Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Watchmen Files // File One // Q&A // Answers

Good morning all!

   This is Darrion Marine with the answers to the question and answer session for The Watchmen Files, File One!

   So we got lots of good questions, and I did my best to answer them. But some of them would have been giveaways, so I couldn't answer directly. I'm so sorry about that, but what would be the point of reading the books if I told you?

   But they were all still good questions, thank you to everyone who commented and asked!

   Willow and I tried doing a vlog with my answers, but I didn't say everything I wanted and the way I wanted it, so I just stuck with the normal written version. Willow is much better at talking to a camera than I am.

   So, without further comments, on to the question and their answers...

Hope: Will we ever go back to Hans and Ava?

   Dr. Kruger and Ava's relationship is shrouded in mystery. What is Hydra forcing Hans to do, why is Ava there, etc, etc. They are very different people, and I think I would have a good time writing their interactions. But, since we have so many questions about them and Hydra, I think it may give too much away to have another one-on-one scene with the two of them. We have to discover that on our own. Though we are going to see them again, of course, but I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to write another scene with the two of them.

And does Sven have a potential to change?

   Everyone has the potential to change inside of them. They simply must cross over from death to life, and choose God. Though Sven isn't judge, juror and executioner, he is the executioner, and he goes along with what he knows isn't right and sins big time. Sven hasn't been introduced to Him yet, he hasn't heard the good news, but he does know that what he, his brother, and Hydra are doing is wrong. But yes, back to the point, he does have potential, you just have to wait and see what follows. 
   But you must note that Mason and Ava don't know what's going on in his head like we do, and all they see is some guy trying to kill them and ruining their lives.

How long until we know if Ava is safe?

   Very near the end of the book, which isn't too far off. But don't freak out, I'm expecting about ten or less chapters before the end. When we finally find out is kind of like the deadline, it all leads up to this. I can't tell you specifically, but it'll be a hair raiser.

Will we ever meet Conner's family and hear his background story?

   I'm very glad you asked that question, Hope! Conner's family was very fun for me to develop and to write. They are good people, but they are also very... interesting.
   Conner's back story is a reflection on why he is so gentle and why he went to the Watchmen in the first place. And as you can tell from what he has said (and hasn't said for that matter) he seems to be hiding something, and he is, it's a big something. But he could be hiding them for other reasons than we may be thinking.
   So yes, we will see his backstory at one point and we are going to meet Conner's family. I love his family, they're great in a certain sense. I can't really tell you what that sense is, you will just have to wait until the second book and see.
   I think I should explain a little further on what I meant by 'second book'. There is the first file, which you are reading now, then there is the Holiday Special: The Christmas Edition, and finally, there is the Second File in which we will meet his family and hear his back story. The second book will focus much more on Conner.
   Great question, though! I was waiting for someone to ask more about him :)

When will Hans and Mason meet?

   I can't exactly say. There are just things that I cannot tell you, or what's the point of reading the books? I'm sorry I can't answer this one.

When will Doctor T and other characters come in? 

   Ah, someone has been following my Pinterest boards! So Doctor T (Dr. Terrence) is a really great character, but will not be in this file. I wish, but it cannot be so.
   Nice questions Hope, thanks :)

Sarah: 1: Are we going to read about Connor’s sister? Like is Connor going to go home for Christmas break or anything like that.

   Yes, we are going to see Conner's sister, Bernadette, in the second file. She is a great character, she's kind, she's gentle, a lot like her brother whom she cares for a lot. She is worried for his safety and health, and he is equally worried for her's, but not only physical, but emotional as well. He does anything and everything he can to protect her heart.
   But no, he doesn't go home for Christmas break, and that's part of the short story. He has to struggle with not being with his family at Christmas for the first time in his life.

2: Is there going to be a fight scene in the future? Like with guns, good people, and bad people.

   Yes, there are going to be a few fight scenes. The Watchmen use stun guns, but Hydra couldn't care less. Many of the chapters after chapter thirteen have that sort of thing, though fighting isn't my specialty, I prefer emotional scenes.

3: Is there going to be escape scenes? I would love an escape scene.

   Yes, every book needs an escape scene! I will have at least one, hopefully two. If you want running away, go read Willow's story, 'Friends and Enemies'. It's chalk full of escaping, running away, that sort of thing. 
   Willow: Hey! Runnin's not bad! Haven't you ever seen Doctah Whoo?
   Darrion: Will, this is my Q&A. Go get your own! *sigh* Anyway...
   Willow: I did! There weren't that many questions though. I'll probably do another one soon, and vlog it...

4: Are you going to publish The Watchmen Files in the future any time?

   I don't think so. I don't deem this book publish worthy, and I just don't think it would sell. I don't know anything about publishers or the like. Plus, I'm not jumping at a chance to get my name out there. I'm starting small, a little blog I share with my sister and friends, I'm practicing and experimenting with writing, but maybe someday I'll re-edit it and think about sending it to a publisher, but just not right now. Some people have great writing, and I think they should shoot for it, but I'm just not ready.

Rebekah: I want to know if Jessie, Mason's old girl friend comes in. I've seen pins on your Watchmen board that say Jessie underneath.

   Aw man, you weren't suppose to see those :) I started pinning before I knew that I was actually going to write it, so I just pinned all the pins I thought I could use. Yes, at one point she may. But it will take a while, don't hold your breath.

And, does Sven always stay bad?
Love the story! :)

   Erm, I can't really say. You will just have to wait and see. Great questions! Thanks Rebekah :)

Caleb: Which trainee leaves the Watchmen?

