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Merry Christmas + Heirs of Durin Cover Vote Tally

Isusarad 'elir!
{Merry Christmas in Elvish}

Here's the vote tally for the HOD cover!

#1 had 1 (14%) vote
#2 had 2 (28%) votes
#3 had 0 (0%) votes
#4 had 4 (57%) votes
Votes: 7
Poll Closed.
Apparently no one liked #3 very much :)
So we've got our winner! We also received a vote via pinterest that was also for #4.
#4 is the cover for Heirs of Durin!

Here it is! D drew it and I edited it.

Check out the sidebar thingy too, I've added lots of fun quotes and new author things and book stuff.


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Heirs of Durin || Cover + Vote + Schedules

Hey guys, we've got something new for you to do today :)

We {D and I} as you know, have been working on a series of stories called Heirs of Durin, which D did a short story of called Bad Dreams. We're both going to write it though, same as Dwarves of Yore. But we do need a cover, like a book cover, for it. 

D drew this one picture of Fili and Kili a while back, and I edited these yesterday. So we want you to scroll through the pictures, then vote on the sidebar which one you like better! There are numbers over the picture for you to vote on :) But we may just choose the one we like best, but it's nice to see what you guys think!

Also, what do you think of Thursday being the day for posting all of the dwarvey stuff? We think it would be a great day for it :) Thorin Thursday and all that.
And on the subject of posting, you may wonder why Ammelia and Billie haven't been posting. Well, they've moved, and are quite busy with many things, so they don't really have time for story writing at the moment.





D thought about using Never Forget to sign off for HOD, what do you think?

Oh, and what should we use to sign off with Dwarves of Yore? Let us know in a comment.

Never Forget,

Willow and Darrion

Postscript || D and I are attending a party today, as well as going to look at Christmas lights with our friends after said party, so we might not be able to answer your comments until morrow. Sorry about that! But don't let it stop you from commenting!

Postscript #2 || we're having feels from watching BOFA on Tuesday night, so that's why there's an abundance of Tolkien-related posts :')

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Dwarves of Yore || Summary + Intro + Preview

Hai, sorry about being absent for a month. Quick explanation: we went to Disneyland, took a quick break, never really worked on any chapters for a while, D got ill, got me ill, we had a choir concert, etc. Sorry about that. Anyway, here's our make up. D won't be doing a Watchman chapter tomorrow, we have a singing thing at the senior luncheon we help at.

   What is the "Dwarves of Yore"? Basically, it's a backstory. Thorin's backstory. And along with Dis*, his younger sister.
   Okay, sue us, but for the sake of good storytelling we tweaked the timeline a bit, to work with the fact that I {Willow} had it wrong in my head, and never double checked {this is a lesson kids, always double check!}.
   So the way we tweaked it, Frerin {Thorin's younger brother} is the youngest of the trio, is the youngest instead of Dis, who by-the-book is supposed to be younger. *Ammelia G. gasps loudly offstage*. You see, the reason is that we had already worked the storyline a lot to make Frerin the carefree youngest, Dis the dreamy and creative middle, and Thorin the broody and king-like eldest. {If you think that's bad, we accidentally made Fili and Kili twins at first, and another time Kili as the eldest! *Gasps in horror of ignorance*}
   The name came from a part of the song "Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold" by Tolkien, which was abridged in the films. {I adore the song in the film, but I would have loved it more if it was a tad longer.}

The dwarves of yore made mighty *delves,
while hammers fell like ringing bells,
in places deep, where dark things sleep,
in hollow halls beneath the fells.

The Dwarves of Yore stories extends to the Battle of Aznulbizar {Moria} where our series of stories we call Heirs of Durin picks up.
   You will read of many characters you will recognize, including Thror and Thrain, along with "the cousins" Nain of the Iron Hills and his son Dain {Ironfoot. He will be in the Battle of the Five Armies} including many you will not recognize, Galahad {Gah-luh-had} his father, Galrohan {Gah-l-roe-hah-n} and his brother Galrohir {Gah-l-roe-heer} and sisters Leylyn {Lay-lin} and Laurin {Lah-reh-n}. As well as the royal trio's Nurse, and a young lady name Prismia.
   So please know, if you don't like these stories, that's fine, it's a free country. Also, we made these all up, out of our crazy and sometimes sleep-deprived imaginations. So these aren't what Mr. Tolkien wrote, just to be clear. These are what's known as fanfictions, or fanfics. Fiction about the story characters made by the fans.
   One more thing, please do not use any of the characters we made up as your own!! Seriously!! No touchie!

   Here's a preview of the first story, called Dis Makes a Friend.

"No, Frerin! You shall spill your tea all over your robe!" young Princess Dis, daughter of Thrain, son of Thror, King under the Mountain of Erebor, scolded her little brother. Frerin, Prince of Erebor (and third-born, nonetheless) was only a baby, but Dis had no one else to have a tea party with, and their Nurse was always busy.
   "Pomphy, shompy, fomp," Frerin uttered, picking up his tea cup and turning it over and placing it atop his head. Dis sighed loudly and tried to pry the delicate cup out of her brother's plump fist. "Mo!" he cried, trying to hold it tighter. Then he started to screech as she managed to pry it out of his hand.
   "Nurse!" Dis called over the din. "Frerin's crying again!"
   "Dis," Nurse said crisply. "What in the name of Durin did you do?" She scooped up the plumb baby and settled him on her hip. "There there, dear," she soothed. Frerin's wails settled down to a low whimper and he hid his head in Nurse's shoulder.
    "Frerin did it," Dis commented by way of explanation. "He poured the tea all over the tea table and then put it on his head!"
   Nurse pulled out a sugar tart and fed it to him, which stopped his crying. "He's just a baby, you cannot expect him to act properly yet."
~Willow and Darrion

P.S. || this was written back in September, but I {Willow} wanted to have something to post so you guys knew that we weren't dead. We're hoping to see BOFA tonight {maybe} so you'll probably hear from us tomorrow, I have the credits song typed out {I have heard it but D has not} and will post it tomorrow so we can all share the feelz. :'(

{*We pronounce the name Dis, Dih-z, like ditz without the t. In reality it has a little slash instead of a dot over the i, which makes it Deez, like Fili and Kili, which are pronounced Feelee and Keelee, which both have little slashes instead of dots over both i's in their names.}

{*it is originally written spells, but because spells are not a good thing I {Willow} altered it to delves}

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Friends and Enemies // New Book Cover // Back of the Book

One of the Four Ring-bearers, Willow Elvish-grace is carried by her Thunderbird through a portal to the remote planet of Tashra. There she meets Emmeth, a prince whose dastardly uncle has gotten rid of his father in order to take control of the planet. As they strive to pull together his people to fight his uncle for the throne, an ancient evil from another world is rallying its forces to search for something that has been lost, and a very personal enemy has come to assure that dark will rise. 

How would you write the back of the book?
What would you say of it, from reading so far? Let me know in a comment!

