Friday, February 19, 2016

Friends and Enemies // Half-Chapter Forty One // Evil Plans

Unfortunately, I was unable to finish a full chapter for today, but I hope you like this half-chapter anyway!

His steps echoed against the shadowy walls. Step by creaky step on the wooden stairs, Kedemeth climbed the to the top of the highest tower in Lorthin. As he approached the wooden door painted black at the top of the stairs, he couldn't help shuddering at the unearthly glow that illuminated from the door's cracks. He hesitated at the door, but gathering his courage, he rapped at the door. "Yes?" a voice both familiar and foreign at the same time answered. Kedemeth pushed open the door and stepped into the room. Sitting cross-legged in the center of the room on wide stool with nearly melted candles as the only light, the figure lifted her eyes from the book she was writing on with a black feather pen. The lower part of her face was covered by a mask, perfectly molded to her features, and only her eyes showed. Her brown eyes were unnaturally bright, as if she had a high fever, but he knew that no sickness could affect the Illusionist, for she was half Shadow.
    "Lady Illusionist," he began, not quite sure how to address her. He caught an amused glint in her eyes, but ignored it and continued. "You summoned me?"
   "Indeed, Kedemeth. I believe that it may be time for my plan to be set into motion," the Illusionist, or Zaria as she was also called, answered.
   "Uh, well, about that plan, are you sure that it will work...?" he questioned.
   Lifting her hand towards him, Zaria curved her fingers inward, and Kedemeth felt his feet leave the ground and a second later Zaria was grasping his throat with her iron grip. A second later her felt the cold metal of a blade on his nose. "Did you just question my order?" Her voice had dropped significantly, but the fury in her voice was poorly concealed.
   "No!" Kedemeth managed. Zaria loosened her grip and allowed him to tumble to the floor. Gasping, he sat up. A small but strong hand caught his chin and raised it up. He found himself staring directly into Zaria's eyes.
   "Don't ever question me again," she ordered, her voice chillingly cheerful. Dropping her hand, she lifted a letter that sat on a small table to her right that was laden with writing utensils. and then held it out to him. "Get this to Lord Tash as soon as possible."
   Kedemeth scrambled to his feet and plucked the letter from her outstretched black matte fingernails. "Of course," he agreed. With that, Zaria dropped her eyes to the book still sitting on her lap, and calmly lifted her feather pen, dipped it in an inkwell and began to write once more.
   Still rubbing his throat, Kedemeth tucked her letter into his pocket, gave a quick bow and hurried back down the creaky tower steps.
To be continued...

So we bought our tickets to Emerald City Comic Con today, and just a few hours later, Jenna Coleman canceled her appearance for that day! Sad face :( At least we'll be able to meet Sean Astin {Samwise Gamgee from LOTR}! We'll be sure to type up a post and put pictures on here when we're done. In the meantime, here's the link to the post that we wrote about ECCC last year.

Let me know what you think of the chapter! I know some of it is a little dark and creepy...

Be a Friend, Not an Enemy,


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  1. Oooooh she sounds like a very creepy lady. XD I'm scared, but excited to see what happens next!
    Have fun at ECCC! :D


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