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Dwarves of Yore

by Willow and Darrion

Back before Thorin was called Oakenshield, back before the Firestorm, back before Fili and Kili were born, there were three royal siblings living under the Lonely Mountain, Thorin, Dis and Frerin, sons and daughter of Thrain, son of Thror, King Under the Mountain.

The Watchmen Files: Shades of Reason

by Willow
Watchmen rookies Jeremy Stone and Jonas Parker are assigned to pick up teen Ginger Hollens and Watchmen agent Daniel Shakes, who have been kidnapped so that Ginger's brother Simon Hollens will come work for the dangerous organization of InterTech. But the tangled webs of a previous encounter with InterTech's head Lila Norris 20 years ago begin to complicate things.

 I (Willow) also have a Pinterest board dedicated to this book ~ Shades of Reason

 by Willow and Darrion

(description soon)

Bad Dreams

See our pinterest board for this (sorta) Heirs of Durin

The Watchmen Files: A Holiday Special: The Christmas Edition

by Darrion Marine

The Christmas season has arrived at a Watchmen safe-house where the Harrisons, Mason Kruger, his little cousin Ava, and his co-worker Conner McKee are stationed. This year is unlike any of the trio has ever experienced...
For Conner, it's a struggle to cope with his first Christmas without his family, and for Mason, it brings on the biggest and most difficult decision of his life and the discovery of the real meaning of Christmas.
Follow the trio as they encounter a grey gloved arson, a villainous Santa Clause, a malicious thief and a Hydra cousin out to wreck the celebration as the three have a Christmas to remember!

Chapter Eleven // The Christmas Song || Part One and Part Two

Chapter Twelve // the Asset || Part One

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(if you want to read the first book in the Watchmen Files,
see the page Completed)

Without Cause

by Ammelia Gabriella

Chapter Five // Flight in the Dark// Part One and Part Two

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Friends and Enemies

by Willow Silver Black

One of the Four Ring-bearers, Willow Elvish-grace is carried by her Thunderbird through a portal to the remote planet of Tashra. There she meets Emmeth, a prince whose dastardly uncle has gotten rid of his father in order to take control of the planet. As they strive to pull together his people to fight his uncle for the throne, an ancient evil from another world is rallying its forces to search for something that has been lost, and a very personal enemy has come to assure that dark will rise.

Chapter Two // The Secret Way

Chapter Three // Secrets, Traitors and Rings

Chapter Four // Essgarothe 

Chapter Five // The Calm Before the Storm 

Chapter Six // The Council of Knights 

Chapter Seven // A {Really} Crazy Plan

Chapter Eight // The Battle of the Noose

Chapter Nine// Into the Fortress

Chapter Ten // Liberating Liberty

Chapter Eleven // Escape and Capture

Chapter Twelve // A Failed Escape

Chapter Thirteen // Prisoners

Chapter Fourteen // A Change of Heart

Chapter Fifteen // Getaway in the Dark

Chapter Sixteen // A Close Call

Chapter Seventeen // An Outlawed Adventure

 Chapter Eighteen // A Cold {and Warm} Welcome

Chapter Nineteen // Immer's Story

Chapter Twenty // A Sudden Departure

Chapter Twenty One // Making Friends

Chapter Twenty Two // The Orphanage

Chapter Twenty Three // A Startling Discovery

Chapter Twenty Four // News of Attack

Chapter Twenty Five // Sneak Attack on Gossgath

Chapter Twenty Six // Finding the Shadow

Chapter Twenty Seven // A Battle Won and a Question Asked

Chapter Twenty Eight // The Great Library

Chapter Twenty Nine // The Trick

Chapter Thirty // A Message and an Accusation

Chapter Thirty One // Plans of Disguise

Chapter Thirty Two // Preparations

Chapter Thirty Three // Masquerade

Chapter Thirty Four // One to Seven

Chapter Thirty Five // A Secret Drove Your Father Mad

Chapter Thirty Six // You Know What It Was

Chapter Thirty Seven // Fallen Star

Chapter Thirty Eight // The Illusionist

Chapter Thirty Nine // Sisterly Support

Chapter Forty // Sisters in Secrecy // Part One // Part Two

Chapter Forty One // Evil Plans // Part One

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Rising Shadows

by Billie Catherine

 “It is better to die by the hand of your most hated, and feared enemy, than to face the fire and fury of a dragon, whose master has been slain.”~ Sir Rueben (Dragon Master, rider of Arual)

Chapter One

Chapter Two

(unfortunately, Billie is suspending her book, with no plans to continue, at least for a while)

Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate

by Willow

The Four head to the Outer-Rim planet of Sparra to locate a lost palentir.
But Warren is captured by an old enemy,
and the rest of the Four persuade a well known pirate captain to help them find a treasure to get Warren back

Chapter One: The Pirate Thing

Chapter Three: Escaping the Avenger

Chapter Four: Decisions, decisions  

Chapter Five: Meeting the Sparrow

Chapter Five: The Landing

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Break In: Infiltrating the Citadel

by Willow

Some Codebearers carrying sensitive information have been captured by the Shadow and brought to the high-security prison known as the Citadel.
The Chosen Four and Co. are tasked with infiltrating it and helping them to escape. But can they evade the traps, the Shadow Knights and more?


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