What do you think of the new cover? It still isn't the final cover, that will be one with one of my own photos. The back of the book also isn't completely final, but I hope it's pretty good :)
My previous cover had both D's and my name on it, which isn't accurate {I've written all excepting about a paragraph} and the font was different.

Hope you had a lovely and loving Thanksgiving!

Be a Friend, not an Enemy,


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The Watchmen Files // The Christmas Edition // Half Chapter Eleven // The Christmas Song

Hey people of the internet!

   It's Darrion again.

   Ugh, finally! The next (half) chapter of the Christmas Edition! I know you're all probably thinking about Thanksgiving now, but skip ahead to Christmas for a second here. You know, it's getting close to Christmas now, and I started this holiday special like... last Christmas... oh....

   Well, let's forget about that and hurry up and get to chapter eleven of the Christmas Edition!

You can listen while you read or later, but either way I totally recommend this song! And since Ava sings in in this chapter, it's good to have the tune in your head.

   Mason watched impatiently as the church Christmas Program proceeded with entertaining skits, beautiful Christmas songs, and Bible verse readings. The stage was adorned with greenery and red ribbons, and some spotlights shone down on the stage as the rest of the sanctuary was darkened.
   Finally, the puppet show ended with clapping from the crowd, and the congregation aw-ed when they saw the little girl in her frilly white tulle dress being lead by the hand of Mrs. Harrison.
   Ava looked nervous, but when she say Mason in the crowd, she smiled.
   Conner peeped out from behind the curtain, then proceeded to come out and take his position on the side of the stage with his cello at the ready.
   Mrs. Harrison seated herself at the piano and opened up her music as Ava took center stage, fiddling with the microphone nervously.
   With the congregation silenced, the first keys were struck on the piano, sending a gentle melody through the church. Soon, the cello joined in with elegance, and the music grew more complex and beautiful as it went on.
   The long intro gave you the tune of the song itself, then slowed to just the piano playing a few cords. Then, Ava's little voice rang out softly in song,
"I feel you Christmas
I know I've found you
You never fade away..."
   Mason smiled gently as Ava tugged on his heartstrings with her gentle voice, very matured in singing for her age. He leaned forward in his seat, hands clasped together as she continued,
"The joy of Christmas
 stays here inside us
Fills each and every heart
With love..."
   She paused as the piano eased back in, then ended,
"Fill your heart with love..."
   The crowd cheered as Ava took her bow, then rushed over to Mrs. Harrison and gave her a big hug around her neck. Now relieved it was over, she waved at the whole congregation, but more specifically at Mason, who waved back.
   Soon the whole Christmas Program was over, and after a re-inaction of the manger scene, the pastor dismissed everyone to go have cookies and hot drinks in the back.
   Running out, Mason found Ava in the room and picked her up, giving her a big kiss on the cheek. "You did so good, Av! I'm so proud of you!"
   She giggled and hugged him back, a big smile spreading across her face.
   Conner came up and ruffled her hair, whispering his praise to her. "A job well done, Ava."
   Suddenly, Mr. Harrison nearly ran into Mason's back halfway through of pulling his coat on. "We've got to go!"
   "What? But it just ended," Tessa whined, but was quickly silenced by the explanation.
   "I turned my phone off during the performance-"
   "Isaiah!" Conner gasped in a scolding tone, "That's a Watchmen phone, they aren't meant to be turned off! What did they teach you in training?"
   "There's no time for that!" he insisted, pulling up a message on his phone and showing it to the boys.
   Leaning in to read it, Mason's heart plummeted. "They've found us."
   "We have to get back to the house, now. The Watchmen have already been called and are taking care of the others now, but no doubt they'll capture somebody-"
   Mrs. Harrison broke in, "What about the girls?"
   Gesturing to the tree little girls and their mother, he stated "You should all stay here, this could get dangerous."
   Ava tugged on his pant leg. "But Mason!"
   "I'm sorry, I'll be back soon. Don't worry, we got this," he did his best to smile while saying it, but he knew that his was a very bad sign.

 Aaaannnnddd that's it, that's the book! Just kidding ;) Here we go, some action at last... I hope you guys were satisfied with this chapter! Also, Grace Yee interviewed us for her blog, so if you'd like to check that out, click here :) I thought she asked her questions very well, myself. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone, from all of the crew at The Call! :)

Always Watching,

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Friends and Enemies // Character Profile // Prince Emmeth

So this is my new thing, a "character profile", where I go through my character's, well, character :)

Prince Emmeth of Tashra is the only son of Clemathith, the king of Tashra. He is nineteen years old, and nearing the age of twenty as the book goes on. He is 5 feet and 11 inches tall, with tanned skin and short darkish brown hair that grows longer throughout the book.
He is an extravert, though growing up as an only child in the castle made him rather shy. He tries to be the leader he was born to be, but his confidence in himself wavers as he makes some bad decisions. He trusts the Author, but tries to do it himself to prove that he is worthy of the kingship.
He becomes close to Willow when she joins their cause, and they become like brother and sister as they soldier on toward their cause.
He also carried his father's Dwarf ring of power {Thrain's ring from the Desolation of Smaug extended} though he never put it on. Willow admires him for that, because she knows how hard it is to resist the whisperings of that evil.
He knows that he must become king to save his people, even though he doesn't think he is ready.
He is very brave, and is willing to put himself in harms way to protect any of his friends.
His relatives are his father's brother Tashmath and his wife Orna, and their children Zemerah, Kedemeth, Asharlah and Tajoreth.
Emmeth must face the truth alone once he discovers a horrible truth and fights to save the life of an ally he betrayed {albeit unknowingly} but he discovers that he cannot do anything without the Author's help.

Who would you like to be featured next on the character profiles? Any questions about Emmeth?

Thanks for reading guys! I'll probably update this once the book is further along.
Whew, we were in Disneyland last week! That was lots of fun! Hopefully we'll get photos from it on both D's and my personal blogs.
Sorry about not posting a lot, usually I remember half-way through the day and can't think of anything to post!

Be a Friend, not an Enemy,


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The Watchmen Files // File Two // Back of the Book

Hey guys!

   Yes, I'm back! Back from the most magical place on the planet: Disneyland! Sorry about not posting last week, I didn't have blogger connection from the hotel :)

   Anyway, I've got something from File Two for you today! I know, that's what I gave you last time, but you like stuff on C.O.W., right?

The Watchmen Files, File Two, Collision of Worlds

In File Two of the Watchmen Files series, Mason Kruger is left on his own when his co-worker, Conner McKee, is taken prisoner by a vengeful mysterious man from his shadowed past. Desperate to save his friend, Mason must join forces with old companions of Conner and travel the globe to rescue him. In the process, he discovers a much more sinister plot lurking below the surface that could threaten not only the personal life of the McKees, but also the whole world.

Join them as these two Watchmen are set in very different worlds as Mason undergoes the unexpected story of Conner's past, learns to work with his untrusting friends, and asking the questions: is Conner even really his friend? And Conner is put under pressure by the psychopathic Fletcher Wiley as he is faced with the threat of those closest to him, and struggles to keep his long kept secret untold.

