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Dwarves of Yore || Summary + Intro + Preview

Hai, sorry about being absent for a month. Quick explanation: we went to Disneyland, took a quick break, never really worked on any chapters for a while, D got ill, got me ill, we had a choir concert, etc. Sorry about that. Anyway, here's our make up. D won't be doing a Watchman chapter tomorrow, we have a singing thing at the senior luncheon we help at.

   What is the "Dwarves of Yore"? Basically, it's a backstory. Thorin's backstory. And along with Dis*, his younger sister.
   Okay, sue us, but for the sake of good storytelling we tweaked the timeline a bit, to work with the fact that I {Willow} had it wrong in my head, and never double checked {this is a lesson kids, always double check!}.
   So the way we tweaked it, Frerin {Thorin's younger brother} is the youngest of the trio, is the youngest instead of Dis, who by-the-book is supposed to be younger. *Ammelia G. gasps loudly offstage*. You see, the reason is that we had already worked the storyline a lot to make Frerin the carefree youngest, Dis the dreamy and creative middle, and Thorin the broody and king-like eldest. {If you think that's bad, we accidentally made Fili and Kili twins at first, and another time Kili as the eldest! *Gasps in horror of ignorance*}
   The name came from a part of the song "Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold" by Tolkien, which was abridged in the films. {I adore the song in the film, but I would have loved it more if it was a tad longer.}

The dwarves of yore made mighty *delves,
while hammers fell like ringing bells,
in places deep, where dark things sleep,
in hollow halls beneath the fells.

The Dwarves of Yore stories extends to the Battle of Aznulbizar {Moria} where our series of stories we call Heirs of Durin picks up.
   You will read of many characters you will recognize, including Thror and Thrain, along with "the cousins" Nain of the Iron Hills and his son Dain {Ironfoot. He will be in the Battle of the Five Armies} including many you will not recognize, Galahad {Gah-luh-had} his father, Galrohan {Gah-l-roe-hah-n} and his brother Galrohir {Gah-l-roe-heer} and sisters Leylyn {Lay-lin} and Laurin {Lah-reh-n}. As well as the royal trio's Nurse, and a young lady name Prismia.
   So please know, if you don't like these stories, that's fine, it's a free country. Also, we made these all up, out of our crazy and sometimes sleep-deprived imaginations. So these aren't what Mr. Tolkien wrote, just to be clear. These are what's known as fanfictions, or fanfics. Fiction about the story characters made by the fans.
   One more thing, please do not use any of the characters we made up as your own!! Seriously!! No touchie!

   Here's a preview of the first story, called Dis Makes a Friend.

"No, Frerin! You shall spill your tea all over your robe!" young Princess Dis, daughter of Thrain, son of Thror, King under the Mountain of Erebor, scolded her little brother. Frerin, Prince of Erebor (and third-born, nonetheless) was only a baby, but Dis had no one else to have a tea party with, and their Nurse was always busy.
   "Pomphy, shompy, fomp," Frerin uttered, picking up his tea cup and turning it over and placing it atop his head. Dis sighed loudly and tried to pry the delicate cup out of her brother's plump fist. "Mo!" he cried, trying to hold it tighter. Then he started to screech as she managed to pry it out of his hand.
   "Nurse!" Dis called over the din. "Frerin's crying again!"
   "Dis," Nurse said crisply. "What in the name of Durin did you do?" She scooped up the plumb baby and settled him on her hip. "There there, dear," she soothed. Frerin's wails settled down to a low whimper and he hid his head in Nurse's shoulder.
    "Frerin did it," Dis commented by way of explanation. "He poured the tea all over the tea table and then put it on his head!"
   Nurse pulled out a sugar tart and fed it to him, which stopped his crying. "He's just a baby, you cannot expect him to act properly yet."
~Willow and Darrion

P.S. || this was written back in September, but I {Willow} wanted to have something to post so you guys knew that we weren't dead. We're hoping to see BOFA tonight {maybe} so you'll probably hear from us tomorrow, I have the credits song typed out {I have heard it but D has not} and will post it tomorrow so we can all share the feelz. :'(

{*We pronounce the name Dis, Dih-z, like ditz without the t. In reality it has a little slash instead of a dot over the i, which makes it Deez, like Fili and Kili, which are pronounced Feelee and Keelee, which both have little slashes instead of dots over both i's in their names.}

{*it is originally written spells, but because spells are not a good thing I {Willow} altered it to delves}


  1. Hehehe...I loved this post! Don't worry about making mistakes with fanfic, (I do it all the time) I used to think Kili was older than Fili. XP
    BOFA feels. -sniff- Have fun watching it. :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, we've made tons of mistakes about the it, but such is life :)

  2. This was AWESOME! I love fanfictionXD Do remember that you are adding new characters just as Tauriel was added;) Never fear, I will love this new fanfiction=D

    1. Thanks Sarah :) Oh, but would you mind not bringing up the Tauriel thing, please? Thank you :)

    2. Just to warn you, since their are ahem...*won't mention names*...certain characters that you dislike...don't get your hopes up for this movie=D And no, I have not seen the movie but I will see it tonightXD I hope that you and Darrion and all of you *name*dislikers do enjoy everything else about this movie though:) But don't let one character make you hate Peter Jackson and his wonderful film making forever:)
      In Christ,

    3. Sarah, when I mean please don't bring up Tauriel, I really mean at all. It will never be something we agree on, and I would really appreciate it if you wouldn't bring it up at all. Like, never. That would be really great, because we don't want to fight about it :) We saw the movie on Tuesday night, tears tears :'( Thank you!

  3. I though Fill was the youngest. Doesn't it say so in The Hobbit during the crossing of the enchanted stream in Mirkwood? It sounds great by the way.

    1. Annoyingly enough, it does say that, but later, in the appendix {I believe} Tolkien made a family tree and Fili was born earlier, and in the movies Fili is older {Thorin tells him that he is to be king next in the DOS I believe} and so we've gone with the Peter Jackson/Tolkien tree version.


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