Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Watchmen Files // File Two // Title Reveal

Hey everyone!

   So sorry about not having another chapter for you. We've got some special people visiting for the week! Billie and Ammelia have been over, though Ammelia is staying longer than Billie. Say hi, Ammie!

Ammelia: Hhhhhhhiiiiii!!!

Darrion: Okay, back to Watchmen...

   So, other than that, I've got other news. In the last post, I told you the acronym of the Second File. C.O.W., which I let you guess what it stands for. You guys commented and gave me lots of tries, which included Community Of Watchmen, Connor Or Wiley, Call Of Watchmen, Cost of Watchmen, and that's just naming a few. You had great hunches, but unfortunately none of them were what I named it. But they were all pretty cool names, actually.

   And now it's time for the grand announcement! I didn't get to do this for the first file, seeing that it was just called file one, so this is rather exciting :) Here we go!


Collision of Worlds

Yea! Now you know the name of File Two as we near its writing. I'm hoping to write the next chapter of the Christmas Edition for next week, so hang in there until then :) Thanks for keeping up and File Two's development! Catch you later :)

Always Watching,


  1. I should've known;) Sounds very interesting! I can't wait=D

  2. Aaahhh, that's perfect! I'm SO excited to read it!

  3. I awarded you and Willow on the Chocolate Book Tag at


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