Friday, December 27, 2013

Friends and Enemies // Quotes

"And the pain still hurts. All these years later..." Willow took in a shuddering breath.

You see, Willow, D, Darren and Warren, all of the Chosen Four, went through a terribly hard time, throughout the period of about four years they struggled to end a great evil in another world. 

"I know. But the pain is still there. It always will be there." - Willow

There were things that happened there, that held to them for the rest of their lives. 
Friends they made and became like siblings with were killed in battle. They never forgot them.

"I've changed. I'm not the same person I was four years ago. I was young, naive, scared and foolish. Now I've seen things and done things that have changed me forever. But I know that the Author changed me into who I am now, and he will continue to change me into who I will be."

"He betrayed us."

Yes, there is going to be a betrayal. 
There are actually going to be a few. You can't be trying to change something big without turncoats.

"I believe in Providence. And I know that that's what's brought me here today." -Willow

Okay, I know that was super confusing, about the people that the Four knew. But you will find out, soon enough. I just might have that story coming up in the next chapter. Depends on if it flows. But anyway, Merry late Christmas, Happy late Boxing Day. And I will post next year.

-Be a Friend, Not an Enemy-