Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Watchmen Files in Print! (Sort of)

Hey guys!

It's D.

   Aaaaannnnddd I have no chapter. Again. *sigh*

   But I do have a good reason! Our family took a trip to make a long weekend to the river. I got some great photos (which I hopefully will post on my personal blog, Sincerely Darrion, later), especially of Willow.

   Other than that, I printed out the Watchmen Files, File One! Well, I say 'printed'... I mean I printed it from our home printer and put it in a binder for my mom to read. Both she and I are going to be reading it over and making corrections, so there will be revised and edited parts of the book which I will post on the blog. So, technically it isn't in print, but it's still cool to see it on paper :)

   Also, it's time to show you guys a new character from the upcoming book, File Two :) Here he is!

Mista Thomas Hiddleston as Arthur Kingston! Arthur is an old friend of Conner's, and will be seen in much (if not all) of the book. It will be very interesting to see how he and Mason get along...

Well, that looks like everything for today. So sorry about not getting the chapter done. I know what's going to happen for the next chapter, so I should finish it for next week. Thanks for hanging in there, guys!

Always Watching,