Friday, October 31, 2014

F&E // Chapter Preview // Future Modern Story Character Name Help!!

So this is Colin Morgan, he is an Irish actor who's been in some BBC shows, and I am in need of a good name for him. I know I used him before as Ganymede in F&E, so this is kind of funny :)
So he'll be a modern character, as seen in the above photo, and his personality is [at the moment] rather outgoing and an extravert, but has a good memory [remembers dates and such] and the name should make you want to trust him. He also is a security guard, and is around 21 to 23 years old.
Unfortunately, he won't be turning up in any upcoming story in the foreseeable future, but he will eventually as long as we decide to keep him around.

I need both a first name and a last name. D and I can add a suitable middle name :)   

Okay, now that that's done, here's the tiny bit of a chapter I finished this morning,

its title will be "The Illusionist"

The roar of battle rose up from the fire-lighted courtyard of Wynnath, a small town that many Resistance called home, and that the other side had been ignorant of until now.
   Willow watched from a turret tower, sharpening her sword, a gift from another world, Hadafang. The handwriting on the note that had been sent via an arrow in Liberty's wing was gnawing at her, and she paced the room to try to dissipate the anxiousness. A sudden brightness from the courtyard drew her attention, and she squinted to see the dimly-lit scene below.
   Many orcs were there, their horrible faces shadowy and even more disfigured in the firelight. Only a few humans were among them, mostly Shadow Knights, Willow reasoned. But one stood out. She was obviously female, because of her ankle-length royal blue dress with a flash of gold at the front and a shimmery turquoise hooded cloak flowing from her shoulders. She was carrying a long, straight golden staff that was about as tall as she was with a design at the top that had a large jewel set in it, and that made it extend about a foot above her head. Willow couldn't help feeling that something about that staff was very evil.

Yup, that's it! So clue me in on some of your name ideas!! Thank you guys, ahead of time :)
 By the way, we spent a fun week with Ammie and Billie a few weeks ago, it was so fun!
Also, last night was the Awana Fairmont Fair. To say that my legs hurt is an understatement :') I took Motrin earlier. I dressed up as Clara from the Doctor Who episode the Snowmen, in the governess dress. I was sooooo hot in that thing. I did go barefoot though, and my friend Jenny and I ran the "mini golf". It was super fun and hardish and tiring and now my legs hurt, but I'm planning my costume for next year!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Watchmen Files // The Christmas Edition // Half Chapter Eleven // The Christmas Song

 Hey guys!

  Ah, finally! Some remnant of a chapter for the Christmas Edition! On a quick note, I've changed Mr. Wiley's first name to Flecher. Just a btw!

   Okay, I'll stop chatting and get this thing going :)

   Ava started to roll up the hem of her skirt with fidgeting nerves as she watched the church people bustle around her, preparing for the stage. A group of boys were practicing their lines for the Nativity story they would be acting out on stage, the memorable tune of 'Jingle Bells' was floating through the air as the flutist tried to get the notes right, and a family made last minute adjustments to their puppets and lines for the comical puppet show.
   She stood in the middle of the foyer, softly singing the song she would be performing in her mind.
   It was three days until Christmas, and the entire church was putting on its traditional Christmas Program. Little six year old Ava was bubbling with excitement, but on the night of her performance, her nervousness was catching hold.
   Thankfully, she spotted Mason approaching her with his signature bright smile. Getting down on his knees, he hugged her tightly. "Hey Rosie! You excited?"
   Shaking her head at a loss for words, he tried to comfort her. "Hey, you're not going to be alone up there."
   "I know," she smiled even bigger than he had, "Jesus will be too!"
   "I was going to say Mrs. Harrison and Conner, but yeah, Jesus works," Mason shrugged playfully and gave her another hug before someone flashed the lights to signal seating time. "Gotta go! Have fun out there, okay?"
    With a big kiss to the cheek, he jogged off into the sanctuary as her stage mates took Mason's place at her side.
   "Ready sweetie?" Mrs. Harrison patted her back with a general question.
   Conner peaked around his cello case to give her his deep dimpled smile. "I know you'll do great!"
   She nodded as the director crowded everyone backstage as the lights dimmed.

   Finding himself a seat in the back rows, Mason watched Mr. Harrison pull out a video camera and prepare for filming.
   "She'll do great," Mason assured himself, getting comfortable for the performance. With a more skeptical tone, he added, "I don't think it was such a great idea to have Conner play the cello up there. I mean, people are watching, cameras are rolling-"
   "The chances that one of these people are Hydra intelligence agents are close to nothing," Mr. Harrison combated. "It'll be fine, Mason. Just sit back and enjoy the show."
   Mason took a deep worried breath as the curtain shifted for the first act.

Okay, I know it was short, but that was half-chapter Eleven for you! So sorry you had to wait so long for anything in the Christmas Edition.

   Oh, and also... I'm asking for your prayers. Not for myself, but for the students of Marysville Pilchuck High, and for the victims to look to God in this time of terror. There are so many more effected by this. The families, the friends, the regular old townspeople. Pass this hashtag around (#prayforpilchuck #MPinourhearts). It's wonderful to see any type of support for that awful school shooting.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a good one! :)

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