   Yep, that's it in a nutshell (and a rather long two paragraph one at that). Hope it sounds good to you! Tell me what you think in the comments below, either on Pinterest or Blogger :) I can't wait to start File Two, I think you guys will really like it (and I know I will, too!). Have a great one ;)

Always Watching,

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Watchmen Wednesday // File Two // New Character

Hey guys!

   *sheepishly shifts in place* Well, I know excuses are not to be used by teenagers (note the sarcasm dripping statement), but it's been busy. We're getting ready for a trip, which means I will not be here next Wednesday. I'm not sure what we'll be posting then, but we'll see, I guess! :)

   Anyway, I'm finally going to introduce a certain new character for File Two. I've mentioned her in my personal blog, which some of you probably noticed. I've drawn here twice (here and here), and I think you guys will really like her. She's my favorite newbie in the group.

   This is her! Sweet and gentle, she's a good addition to the make-shift team Mason's set up, and was a good friend to Conner before he joined the Watchmen. But with no experience with a gun or violence, she's both a trial and a blessing as they sift through a world riddled with danger.

   This is the perfect photo of her. Long bangs, brown wavy hair, cute dress and bright smile (oh, and a purity ring, it looks like).

   Her name is Grace Hope, and she's played by Rachel McAdams.

   In conclusion, there are many new characters to look forward to in File Two. Digory, Arthur, Troy, Grace, and more! And there will be old characters too, like Jason, and obviously, Mason and Conner.

Well, I hope you guys have a great week! Allons-y!

Always Watching,

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F&E // Chapter Preview // Future Modern Story Character Name Help!!

So this is Colin Morgan, he is an Irish actor who's been in some BBC shows, and I am in need of a good name for him. I know I used him before as Ganymede in F&E, so this is kind of funny :)
So he'll be a modern character, as seen in the above photo, and his personality is [at the moment] rather outgoing and an extravert, but has a good memory [remembers dates and such] and the name should make you want to trust him. He also is a security guard, and is around 21 to 23 years old.
Unfortunately, he won't be turning up in any upcoming story in the foreseeable future, but he will eventually as long as we decide to keep him around.

I need both a first name and a last name. D and I can add a suitable middle name :)   

Okay, now that that's done, here's the tiny bit of a chapter I finished this morning,

its title will be "The Illusionist"

The roar of battle rose up from the fire-lighted courtyard of Wynnath, a small town that many Resistance called home, and that the other side had been ignorant of until now.
   Willow watched from a turret tower, sharpening her sword, a gift from another world, Hadafang. The handwriting on the note that had been sent via an arrow in Liberty's wing was gnawing at her, and she paced the room to try to dissipate the anxiousness. A sudden brightness from the courtyard drew her attention, and she squinted to see the dimly-lit scene below.
   Many orcs were there, their horrible faces shadowy and even more disfigured in the firelight. Only a few humans were among them, mostly Shadow Knights, Willow reasoned. But one stood out. She was obviously female, because of her ankle-length royal blue dress with a flash of gold at the front and a shimmery turquoise hooded cloak flowing from her shoulders. She was carrying a long, straight golden staff that was about as tall as she was with a design at the top that had a large jewel set in it, and that made it extend about a foot above her head. Willow couldn't help feeling that something about that staff was very evil.

Yup, that's it! So clue me in on some of your name ideas!! Thank you guys, ahead of time :)
 By the way, we spent a fun week with Ammie and Billie a few weeks ago, it was so fun!
Also, last night was the Awana Fairmont Fair. To say that my legs hurt is an understatement :') I took Motrin earlier. I dressed up as Clara from the Doctor Who episode the Snowmen, in the governess dress. I was sooooo hot in that thing. I did go barefoot though, and my friend Jenny and I ran the "mini golf". It was super fun and hardish and tiring and now my legs hurt, but I'm planning my costume for next year!

Be a Friend, not an Enemy,


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The Watchmen Files // The Christmas Edition // Half Chapter Eleven // The Christmas Song

 Hey guys!

  Ah, finally! Some remnant of a chapter for the Christmas Edition! On a quick note, I've changed Mr. Wiley's first name to Flecher. Just a btw!

   Okay, I'll stop chatting and get this thing going :)

   Ava started to roll up the hem of her skirt with fidgeting nerves as she watched the church people bustle around her, preparing for the stage. A group of boys were practicing their lines for the Nativity story they would be acting out on stage, the memorable tune of 'Jingle Bells' was floating through the air as the flutist tried to get the notes right, and a family made last minute adjustments to their puppets and lines for the comical puppet show.
   She stood in the middle of the foyer, softly singing the song she would be performing in her mind.
   It was three days until Christmas, and the entire church was putting on its traditional Christmas Program. Little six year old Ava was bubbling with excitement, but on the night of her performance, her nervousness was catching hold.
   Thankfully, she spotted Mason approaching her with his signature bright smile. Getting down on his knees, he hugged her tightly. "Hey Rosie! You excited?"
   Shaking her head at a loss for words, he tried to comfort her. "Hey, you're not going to be alone up there."
   "I know," she smiled even bigger than he had, "Jesus will be too!"
   "I was going to say Mrs. Harrison and Conner, but yeah, Jesus works," Mason shrugged playfully and gave her another hug before someone flashed the lights to signal seating time. "Gotta go! Have fun out there, okay?"
    With a big kiss to the cheek, he jogged off into the sanctuary as her stage mates took Mason's place at her side.
   "Ready sweetie?" Mrs. Harrison patted her back with a general question.
   Conner peaked around his cello case to give her his deep dimpled smile. "I know you'll do great!"
   She nodded as the director crowded everyone backstage as the lights dimmed.

   Finding himself a seat in the back rows, Mason watched Mr. Harrison pull out a video camera and prepare for filming.
   "She'll do great," Mason assured himself, getting comfortable for the performance. With a more skeptical tone, he added, "I don't think it was such a great idea to have Conner play the cello up there. I mean, people are watching, cameras are rolling-"
   "The chances that one of these people are Hydra intelligence agents are close to nothing," Mr. Harrison combated. "It'll be fine, Mason. Just sit back and enjoy the show."
   Mason took a deep worried breath as the curtain shifted for the first act.

Okay, I know it was short, but that was half-chapter Eleven for you! So sorry you had to wait so long for anything in the Christmas Edition.

   Oh, and also... I'm asking for your prayers. Not for myself, but for the students of Marysville Pilchuck High, and for the victims to look to God in this time of terror. There are so many more effected by this. The families, the friends, the regular old townspeople. Pass this hashtag around (#prayforpilchuck #MPinourhearts). It's wonderful to see any type of support for that awful school shooting.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a good one! :)

Always Watching,

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Watchmen Files // File Two // Title Reveal

Hey everyone!

