Monday // Without Cause

Tuesday // Star Stories

Wednesday // The Watchmen Files

Thursday // Dwarf Stuff (Thorin Thursday)

Friday // Friends and Enemies

Saturday // n/a (sometimes song lyrics)

Sunday // n/a


  1. Hello Willow (or whoever I'm talking to sorry) I was wondering how you made a Blogspot like this. I just made on because despite my Wordpress I've noticed that blogs like this have pages at the top. (Like yours are; Stories, Characters, Schedule, etc) And I was wondering how you made them. I tried making one but it would not show up on my blog! :(

    1. When you add a gadget on "Layout", try the gadget "Pages". Then go to the "pages" tab under "posts" and work on your pages :) Hope that helps! Also, because of Google+ I don't think they do the following thing anymore, unless you add the "Google+ Followers" gadget :)

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