paused for a moment, his pulse increasing by the second. "Dominik," he whispered to himself before he hastily snatched his uniform coat from the chair and ditched the wound now that he had bigger problems to deal with.
   Rushing down the darkly lit corridors, he used his badge twice to get through security before entering the comfy desk job halls. He paused in front of the door labeled Leiter Office to run his hand through his short black hair nervously. What did I do wrong? he wondered to himself. I got the Mädchens, what else did he want from me? Taking a deep breath, he knocked lightly on the door and was permitted to enter.
   From the tall ceiling to the couch cushions imported from France, the room was large and extravagant, and full of all the modern conveniences. The bright sunlight coming in through the far window overlooking the beautiful landscape made Sven squint and shade his eyes. He had been running around on missions for such a long time, he didn't get to see much sunlight. They worked at night, in the dark.
   "Sven?!" He jumped when his name was barked by Dominik, his ice blue eyes blazing with his fiery temper, and his pale face was now red. He looked much like Sven, but different, seeing that he was his older brother.
   But that didn't make him favored in his job.
Dominik was the second in command to their father, Jens, the Chairman of Hydra itself, who almost never actually did any commanding. He was the scary guy in the background, weaving his plans together in secret, and Dominik was just given the goal and asked to find a way for it to happen. And he passed the job on to Sven, and told him to deal with it. But, after the mission was a success and everything worked out the way it should, Dominik would get the credit.
   But that was as it should be, at least that was what
Dominik said. And Sven agreed with him, after all, that was the way the system worked, he wasn't going to mess with it.
   "What is this?" He demanded, waving a sheet of paper in his younger brother's face like a mad man.
   Sven wasn't a speed reader, but he guessed anyway, "The mission report, sir."
   "This is a failure, you Schweinekopf!" Dominik shouted and smacked Sven across the face with the document. "I told you to get Kruger!!"
   "But sir," he offered in a reasonable tone, "I couldn't get him while he was raging from the activation serum you told me to give him. I thought he would kill the Watchmen inside, eventually wear out, and then we would pick him up-"
   "I don't care what you thought!!" He continued, throwing his hands in the air for emphasis. "All I care about is this report! You captured some little girl and not Kruger!"
   Sven was holding his hands partly up in defense. "Like you wanted-"
   "No, not like I wanted! I wanted Kruger alive!" he steamed, then turned around and put his hands in his face.
   After a moment of silence, Sven stepped forward. "What are you going to tell Father?"
   "I'm going to tell him," Dominik stated in his level but still full of rage voice, "that you are a failure, and should be punished!" Turning back around to face his now pale with fright brother, Dominik continued with a sly smirk. "You failed the mission, Sven. You have failed me too many times. I must ask for your replacement."
   "B-but sir," Sven stuttered, now afraid for his life. "I can do something! I will find him, please, let me try. I will not fail you again. Please," he put his hands together and begged his brother with fearful eyes.
   Dominik just stood there, enjoying the moment, pretending to look thoughtful, but really smiling from ear to ear. Finally, he made the decision that he already knew he was going to do. "Fine, I will not file charges against you."
   "Thank you, sir!" Sven leaped to his feet with a skip in his step and raced to the door with a renewed flame of confidence in his eyes. "I will not disappoint you." 
"You better not, little brother. You better not."

   So there you have it! Plan B! Now I kind of came up with the name from the idea that plan A was to write the next chapter, but plan B was to pull this thingy together. So yeah, that's it :)

 Make sure to go check out our new writer's story, Without Cause! And I'm quite pleased with her work :) (In other words, it's awesome!)

I hope I didn't disappoint you too much with not finishing the chapter and all.

Till next time, when I will have the next chapter!