   So sorry about not having another chapter for you. We've got some special people visiting for the week! Billie and Ammelia have been over, though Ammelia is staying longer than Billie. Say hi, Ammie!

Ammelia: Hhhhhhhiiiiii!!!

Darrion: Okay, back to Watchmen...

   So, other than that, I've got other news. In the last post, I told you the acronym of the Second File. C.O.W., which I let you guess what it stands for. You guys commented and gave me lots of tries, which included Community Of Watchmen, Connor Or Wiley, Call Of Watchmen, Cost of Watchmen, and that's just naming a few. You had great hunches, but unfortunately none of them were what I named it. But they were all pretty cool names, actually.

   And now it's time for the grand announcement! I didn't get to do this for the first file, seeing that it was just called file one, so this is rather exciting :) Here we go!


Collision of Worlds

Yea! Now you know the name of File Two as we near its writing. I'm hoping to write the next chapter of the Christmas Edition for next week, so hang in there until then :) Thanks for keeping up and File Two's development! Catch you later :)

Always Watching,

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friends and Enemies // Chapter Thirty Six // You Know What it Was

   "Do you mean the fabled King Under the Mountain, father of Thrain, grandfather of Thorin the Second, surname Oakenshield?" Sir Richard inquired.
   Willow pressed the tips of her fingers against her temples and squeezed her eyes shut.
   "My family has had it for generations, for over two hundred years. But it was kept a secret. Until Father entrusted it to me before he left," Emmeth explained, still dangling the dangerous ring from its chain.
   "Yes, that Thror. How do you, I mean, how does it, never mind," Willow glanced back at the ring, and started to reach for it. "Give it to me."
   Emmeth drew back, a glint of fear in his eyes. "Father said never to touch it, and especially never to put it on."
   Willow shook her head impatiently. "Which is why you have to give it to me."
   The prince shook his head, but noted that golden ring that dangled from a chain around her neck's letters were glowing. She picked up a tiny brown wood box overlaid with green inlayed paper that she had brought with her from the other world and had left on the table.
   Emmeth relented finally, even though a strong pull within him ached to keep it. The tiny ache, which had always been there ever since his father had left him with it, now had grown into a fierce desire. He tried to hold out his had with it, but that desire was growing even more steadily within him. He managed to hold it out, but as Willow held out the box for him to drop it in, she stared into his eyes, as if trying to see his thoughts. She couldn't do that, of course, but she noted the extreme struggle he seemed to be having just letting go of the chain which held the ring.
   Slipping her own ring off its chain, she slipped it onto her right finger, and gently laid that hand on his hand that held the chain. Emmeth felt his mind clear a little, and he released the necklace. It tumbled into the box with a barely audible clatter, and Willow snapped the lid shut. Instantly, the heavy feeling of desire and cloudy-mindedness vanished, and they all let out their breath.
   "That has never happened to me before," Emmeth panted. "How?"
   Willow shrugged, tucking the box away in a secret hideaway in the tower, locking it, and hanging the key around her neck. "That box was designed to keep things like that, very dangerous things, safe from who may use them. The temptation that that ring was designed with was cut off because of my box. It was given to me the day I was chosen to be Elvish-grace, and given this ring," she explained, holding up her right hand to display her ring.
   "You never put that one on, right?" she asked Emmeth warily.
   "No, I never did. I never felt the need to. How did that ring make me feel like that?" Emmeth demanded.
   "It was made to enslave, by Sauron, of Middle-earth. But he was safely defeated, years ago. He made the One Ring for himself, and it was destroyed. But we heard that he was gathering the others to himself, the Dwarf Rings. There are, or were, Seven," she explained, but thought, Ah, the "one to seven" that I read at the palace!
   "There were also the Nine Rings of Men, doomed to die, and the Three Rings of Elves, under the sky. The Rings of Men made them wraiths, but the Elf Rings did not effect them the way that they did any of the others. But the Dwarf Rigs were lost, and the last one we'd heard of was Thrain's. He'd had it taken from him, and it drove him, well, crazy," Willow explained.
   Emmeth furrowed his brow and picked up the tiny note that had been tied to the arrow. "Who was this from, I wonder?"
   Willow took it and examined the handwriting. Her face grew pale, and she took a sharp breath. "It can't be," she whispered.
   Emmeth opened his mouth to request a conclusion, but an urgent rap at the door drew his attention away. "Prince Emmeth, sir, we have received a summons from our base in Wynnath. They say that there are Shadow there preparing to do battle."
   Emmeth nodded. "I will go, and bring a small group to assist."
   "Me too," Willow put in, tucking the note into her belt pocket.
   "No, you are not. You are a woman, and it is not safe for you," Sir Richard put in.
   "There is something there that I must confirm. Please, I won't get in the way," Willow entreated.
   Emmeth sighed. "I suppose. But make haste. We must be there by evening."

Whew! Sorry about not getting that done last week! AWANA is more demanding than I thought! It's lots of fun though, and I love all of the girls in my group! Some of my friends are helping in the same group, and one helps every other week, so I always have someone to make imitate if I don't know what to do :)

Go check out D's new character page for the Christmas Special! I put it up on the character page.

Well, hope you have a fun week!

Be a Friend, not an Enemy,


Postscript || don't hesitate to ask any questions related to anything in this post!

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The Watchmen Files // The Holiday Special // Character Page

Here are the characters for Darrion's story, The Watchmen Files: A Holiday Special: The Christmas Edition

Mason W. Kruger

Conner J. McKee

Ava R. Ross

Mr. Isaiah Harrison

(not sure who is playing him yet... will figure it out later)

Mrs. Katrina Harrison

Tessa Harrison

Addie Harrison

 Always Watching,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Watchmen Files // What's Next? C.O.W.

Hey guys! It's D(arrion).

   And I know what you're thinking. Man, she's not posting anything new?!

   Aha! But you're wrong!

   Well, actually, you're right. I don't have a new chapter. But I've got something else for you this week...

   The second file, as you know, is coming up soon. Once I'm finished with the Christmas Edition, we're going to be moving on to File Two. But what exactly is file two? If you read this post a while ago, you know different aspects of the character development, and you know some new characters. But what's the title?

   I haven't told you yet, though I do know what I'm going to call it. And now, I'm going to let you guess!

   Don't worry, I'm not leaving it all up to you. Here's a hint... the acronym is C.O.W.

   Yes, that spells cow. Like the animal that gives us milk and cheese (and yummy burgers and steaks!). The book doesn't necessarily have anything to do with cows, but that's what the acronyms turned out to be. Odd, and kind of funny at the same time.

Here are some more cover edits...

 Oh, and that evil guy at the end of the last chapter (Fletcher Wiley) is played (if I can use that term) by Lee Pace (above). I was in such a rush to post it, I forgot to tell you guys! Sorry 'bout that ;)

 The other character I clued you into, Arthur Kingston (above).

Another new character, Troy, and his C.O.W. cover

Conner's cover (above). Yep, that's Conner. Don't ask yet!! Spoilers ;) Okay, I shouldn't be smiling, that actually does look painful. Anyway...

