Friday, September 12, 2014

Friends and Enemies // Is Anyone Still Reading?

Hello again!

   I'm sorry, but I don't have another chapter for you today. I was working on getting a dress from an seller and the chapter completely slipped my mind, though I have been steadily working on certain parts up in my noggin.

   But I do have to ask, is anyone still reading it? I understand if you're put off by the fact that I forget a lot. I have an explanation.

   See, I'm an introvert. And parts of my personality are very easygoing about stuff, and my book is one of them. While D usually more needs to get her chapter up, I'm not bothered as much, because I see it as something there for my enjoyment.

   And I'm more forgetful, I usually remember to work on it on Wednesday, after D's posted her chapter, I'll maybe type a few paragraphs, and try to figure out what's going to happen in that chapter. And then on Thursday, I try to do more. Unfortunately, this school year Thursdays are rather full. We have Art in the mornings, then lunch. Then Choir until Dad gets home, and then we used to go on Date Night with our parents. This year, though, we'll probably be helping in our church's AWANA program, so that's full. So Thursdays are usually not good days for writing for me.

   And then Friday rolls around, and I try to speed-write my chapter to get it up by around 10:00 out time. That's how I usually write. I know it's not very good, but until I find a better system, that's how I roll.

   I still will finish my book, even if no one reads it, but I would still love it if you'd comment and let me know that you read it, and if you don't why you don't :)

   And really, I'm not trying to force you to read my book, I just would like to see who reads :)

Thank you for letting me explain.

Be a Friend, not and Enemy,


Postscript || I hope to begin editing some of the earlier chapters soon, and I'll let you know and repost the links so you can see them when they're improved :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Watchmen Files // The Christmas Edition // Chapter Eight // Crooks and Cameras

Hey guys!

   Darrion here.

   Another Wednesday, another chapter. Not my best, but it's a chapter none the less! And it's the eighth chapter. I know, this book-thing is going to close sometime soonish, and I've got the remaining chapters mostly mapped out in my head. Hang in there! The second file will arrive someday! :) Hopefully sooner than later...

   Okay, here we go...

   A figure raced through the store parking lot, bounty in hand, sure of his own escape. He had no idea what was in the plastic bag, but whatever it was, he was sure he could use (or sell) it. Moments later, he heard someone shout from behind him, ordering him to stop.
   Mason had to think fast, quickly coming up with a simple plan to stop the thief who completely ignored his call and continued to run off with the boy's to-be-Christmas-gift. Without turning to look at him, he quickly told Conner, "I'll go around!" and raced off.
   Conner knew what he was thinking and darted after the figure as Mason sprinted around the line of parked cars. Mason was much faster than Conner, and could get in front of the shoe-thief before he escaped into traffic. With Conner behind him and Mason in front, there would be nowhere to run. He would be trapped.
   Most everyone was inside the store, so the crook barely had any opposition as he barreled past the parked cars, headed for the street. He quickened his pace, trying to keep out of reach of his pursuer.
   Conner was right on his tail, and quickly glanced sideways to find Mason on the other side, racing to get ahead of them.
   Suddenly, a van pulled out of its parking spot, directly in front of the burglar's path. He skidded to a stop, giving Conner the chance to catch up.
   Seeing his reflection in the car's windows, the criminal moved quickly out of Conner's way as he tried to tackle him to the ground. Instead, Conner got a swift knee to the gut and a side-swipe to the face. Knocked off balance, he fell backwards and hit the pavement hard.
   Just then, the woman driving the van opened her door to see what was happening.
   Seeing his chance, the burglar forced her out of the seat and pushed her to the ground, jumping into the van and starting off.
   Finally, Mason appeared and seeing the getaway vehicle, ran alongside it.
   The woman, suddenly realizing what was going on, hurriedly pulled out her cellphone and videotaped the unfolding events.
   Knowing what he was planning, Conner shouted after him, "Mase, it's not worth it! Don't!"
   But he didn't listen. Once he was close enough, Mason grabbed onto the car door and reached through the open window to grab for the wheel. The hijacker inside tried to push him off, succeeding with a strong knock to Mason's face, who lost his precarious balance and fell back. But not without the steering wheel, his strength wouldn't let that go.
   His back slammed into the ground, but he speedily looked up to see the van (having lost control) crash into a lamppost at the edge of the parking lot.
   Rushing over and brushing the fresh snow off of himself, Mason pried the shoebox from the scoundrel's hands triumphantly.
   Conner appeared, immediately checking the driver's condition. He looked as if he was in shock from the crash. "Alright, just sit still, the police will be here soon," he assured the man, closing the door just in case he were to attempt an escape.
   Facing around, he scowled. "You idiot!"
   Mason frowned, shrugged his shoulders. "What?"
   "You could have gotten yourself killed, that's what! Do you really think a pair of shoes is worth your own life?" Obviously, he wasn't pleased.
   Before Mason could defend himself further, the boy raced up. "My shoes-"
   "Right here kid," he smirked, crouching down to be eye to eye with him.
   "Thank you, mister! Thank you so much!" The little boy hugged him tightly, smiling.
   "Oliver!" A man sprinted up to them, scooping the boy up in his arms. "Are you okay? What happened?" Turning from the child, he looked to them. "Who are you?"
   The boy, Oliver, pointed directly at Mason, a wide smile on his face. "He saved Mama's shoes, Daddy!"
   "I'm so sorry," The man tried to explain, "I just left him for a minute to go to the pharmacy and I turned around and he was gone! Thank you so much."
   "It's fine sir," Mason shrugged. "Just doing my civil duty. And besides, I wasn't the only guy to get him." He gestured to Conner and the woman. "Oh, sorry about your car."
   "It's fine-" the lady started before being promptly interrupted by a startled Conner.
   "What are you doing? Are you videotaping this?"
   "Oh yeah!" She nodded confidently, holding up her cellphone for them to see.
   "No, please..." Conner started as Mason pulled down his hoodie to cover his face. "... no videos."
   She turned the phone at him, smiling. "Are you kidding? You guys are heroes!"
   Mason walked up to her, putting his hand on her phone to block its view. "No, we're actually not..."
   "We should go," Conner grabbed his arm and started off in a hurry.
   "Wait!" Oliver yelled after them, struggling down out of his dad's arms.
   "Oh, here," Mason handed him the shoebox. "You better keep an eye on this thing, it's going to make your mom look great. Understood?"
   "Yes sir," he smiled widely, watching them hurry away from the parking lot. As they fled into the nearby snow covered park to escape the scene of the crime, they could hear a faint little voice calling over the sound of approaching police sirens. "Thank you!"

   Aaaannnddd that's it. Kind of shorter than normal. But we'll get back to longer chapters next chapter :)

Wonder why I named the kiddo Oliver? 

If you understand this reference... internet huggles! Seriously though, that little trooper of a car is adorable. And look! He fixed it up after pulling it out of the river :)

Announcements (yes, I'm actually doing those again)...
Willow has another chapter of F&E up! Chapter thirty-four, actually. Whew! Sure has come a long ways. She says that my character, Darrion, will be coming into the story soonish. Can't wait :) Click here if you missed it last Friday.
Ammelia and Billie are back from camp! Yea! :) Since they are still settling back into life, there's no rush on a new chapter of their books (well, maybe a tiny bit... I want to know! ;)
And I will (hopefully) be doing another chapter next week.

Well, that looks like everything :) Hope you all have a marvelous day!

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