Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Darrion's New Series // The Watchmen Files

Hey everyone! It's Darrion.

   As you all know, I haven't written any stories and posted them on here yet. But that's about to change.

   I have been working on this idea for quite some time, and am now writing it all down. I have called it The Watchmen Files. What is a Watchmen, you ask? They are sort of like secret agents, kind of like S.H.I.E.L.D., but different.


   Here is the back of the book.

24 year-old Mason has been living on his own for years, taking care of his little cousin, Ava. But when the group that is out to get him captures Ava instead, Mason must join forces with the Watchmen to recover his cousin, discover the capability of his new found ability, and answer questions about his family legacy: Was his father really an ex-Hydra, how did he get his super strength, and what would the God of the universe want with him?

Oh the way, Mason must learn to keep his cool in dangerous situations, lessons of self-control, and friendship with his new co-worker, Conner, as they hunt down the kidnappers and learn to fight together and learn this truth: Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

   At the moment I'm on the fifth chapter. I will hopefully be able to post a chapter every Wednesday, or post something related to it (like pictures or sneak-peeks).

   And here is the list of characters that are significant in the story:


Main character: Mason W. Kruger


Supporting Character: Conner J. McKee

Other characters include:


 Ava R. Ross

Jason Gray


Dr. Hans J. Kruger


And Duke S. York

And here is the first chapter cover:


   So I will post the chapter in just a minute here... And also, a quick update on our Pinterest: I have changed the name of one of my boards, A Modern Story, to The Watchmen Files. I will be separating them into other boards soon. I hope you enjoyed that sneak-peek! The chapter will be posted once I'm finished posting this one.



  1. I no you posted this several months ago, but I have been enjoying your Pinterest Board, although I don't have one myself. I love your modern story board. I love your stories!

    1. That's great! Thank you :) I was hoping people would find me off Pinterest (a lovely, but rather addicting site, I must say).


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