And Mason's cover

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Friends and Enemies // Chapter Thirty Five // A Secret Drove Your Father Mad

"Emmeth, let me help," Willow demanded as the prince collapsed onto a cot in the medical turret.
   "No," he panted, patting his neck, searching for a chain. He gave a weak smile. "They didn't find it on me. That is a miracle! Thank you," he murmured, glancing skyward.
   "Didn't find what?" she persisted, dipping a towel in a bowl of water. Then changing the subject, she fired questions. "Are you okay? Any cuts, bruises, infections?"
   He shook his head. "Only a few, and no infections. I am a man, I can handle it."
   Willow glanced down at the bandages she was unwrapping. "Sometimes they think they're invincible, and then they fall harder than ever before," she mused to herself.
   Emmeth's sharp ears caught her words, but before he could ask Sir Richard knocked and entered. "Are you well, Prince Emmeth?"
   The prince nodded. "I am well. Only superficial. Mostly just cuts and bruises," he assured the Knight.
   Sir Richard patted him on the shoulder gently. "I am glad to hear it. When would you like to be briefed?"
   Emmeth glanced at the clock. "After breakfast tomorrow. I expect that everything was well handled in my absence."
   Willow elbowed past the Knight and handed Emmeth the wet towel. "Sir Richard did quite well," she informed him.
   Sir Richard grinned. "So did Willow, she can be quite the leader when there is a need."
   Willow shook her head, but a tiny smile showed at her lips. "I only helped out when I was needed, I left all of the hard stuff to him."
   The prince gave an appreciative nod. Then he grew serious, but before he could say anything, there was a quick knock at the door. Killian shoved it open and stuck his head in. "Willow, your bird is having a fit," he informed her.
   "Oh, no!" Willow dropped the bandages she was holding and pushed past him and rushed down the turret stairs to her Thunderbird. "Liberty, calm down!" they heard her call. Hurrying to the window, the prince and knight observed the scene beneath them. Liberty was rearing back as best she could, and spreading her wings and making lots of bird noises. "It's all right, everything's all right," Willow soothed, edging closer to the panicked bird. Picking up her lead rope, she slowly advance, reached her, and began to stroke her feathers to calm her.
   Finally, Liberty calmed down, but she kept turning her head and pecking under her right wing. Willow disappeared as she stepped under the wing, then reappeared as she came out. In her hands lay a black arrow, tipped with a cruel jagged point. A tiny bit of paper was tied to it by a gleaming purple ribbon. Willow gently, as to not touch the tip, carried it up the steps, and closed the door. "This must have been from the person who chased us," she commented by way of explanation.
   "What does the note say?" inquired Sir Richard.
   She slipped her dagger from its sheath at her belt and sliced the ribbon in a clean swipe. It fluttered to the floor as she examined the note. "It says "To the Prince"," she noted, offering it to Emmeth.
   Shrugging, he accepted it and read the flowing script. "A secret drove your father mad, and you know what it was." Glancing up, he noted the expectant gazes of the Knight and the lady. Willow raised her eyebrows as if to say "well?".
   "A secret did indeed drive Father mad," he remarked slowly. "And I do know what it was." Gently, he lifted the brass chain that hung around his neck up, and dangled it from his right hand, covering what hung on it with his left hand.
   "I have never seen what hangs on that necklace," Sir Richard remarked.
   "Neither have I," Willow confessed.
   "Well, if you swear to the utmost secrecy, by your honor and every breath you have taken and will take, you will be allowed to see." Emmeth raised his eyebrows. Both nodded, and he noted that Willow's eye glittered with curiosity, and that she was shivering just a little. He dropped his left hand, letting them see.
   Willow gave a sharp intake of breath, and Sir Richard shifted, but they both stood captivated by the dangling object. It was a ring, made of gold, but tarnished over many years. It had geometric designs on the sides in raised impressions on the sides, and had a blue gem shaped like a rectangle set in the center. "It has been in my family for several generations," he explained.
   "Oh. My. Word," Willow gasped. "That's King Thror of Erebor's Dwarf Ring of Power."
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The Watchmen Files // The Christmas Edition // Chapter Ten // Christmases of Old

Hey everyone, so sorry it took me so much longer then usual to post today's chapter!

   I wrote most of it this morning... score one for procrastination :)

   But anyway, yes, it's chapter ten of the Christmas Edition! Yea!

   No more talking for today, right on to the chapter :)