   Well, nobody actually leaves the Watchmen. It works like this: there are nine guys in one training squad. Inevitably, one of them is not going to fit in with anyone. So, the Watchmen send him (after training about half-way finished and the others have picked their teammates) to another group, which is often scorned upon by the other boys. They like to make fun of the cast offs and call it the naughty squad, where the bad boys are. But we will find out who gets sent there soon enough, a bit later in the book. Though I have a feeling you won't be surprised on who it was.

Does Duke get any worse? Or does he change?

   You will have to see for yourself. Duke will continue to come up throughout the series. He likes to think of himself as the tough guy, though really he is just a bully. If he changes or stays like that is for you to find out. Good question, though.

Does Dr. Kruger go back to the Watchmen when he gets out? Or does he not get out?

   Again, I cannot straight out answer this question. I'm so sorry about that. Patience, and you will get your answers.

Does Conner die? (Rebekah says, I don't know why he asked that, please don't get any ideas.) 

   Um, actually, I was considering it... though I'm still not sure. He would be a great character to kill, the more I think about it. I'll give it some thought *evil writer's maliciously happy face*

Autumn: Will there be anymore characters from The Hobbit in your story? Like how Thorin, Fili, Kili, and Dwalin are Hans, Conner, Mason, and Graham.

   I've been thinking about putting some more characters from the Hobbit cast in the Watchmen Files, but I'm still not sure. I do think Lee Pace would be a good bad guy, though.

Also, will there be any animals in your story?

   I've never really thought about putting animals in here before. I know that there will be a dog or two later in the series, but I'm not sure about this book. Good idea.

Oh, and I didn't really understand is the Watchmen base a ship or a building? I know there's and apple orchard so I'm kind of confused:\

   T. Facility 24 is a building, not a ship. They flew from the submarine, the Liberator, to the coast where the training grounds were ready and waiting. Sorry if I didn't get that across in the chapters, I'll work on that when I go through editing everything.

Ammelia Gabriella: #1. Are you and Willow in this story?

   No, not in the first file. But you can watch for us later, we may show up sometime :)
   Willow: Yehaaah! I can't wait till we do! D's really strict about letting out spoilers, so I better not spill...
   Darrion: Willie, stop trolling my post! I'm letting you on to edit spelling errors, not comment on random things!
   Willow: *long sigh* Fine. Sue me.
   Darrion: Sisters. Anyway...?

#2. I'm with Rebekah, does Jessie come in sometime? Do they 'hook back up' or what?

   Like I told Rebekah, Jessie may show up at one point. But it will take a while, don't get too excited.

#3. Do we ever find out what happened to Mason's mum?

   Good question! Not in this book, though she will come in later, I think. But again, that's is a while. Thanks for the questions Ammelia!

Daelyn Huber: 1. What is your favourite character? 2. And, like Sarah, do we get to meet Conner's sister?

   My personal favorite character is Conner J. McKee, who seems to be quite popular with the readers. Conner is just such a great character to write and someone for me to strive to be like, actually.
   Yes, we will get to meet Conner's sister Bernadette in a later file, more on that in the answers to Sarah's questions.

Mary B: I have the same questions as everyone else seems to have. Do we get to see Conner's sister and Mason's girl friend?

   Again, we do get to see them both in later files. You can check out the other answers for more on the two of them, though I can't reveal very much at this point.

Well, I think that's all of them. Again, I would like to thank everyone who participated! And I will take this moment to thank all of you readers for your support! You're awesome!

Oh, and I think some announcements would be in order...

We have a new page on the blog, called 'Schedule'. That is where we tell you when we will be posting our chapters and whatnot.

Willow has a new chapter of Friends and Enemies, called Immer's Story (that's chapter nineteen, btw). I think I'm going to like her (Immer, I mean), she seems legit.

And I've got some questions for you! Who is your favorite character and why? What would you like to see more of in the upcoming chapters? What is your favorite and least favorite thing about this story? If you could answer any of these questions in comments on either Pinterest or on Blogger, that'd be great :)

Have a good rest of the week, guys!

Always watching,


  1. I honestly loves everything about your book. There's nothing that I don't like. Thanks for answering my questions. Oh, and BTW, I now what you mean when you answered Caleb's question, "Does Connor die?" I think he would be a good character to kill too. Although I really like him, but seriously, I like it when good-hearted characters, like Connor, sacrifice themselves for someone else. I've killed off like the people in one of my books. Okay, like four people, but I love making their deaths s emotional. Sometimes when I'm writing character death's, I start getting emotion and I tear up. Does that ever happen to you? I think I may make my character's deaths too emotional. Anyways, I can't wait to read about Connor's family! I love how you described Connor and Bernadette's brother/sister relationship. D'awww:) Oops, I forgot that Connor spends Christmas without his family. Awww. Anyways, can't wait for the next chapter!

    1. Thanks Sarah! You're really encouraging :)
      Yeah, I mean, he'd be a good kill off character... but I don't know, I'm pretty attached to him. And it might not work wit the stories to come, either.
      I love emotional writing, too! it's one of my favorites :) The death of a friend is something you can use to see inside a character.

  2. Um, I am not really sure what I would like to happen in upcoming chapters. I am fine with most anything except you killing Conner.
    Favorite character? I really don't know. I would probably say Mason right off but then Conner is really nice too.
    Thanks for the answers!

    1. Okay, thanks for the input Mary :) ~Darrion


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