This is where we're storing old stories that probably haven't been completed, but may someday.

by Billie Catherine

“It is better to die by the hand of your most hated, and feared enemy, than to face the fire and fury of a dragon, whose master has been slain.”~ Sir Rueben (Dragon Master, rider of Arual) 

by Willow

 The Four head to the Outer-Rim planet of Sparra to locate a lost palentir.
But Warren is captured by an old enemy,
and the rest of the Four persuade a well known pirate captain to help them find a treasure to get Warren back!

Chapter One: The Pirate Thing
Chapter Three: Escaping the Avenger
Chapter Four: Decisions, decisions  
Chapter Five: Meeting the Sparrow
Chapter Five: The Landing

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 by Willow

Some Codebearers carrying sensitive information have been captured by the Shadow and brought to the high-security prison known as the Citadel.
The Chosen Four and Co. are tasked with infiltrating it and helping them to escape. But can they evade the traps, the Shadow Knights and more?

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