Monday, August 10, 2015

New Character Additions || Shades of Reason

Hey guys!

I've got the Keira Knightly character's name for you, and a new character who'll be in SOR {Shades of Reason} her younger sister, Mercedes!

She'll be Genevieve Kerr Wiley.
I realized that because her character is married to Fletcher Wiley that she also needs to have a kid who's around twenty three or so by 2013, so that means she'd have to be married before 1993, when SOR takes place.
Genevieve is the daughter of a crime family named the Kerrs.
One reason I liked the name "Kerr" was that the "K" in it is the first letter in Keira Knightly's first and last names. I like to tie in actor's names and even other characters they might have played to my own characters names sometimes.
I thought that the name "Genevieve" was a good alternative to "Genesis" which was my first choice for her. The reason I changed it was because 1. D wanted Genesis to be a good guy's name 2. I wanted to use the name for someone who we'll see more, instead of someone who won't make a whole lot of appearances *spoilers*.

Mercedes Kerr is Genevieve's younger sister. She is played by the actress Natalie Dormer.
It's rather amusing because "Mercedes" {Benz} is a car brand and "Kerr" sounds a lot like "car". *spoilers* She is also connected to someone with the name "Ben" like "Benz" {who will most likely not be turning up in this book}, so we obviously had fun with this :)
Mercedes will make a short appearance in this book, but you'll see her around.

We've been totally off schedule for a while, so now we're hopefully starting up again! We just got back from San Diego on Tuesday, which was a fun and warm trip.
I'll try to get D to do a COW new character post on Wednesday {but she might not, since we're helping at Senior Luncheon at our church and I volunteered to make the dessert}.
Thanks so much for sticking with us!