Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Think It's Ready

What's ready, you may have asked? My new blog, that's what!

Yes, this is Darrion again. Back so soon, I know. Your comments inspired me to hurry it up :)

So, if you wish to check it out, click here to see my new blog, Sincerely Darrion. I hope you enjoy it! I hope to get Willow to assist me in making a button soon, too.

Anyway, so long, fellow bloggers! To my new blog, and beyond!


What should my next Pinterest crossover post be on?? Please comment on either this blog or Sincerely Darrion!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Avengers Crossovers & an Important Announcement from D

Hello, everyone!

   I'm back! Yes, Darrion is back with more Pinterest. But, my sister reminded me that this blog is for stories, not my random findings on Pinterest.

So, I will be continuing my Pinterest crossovers on my going to be publicized soon blog, that is all my own, called Sincerely Darrion. If you think I am worth following, please do! I am very inspired by other people's blogs, and I hope I will be as good at it as they are!

I'm going to do one more crossover post here, to give me time to get my blog ready. So, here we go!

This crossover is on the Avengers! Yes, I know. Great choice of mine :) 

Lord of the Rings and the Avengers crossover

The Hobbit and the Avengers crossover

The Pirates of the Caribbean and the Avengers crossover

The Fantastic Four and the Avengers crossover

Sherlock and the Avengers crossover

Tangled and the Avengers crossover

I know this isn't a crossover, but it's so hilarious anyway! If you can't see the print, then just click on this link

Mission Impossible and the Avengers crossover

 The Avengers, the Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Lord of the Rings crossover

Well, I hope you liked those pins! If you have an idea for what the next post will be on, please tell me in a comment! And remember, I'm going to make a new blog, my blog, very soon, so be ready for another post with the link to it.

Post again soon!