   A harsh blast of winter's icy breath flurried around homes, searching for a vulnerable crack to penetrate.
   A little girl shuddered as she observed the scene, tightening the quilt that was resting on her shoulders. From her perch next to the window, she would view the snowy day from the warmth of home.
   "Ava, dear?" Mrs. Harrison called from the kitchen. "The hot chocolate is ready!"
   Leaping up from the window sear, she bounded over to the kitchen counter and scrambled onto a chair eagerly.
   Mason, who was seated next to her ruffled her hair playfully. "What's up, Rosie?" he used his pet-name for her, which was derived from her middle name, Rose.
   "Nothin'!" she answered, then jubilantly explained, "I'm just so excited! Christmas is only..." counting on her fingers, she estimated "... one week away!"
   "I know," Mason agreed before taking a swig of the warm liquid and thanking Mrs. Harrison for it.
   Conner arrived with the rest of the family and took a cup, adding many of the miniature marshmallows to it an taking a sip. "Ah, very good, Mrs. Harrison. This reminds me of old Christmases abroad."
   "You have lots of fond memories, then?" she wondered aloud, putting a red and white striped candy cane into her mug.
   He nodded, a melancholy look in his eyes.
   Mason knew that look well, though he didn't see it much. Looking to quench his curiosity, he pressed further. "Care to share any?"
   Conner glanced up at him, doubtful.
   "Oh, come on. Just a short one," Mason prodded.
   Ava insisted, clasping her hands together to add effect, "Pretty please?"
   Conner sighed, but reluctantly went on to explain what a Christmas at the McKee's was like. "We would have our friends over for a... sort of party, a week before Christmas. All of our friends would come over. It was a tradition, so they always planned to come and knew they could make it. We would sit around the fire with our cups of hot cocoa, and maybe sing some songs, play our instruments, or open presents," he smiled to himself, remembering how certain friends liked to guess what was in each gift. "It was wonderful."
   "What kind of presents?" Tessa inquired, wiping her chocolate milk mustache.
   "I don't know," he shrugged, resting his chin on his hand. "Probably something fun. They did quite like teasing me. But they weren't mean about it, just good natured fun," he clarified.
   "You miss them?" Mason's question was more like a statement, since from the look in his eyes gave the answer away.
   "Well... of course," he hesitated. "They're my friends. But things change. Don't get me wrong, I sincerely miss them, but... but it's better this way," he shrugged, acting like it wasn't that important to him. But they knew otherwise.
   "You said you played instruments?" Mrs. Harrison noted.
   "Yes, we all did. We would play them together, like a little band of sorts."
   "What did you play?"
   Conner took another long sip of hot chocolate before answering, "The cello, the piano, and I knew a little of the violin."
   "Why don't you play for us?" Mr. Harrison suggested.
   Conner hesitated, then asked, "Would you all like me to?"
   They all nodded in agreement, and he took his place at the piano as the others found a seat on the couch or love seat next to the fireplace.
   He gently tapped the keys, singing softly with it. "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, jack frost nipping at your nose..."
   The beautiful song of Christmas warmed them just like the hot cocoa, making the girls sleepy, and the parents smile. Conner seemed to enjoy himself, having obviously memorized the piano music, he could concentrate fully on singing. "Although it's been said, many times, many ways, marry Christmas to you."
   There was a small round of applause as Conner blushed and found a seat on the couch.
   "Good job, Conner," Mrs. Harrison smiled. "You did great."
   "Well, I've had lots of practice," he admitted.
   "Tell us another story!" Abbie insisted, bouncing up and down on her mother's lap.
   "No, I'm done," Conner declined. "But I'm sure Mason has a story to tell."
   Mason inspected the inside of his mug. "There's not much to tell. My grandparents would rent this cabin out in the woods, and we would always go there for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So my mom would corral my dad and I into the car (he always insisted on driving) and they would argue the entire two hours there. They'd fight about how long it would take to get there, how much snow and ice was on the road, which exit to take, which road would get them there faster... and, being a frisky little kid, I hated car rides. So I would complain the entire way, wiggling around in the backseat, which added to the loudness of our car."
   Conner shook his head, imagining little Mason asking if they were there yet from the backseat as his parents fought over the directions.
   "It was pretty crazy. But once we got there, it wasn't so bad. My Grandma and Grandpa were great, but my aunt and my dad really, really didn't like each other. She thought he was stuck up (which I suppose was kind of true), and he deduced the life out of her. And she brought a different boyfriend, like, every time. And Annie, my cousin, was a nightmare. She always tried to get me to do something I didn't like: play house, do my hair..." he shuttered. "That didn't go well."
   Mrs. Harrison shook her head, "I'm sorry Mason."
   "No, it's fine," he shrugged, "It wasn't that bad. It was kind of funny, actually. But it's not like my dad hated Christmas, it's just that he didn't care. He worked everyday, and he didn't see the reason from stopping for two of them. But, you know, that's how things go sometimes," he shrugged, taking another drink before putting an arm around Ava fondly. "It's much better now."
   Mrs. Harrison got up, taking the empty mugs with her. "Well I hope you have a better Christmas here."
   "I'm sure I will," he agreed, helping her carry them away to the kitchen.

   The cool, dark halls of the Hydra building were bustling with activity, even though it was the holiday season. Hydra agents didn't get holidays, and certainly not one week in advance. Sven, the notably successful mission leader came striding down the halls, searching for a certain door. A guard stood outside, waiting for him. "Heil, Hydra!"
   He saluted in return, then scanned his ID card and entered.
   Unlike most of the more desk like jobs in the building, this room felt comfortable, with a soft red rug and modern art sculptures scattered here and there. The walls were a jet black, with portraits and paintings hung on them. "Well? What do you want?"
   He turned to find the source of the voice, his ever cocky brother. "Dominic-"
   "Don't say my name, it's sir to you," he corrected, taking a large bite of huckleberry tart. "Wuf do yo wan?"
   Clearing his throat, Sven began. "As you know, Christmas is coming very soon, and since I finished the missions early this year, may I have the twenty-fourth and fifth to go to our Grandparent's with Mother? Like last year?"
   Dominic nearly chocked on his tart. "What? No!" Grabbing a file of of his desk, he chucked it at his disappointed brother. "This just in."
   Glancing over the document, Sven became wide-eyed. "They found him?"
   "Oh yeah, we got him this time." Flipping on the big screen TV, he could see a rather fuzzy cell phone video playing.

   "What are you doing? Are you videotaping this?"

   "Oh yeah!"

   "Oh, please... no videos."

   "Are you kidding? You guys are heroes!"
   "This was taken in the state of New York, the precise coordinates are in there," Dominic gestured to the file. "It's your job to hunt him down and bring him back here. Understood?"
   Examining the further instructions inside, Sven nodded, taking the document with him. "Yes sir, I will not let you down again."
   "Boys?" Suddenly, the door burst open and a tall, smartly dressed man swaggered in, with his own guards on either side of him.
   "Fletcher Wiley," Dominic seethed, glaring up a few inches into his dull green eyes. "Who let you in here?"
   "No one," Fletcher Wiley answered with a sinister smirk. "I can open doors myself." Turning away from the elder brother, he started down at younger. "Now, Sven, I have a task for you-"
   "No one gives him orders but me and my father!" Dominic insisted, again coming between Wiley and Sven. "You are not even Hydra!"
   "Of course not," he laughed, his dull eyes staring, and but not laughing with him. "But as you know, your father and I have a deal."
   "And it is a foolish one," he spat, knowing full well what power the man had over him.
   "Hydra will escape the Apocalypse, and I get a few favors. I would say that is a reasonable deal."
   Dominic rolled him eyes. "Your plan will never work."
   "And that is the glory of it," he smiled, moving past him. "And when it does, you will thank me. Now, Sven."
   Sven didn't look into his eyes, but kept his face straight forward. He didn't like how Fletcher Wiley's eyes stared. It was odd, and they seemed so... lifeless. "Yes, sir?"
   "Here is the home address of the safe house Conner McKee and Mason Kruger are staying at," he pulled a business card out of his pocket and scribbled it in his spidery handwriting on the back, then immediately handed it it Sven.
   He opened his mouth, but not knowing what to say in return, didn't speak.
   "No need to thank me," Mr. Wiley smirked. "I have something you can do for me. If you do find and capture Mason Kruger, make sure you take Conner McKee as well."
   Dominic stepped forward suspiciously. "And what will you give us for him?"
   Turning so that they were face to face, he answered with no drama, "Ten hundred thousand quid."
   Dominic wrinkled his nose with disgust, "Do you have absolutely no concept of money?"
   "He is worth more than he would appear."
   Both Sven and Dominic were dumbfounded, staring at him like he was insane.
   "And if you do not capture him," he continued, handing an envelope with a red wax seal to Sven, "leave this somewhere where he will find it."
   "Y-yes sir," Sven agreed, taking the letter with uncertainty.
   "That's all for today," Fletcher Wiley sighed, turning to go. "Goodbye, gentlemen. And remember, I want McKee alive."
   He and his men exited the way they had come in, leaving the brothers alone and speechless.
   After a minuted of silence, Sven spoke up. "What should I do?"
   "Do as the man says," Dominic sighed. "I may not like it, but Father would be furious if we didn't do as we were told."
   "Right," Sven nodded and started to leave, still unsure of what had just occurred.
   "Oh, and brother?"
   He turned back to find his brother's silhouette in the darkly lit room.
   "Make sure to get our cousin here alive."
   "I will be sure to."

