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The Watchmen Files: File One

by Darrion Marine

 24 year-old Mason Kruger has been living on his own for years, taking care of his little cousin, Ava. But when the group that is out to get him captures Ava instead, Mason must join forces with the Watchmen to recover his cousin, discover the capability of his new found ability, and answer questions about his family legacy: Was his father really an ex-Hydra, how did he get his super strength, and what would the God of the universe want with him?

Chapter Two: The First Encounter

 Chapter Three: Men In Black, The Freckled Freak, And The Human Guard Dog

Chapter Four: The Family Business

Chapter Five: Part One and Two: Afraid Of The Dark and Titanium Test

 Chapter Six: The Job Accepted

Chapter Seven: Of Guns and Girlfriends

Plan B

Chapter Eight: Appletree Grove

Chapter Nine: Enemies, Anger, and Gorillas 

Chapter Ten: Part One: Turning Point and Part Two: Turning Point

Chapter Eleven: What Have I Done?

Chapter Twelve: Getting Things Sorted

Chapter Thirteen: Crash Landing

Chapter Fourteen: Trust and Obey: Part One and Part Two

Chapter Fifteen: Game On

Chapter Sixteen: Infiltrating the Factory

Chapter Seventeen: Road Rage

Chapter Eighteen: The Prayer Before the Storm

Chapter Nineteen: Descent into Danger

Chapter Twenty: Liberation at Last

Chapter Twenty One: Eight Minutes

Chapter Twenty Two: The Fall

Chapter Twenty Three: Waking Up

Chapter Twenty Four: Crossroads

Questions, Edits, and Theme Songs

The Origins of the Watchmen Files

I (Darrion) also have a Pinterest page for this book: The Watchmen Files: File One

Also, here's one for the whole series: The Watchmen Files

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