Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Watchmen Files // the Christmas Edition // Half-Chapter Twelve // the Asset

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   Sorry about the lack of writing, I've been neglectful of the Files and lost interest for a while. Then I picked up File One and read some of the Christmas Special again. Wow, I forgot about all of that!

   Anyway, I only got as far as the half chapter, which I have here. Hopefully the rest will be written by next Wednesday. I've got another writing project, maybe I'll have that announced and posted by next Wednesday, also.

   The drive back to the house was silent. No one said a word, but they all knew what the other was thinking. Had Hydra really found their safe house? How could that be, no one knew where they were. Were the girls safe at the church? What about the Hydra agents, had the Watchmen caught all of them?
   Conner gulped hard, beating down that dark feeling inside screaming a suspicion at him. No. It couldn't be. He had no idea they were there. He would never find Conner, not with the Watchmen. There was no way.
   But that nagging gut feeling told him otherwise.
   "We're here," Mr. Harrison confirmed, though it was rather obvious.
   Police tape was set up everywhere, with Watchmen in black uniforms all around the perimeter, guns pointed at the Harrison house.
   Before Mr. Harrison could park the van, Conner leapt out and raced over to a Watchman. "Agents C.J.M. and M.W.K.," he stated, gesturing to Mason who had just jumped out of the car to join him.
   "This way," the Watchman clarified, leading them up to one of many black security vans parked in their driveway. "Green Leader is waiting."
   Sliding the door open, a well known face with a cocky demeanor popped out in a flash. "Do you guys know where I was? Budapest! There's a huge mess going on there thanks to Clint and his stupid grumpy girlfriend that I have to straighten out, but no, gotta run to save the Harrisons 'cause he turned his cell off! Seriously, you're a Watchmen, keep your phone on!"
   "Come on Jason," Isaiah excused himself, "I was at a performance! You know, please silence your cell phones and all." Shaking his head, he turned apologetic. "I'm sorry guys, I just haven't been on the field in so long I've lost it."
   Jason nodded understandingly, but still held a look of annoyance. "Whatever."
   "Good to see a Kruger at Christmas time," a husky slightly Scottish accent added as he stepped out from around the van.
   "Graham," Mason smiled, then quickly sobered. "What's happening?"
   Gesturing to the house, he answered sharply, "Obviously Hydra agents have found your location, even with all of our precautions. They're still in there, we think. No one has gone in yet, we were waiting for the Asset to get here."
   Mason sighed with relief. "Oh good, a professional to take charge. Okay, where is he?"
   Jason and Graham exchanged glances. Clearing his throat, Jason gestured to Mason. "When do we start, chief?"
   Taking a double-check behind him to make sure, he turned his uncertain expression back to Graham. "Me?"
   "That's your code name. Welcome to Special Operations, Asset."
   Glancing over at Conner, he Mason shrugged and grabbed a shot-gun out of the van, holding it over his shoulder. "Let's move."

   Aaaaaand that's as far as I got. Check back next Wednesday for another half-chapter, hopefully! Thanks for hanging in there, guys. I'm so glad people are still willing to read this. You da best! :)

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