There we go, chapter ten! Whew, that was a rush to write... I know, it's not up to the usual writing standards of the norm... but it is a chapter!

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The Watchmen Files // The Christmas Edition // Chapter Nine // Because They're Angels

Hey everybody!

It's Darrion, with another chapter of the Watchmen Files, the Christmas Edition! I have defeated writer's block once again! :) Even with a busy week.

   My room is now in our upstairs, attic-ish bedroom. And Willow will get my old room and turn it into a 'crafty studio', or something like that...

   Anyway, on to the chapter! It's a rather short one, but here we go...

This song doesn't even go super well with the chapter, but man, it's pretty to listen to :)

   "Pass me the red box, please." Conner stretched over the piles of Christmas ornaments that were cluttering every once open surface for a certain container. Finding it, he handed them to Tessa. "Careful, you don't want to drop those ones."
   Being a curious type, she questioned him. "Why not?"
   Gently suspending a Santa Clause ornament on one of the higher branches of the elegant noble Christmas tree, Mrs. Harrison answered for him. "That one has all of the fun ones in it! You know, the personal ones we get every year."
   As Tessa examined the variety of ornaments, the rest of the family continued hanging them up. The tree had already been wrapped in colorful Christmas lights (courtesy of Mr. Harrison), and was now being laden with little pieces of art. 'What Child is This' was playing, and Mason hummed along with it as he lifted Ava so she could reach the top branches.
   There was only one person who wasn't decorating, and that was Mr. Harrison. He was glued to the TV screen that was in the living room, no matter how many boxes piled up around it.
   "Isaiah, aren't you going to help us decorate the tree, deer?" Mrs. Harrison suggested.
   "Oh no..." he muttered, seemingly not hearing her.
   Still watching the screen, he motioned for them to come over. "Boys, you've got to see this."
   Mason and Conner jumped the assortment of boxes to the TV as Mr. Harrison turned on the volume.
   "...For a story gone viral," The new anchor announced, "we go to James on Grove Street. James?"
   The camera went to a snowy parking lot where a reporter stood with a microphone. "Thank you, Molly. George Pace was at the grocery store with his eight year old son, Oliver, getting medicine for his wife who has cancer when his son disappeared. The boy bought a pair of red high heels for his mother, and started to leave the store when a man ran up and grabbed it from him."
   The camera was now on a recorded interview with Oliver. "He just grabbed it."
   "What did you do?" the reporter asked from off of screen.
   "I yelled for help."
   The camera was back on the reporter as he continued, "The thief made it about half way down the parking lot when two strangers tried to take it back from him. Witnesses say he punched one of them in the face and tried to steal a woman's van. The owner of the van turned on her cellphone and started recording," he explained as the pixalated video came on screen. The van was swerving away, but both of them knew what was going to happen next.
   "The second man grabs onto the steering wheel, causing the van to go out of control. The thief pushes him off, but amazingly he doesn't lose grip of the wheel in the process, and it ends up on the ground with him. With no steering, the vehicle goes out of control and hits a lamppost."
   The video was shaky as the woman ran up to her car, still focused on the two men.
   "Both of the men seem to be fine, getting up and taking back the shoebox from the thief. They have what looks like a small argument with each other before George Pace and his son Oliver found them, and he apologizes."
   The cellphone video was back, giving them both picture and sound. The phone turned to Mason who was shrugging. "It's fine sir, just doing my civil duty. And besides, I wasn't the only guy to get him. Oh, sorry about your car."
   Mason flinched. His entire face could easily be seen in that shot.
   "It's fine-"
   "What are you doing? Are you videotaping this?" Conner's voice could be heard, and she turned the camera to show him.
   "Oh yeah!"
   "Oh, please... no videos."
   "Are you kidding? You guys are heroes!"
   Mason's hand covered the camera lens, but you could still hear him say, "No. we're actually not..."
   "We should go."
   The newsman was back on. "They were so camera shy that they left the scene before the police could even get there, and have not been identified.
   The police arrested the man, who has a appointment with court soon. He has previous warrants out for breaking and entering, theft, and assault.
   The shoes were returned to Oliver, who says that he's going to wait to give them to his mom until Christmas. A Facebook page has been opened, collecting funds for her medicine and treatment. So far they've raced about half of their goal, but the numbers keep rising."
   Mr. Pace was holding Oliver, smiling. "I just want to thank everyone who's donated, and to whoever started the page in the first place. You have no idea how much God has blessed us with this money."
   Two stills of their faces were shown. "The police are asking these two men to come forward for the court trial of the thief to testify. But Oliver Pace doesn't think that they will be showing up."
   The off camera reporter asked, "Why don't you think they'll be back?"
   There was little Oliver again, leaning into the microphone. "Because they're angels."
   "This is James, back to the studio."
   Mr. Harrison turned it off, turning to the boys. "Well would you look at that."
   Mason rested his face in his hands and sighed. "Is there any way that Hydra is not going to see that?"
   "No way," Conner shook his head, fingering his chin. "They said that the story has gone viral. That's... that's very, very... not good."
   There was a moment of silence as both boys contemplated what was going on. Mason and Conner were on TV, Hydra would definitely hear about it.
   Mrs. Harrison rushed over to the window and pulled the curtains. "We'd better take extra precautions now. No going out."
   "Good thing we already bought Christmas presents," Mason noted quietly.
   Thinking of little Oliver made him smile none the less, especially what he had said at the end of that segment. He thinks I'm an angel. For some odd reason, that made Mason feel warm inside.
   "Are you in trouble?" Ava asked, snuggling closer to him, braking his train of thought.
   Smirking, he nodded, "Sort of. Only if Hydra finds us, which they won't."
   After a long moment of deafening silence, Mrs. Harrison stood up. "Alright, well, there's nothing we can do about it now, so let's just finish decorating the tree. Isaiah, are you going to put the angle on the top?"
   As the tree topper was being settled into place, Mason glanced sideways at Conner, who wasn't watching like everyone else. He was sitting on the love seat, staring at his hands. His face had gone rather pale, and he looked very, very nervous.
   "Hey?" Mason patted his shoulder. "You okay?"
   Startled, he jolted up, then relaxed and nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine."
   But his eyes spoke otherwise.

Okay, and that's it for chapter nine! Hope you guys liked it :) Hopefully, the block of writer's will not be back for next week's chapter... thanks for tuning in, guys :)
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The Watchmen Files in Print! (Sort of)

Hey guys!

It's D.

   Aaaaannnnddd I have no chapter. Again. *sigh*

   But I do have a good reason! Our family took a trip to make a long weekend to the river. I got some great photos (which I hopefully will post on my personal blog, Sincerely Darrion, later), especially of Willow.

   Other than that, I printed out the Watchmen Files, File One! Well, I say 'printed'... I mean I printed it from our home printer and put it in a binder for my mom to read. Both she and I are going to be reading it over and making corrections, so there will be revised and edited parts of the book which I will post on the blog. So, technically it isn't in print, but it's still cool to see it on paper :)

   Also, it's time to show you guys a new character from the upcoming book, File Two :) Here he is!

Mista Thomas Hiddleston as Arthur Kingston! Arthur is an old friend of Conner's, and will be seen in much (if not all) of the book. It will be very interesting to see how he and Mason get along...

Well, that looks like everything for today. So sorry about not getting the chapter done. I know what's going to happen for the next chapter, so I should finish it for next week. Thanks for hanging in there, guys!

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Friends and Enemies // Is Anyone Still Reading?

Hello again!

   I'm sorry, but I don't have another chapter for you today. I was working on getting a dress from an seller and the chapter completely slipped my mind, though I have been steadily working on certain parts up in my noggin.

   But I do have to ask, is anyone still reading it? I understand if you're put off by the fact that I forget a lot. I have an explanation.

   See, I'm an introvert. And parts of my personality are very easygoing about stuff, and my book is one of them. While D usually more needs to get her chapter up, I'm not bothered as much, because I see it as something there for my enjoyment.

   And I'm more forgetful, I usually remember to work on it on Wednesday, after D's posted her chapter, I'll maybe type a few paragraphs, and try to figure out what's going to happen in that chapter. And then on Thursday, I try to do more. Unfortunately, this school year Thursdays are rather full. We have Art in the mornings, then lunch. Then Choir until Dad gets home, and then we used to go on Date Night with our parents. This year, though, we'll probably be helping in our church's AWANA program, so that's full. So Thursdays are usually not good days for writing for me.

   And then Friday rolls around, and I try to speed-write my chapter to get it up by around 10:00 out time. That's how I usually write. I know it's not very good, but until I find a better system, that's how I roll.

   I still will finish my book, even if no one reads it, but I would still love it if you'd comment and let me know that you read it, and if you don't why you don't :)

   And really, I'm not trying to force you to read my book, I just would like to see who reads :)

Thank you for letting me explain.

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The Watchmen Files // The Christmas Edition // Chapter Eight // Crooks and Cameras

Hey guys!

   Darrion here.

   Another Wednesday, another chapter. Not my best, but it's a chapter none the less! And it's the eighth chapter. I know, this book-thing is going to close sometime soonish, and I've got the remaining chapters mostly mapped out in my head. Hang in there! The second file will arrive someday! :) Hopefully sooner than later...

   Okay, here we go...

   A figure raced through the store parking lot, bounty in hand, sure of his own escape. He had no idea what was in the plastic bag, but whatever it was, he was sure he could use (or sell) it. Moments later, he heard someone shout from behind him, ordering him to stop.
   Mason had to think fast, quickly coming up with a simple plan to stop the thief who completely ignored his call and continued to run off with the boy's to-be-Christmas-gift. Without turning to look at him, he quickly told Conner, "I'll go around!" and raced off.
   Conner knew what he was thinking and darted after the figure as Mason sprinted around the line of parked cars. Mason was much faster than Conner, and could get in front of the shoe-thief before he escaped into traffic. With Conner behind him and Mason in front, there would be nowhere to run. He would be trapped.
   Most everyone was inside the store, so the crook barely had any opposition as he barreled past the parked cars, headed for the street. He quickened his pace, trying to keep out of reach of his pursuer.
   Conner was right on his tail, and quickly glanced sideways to find Mason on the other side, racing to get ahead of them.
   Suddenly, a van pulled out of its parking spot, directly in front of the burglar's path. He skidded to a stop, giving Conner the chance to catch up.
   Seeing his reflection in the car's windows, the criminal moved quickly out of Conner's way as he tried to tackle him to the ground. Instead, Conner got a swift knee to the gut and a side-swipe to the face. Knocked off balance, he fell backwards and hit the pavement hard.
   Just then, the woman driving the van opened her door to see what was happening.
   Seeing his chance, the burglar forced her out of the seat and pushed her to the ground, jumping into the van and starting off.
   Finally, Mason appeared and seeing the getaway vehicle, ran alongside it.
   The woman, suddenly realizing what was going on, hurriedly pulled out her cellphone and videotaped the unfolding events.
   Knowing what he was planning, Conner shouted after him, "Mase, it's not worth it! Don't!"
   But he didn't listen. Once he was close enough, Mason grabbed onto the car door and reached through the open window to grab for the wheel. The hijacker inside tried to push him off, succeeding with a strong knock to Mason's face, who lost his precarious balance and fell back. But not without the steering wheel, his strength wouldn't let that go.
   His back slammed into the ground, but he speedily looked up to see the van (having lost control) crash into a lamppost at the edge of the parking lot.
   Rushing over and brushing the fresh snow off of himself, Mason pried the shoebox from the scoundrel's hands triumphantly.
   Conner appeared, immediately checking the driver's condition. He looked as if he was in shock from the crash. "Alright, just sit still, the police will be here soon," he assured the man, closing the door just in case he were to attempt an escape.
   Facing around, he scowled. "You idiot!"
   Mason frowned, shrugged his shoulders. "What?"
   "You could have gotten yourself killed, that's what! Do you really think a pair of shoes is worth your own life?" Obviously, he wasn't pleased.
   Before Mason could defend himself further, the boy raced up. "My shoes-"
   "Right here kid," he smirked, crouching down to be eye to eye with him.
   "Thank you, mister! Thank you so much!" The little boy hugged him tightly, smiling.
   "Oliver!" A man sprinted up to them, scooping the boy up in his arms. "Are you okay? What happened?" Turning from the child, he looked to them. "Who are you?"
   The boy, Oliver, pointed directly at Mason, a wide smile on his face. "He saved Mama's shoes, Daddy!"
   "I'm so sorry," The man tried to explain, "I just left him for a minute to go to the pharmacy and I turned around and he was gone! Thank you so much."
   "It's fine sir," Mason shrugged. "Just doing my civil duty. And besides, I wasn't the only guy to get him." He gestured to Conner and the woman. "Oh, sorry about your car."
   "It's fine-" the lady started before being promptly interrupted by a startled Conner.
   "What are you doing? Are you videotaping this?"
   "Oh yeah!" She nodded confidently, holding up her cellphone for them to see.
   "No, please..." Conner started as Mason pulled down his hoodie to cover his face. "... no videos."
   She turned the phone at him, smiling. "Are you kidding? You guys are heroes!"
   Mason walked up to her, putting his hand on her phone to block its view. "No, we're actually not..."
   "We should go," Conner grabbed his arm and started off in a hurry.
   "Wait!" Oliver yelled after them, struggling down out of his dad's arms.
   "Oh, here," Mason handed him the shoebox. "You better keep an eye on this thing, it's going to make your mom look great. Understood?"
   "Yes sir," he smiled widely, watching them hurry away from the parking lot. As they fled into the nearby snow covered park to escape the scene of the crime, they could hear a faint little voice calling over the sound of approaching police sirens. "Thank you!"

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