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Friends and Enemies // Chapter Twenty // A Sudden Departure

"So, Immer, what have you found?" Willow questioned as they strolled down the tree-lined lanes of Gorgamede.
   "Well," Immer began. "I've found that  though the Knight seems to pledge allegiance to the new king, he does not seem to be wholeheartedly following Tashmath's schemes."
   "In what way?" Teclemith asked. He was studying Immer as if he wasn't quite sure he could still trust her, but wanted to.
   "He has not implemented all of the instructions Knights are supposed to implement. He has not forbidden worship of the Author, nor closed the churches," she explained, pointing to a majestic church shimmering in the mid-morning sunshine.
   "Hmm..." Killian grunted, obviously only paying half-attention. Willow rolled her eyes and elbowed him.
   "Pay attention," she mumbled. He glared at her.
   "Interesting," Teclemith nodded. Willow turned her attention back to Immer.
   "Along with that, he has not collected all of the taxes Tashmath requires now," Immer remarked.
   "How do you know? Did you sneak into the Vault and read over the ordinances?" Teclemith challenged.
   Immer gave him a superior glance. "I listen. I know. Besides, disguising yourself as a servant is fairly easy around here."
   Willow giggled. "You do that? D does that all the time! She kind of has to with her job."
   Killian jerked back to the conversation and inquired, "Who is D? Your fiancee?"
   Willow gave him a disgusted look. "Oh for crying out loud. 'He' is a she and she is my... good friend."
   Teclemith looked amused. "What is her job?"
   Willow's eyes flashed for a second, so fast that they couldn't tell if it was anger or fear in her eyes. "She's in logistics. Sort of," she explained with a toss of her head.
   Immer cleared her throat. "Back on topic, if you please."
   The sudden approach of pounding hooves interrupted their conversation. Turning to see who it was, the group was amazed to see a messenger on his horse, pounding down the cobbled road towards them.
   "What on earth..." Willow muttered. But the sight of his face stopped her remark. It was pale and drawn, and his eyes were wild. He jerked back on the reigns and yanked his horse to a stop once he reached them
   "Ganymede requests your immediate return to the castle," he panted.
   The group glance at each other, wondering why in the world Ganymede would need them. "All right, thank you," Teclemith answered for them. "You may tell him that we will be there as soon as possible."
   "Why does he need us?" Killian inquired, narrowing his eyes suspiciously.
   The messenger shook his head. "All he said was that it was urgent, sir." Then he galloped away.
   "Well," Willow shrugged. "We'd better go."

   Ganymede was pacing in the parlor of the castle when they - including Immer - arrived.
   "What's wrong?" Willow asked, cutting to the chase as soon as they stepped into the room. Ganymede glanced up, and he threw a questioning glance at Immer.
   "This is Immer, she's a friend," Willow explained quickly. "Now why'd you need us to come over so fast?"
   Ganymede cleared his throat and nodded towards a young woman seated regally in one of the non-upholstered chairs. She had darkish brown waves {not as dark as Willow's hair, though} and clear pale skin. Her grey eyes darted over each of the new arrivals, and her slender hands lay folded atop of her lap. Her neat white dress was spotless, and she had an air of confidence.
   "This is Princess Asharlah, cousin of Prince Emmeth," Ganymede introduced. "Asharlah, you already know Killian and Teclemith, and this is Willow and Limmer," he indicated each with a wave of his hand.
   "Immer," Immer corrected tucking a piece of her cropped hair behind and ear.
   "Princess," the guys acknowledged, politely bowing slightly. Immer and Willow nodded, not ones to curtsey. Asharlah nodded back.
   "I have important information for my cousin, Emmeth. Unfortunately, I do not know the way. I need a guide." Asharlah examined all of them with her piercing eyes.
   Killian raised his eyebrows at the group. I'll do it, Willow mouthed at him. He glanced at Teclemith for a moment, not sure. Teclemith nodded. He was sure Willow had a good reason to want to spend any time with the daughter of their enemy.
   "I will guide you, Asharlah," Willow stated, trying her best to look composed.
   "And we will stay behind for a while, to fulfill our purpose," Teclemith put in, glancing warily at Asharlah.
   An annoyed expression crossed Asharlah's face. "My cousin trusts me. Do you not think you should as well?" she asked, her eyes sparking.
   "Of course," Willow interjected calmly. "Now if we are to leave posthaste, I will go pack my things." She turned on her heel and flounced out of the room, up the stairs, and into her room with drama.
   Stuffing her satchel with the couple of dresses she'd brought, Willow turned the situation over in her mind. So Asharlah's Emmeth's cousin. She must be Tashmath's daughter. She musta not been there when Teclemith and I were there last week. But ignoring all that, can she be trusted?
   "Ready?" Asharlah inquired down at Willow, who trying to attach her satchel to her mare.
   "Imminently," she grunted, tugging at a strap.
   Asharlah heaved a sigh. "Cousin Emmeth said to report as soon as I could. This delay will not please him."
   Willow glared at Asharlah over the mare's back. "The prince will understand. And I'm sure whatever information you have for him will not expire simply because this stupid strap won't cooperate."
   Asharlah's eyes narrowed, but she held her tongue. Willow finally managed to get the satchel to attach and swung up onto her horse. "Ready," she reported. Her companion nodded and dug her heels into her horse. Willow followed suit and both girls headed for Essgarothe.

Ermergersh! I actually have gotten to chapter 20! 
FYI, that is an amazing feat for me, as I sometimes have commitment issues with writing. 
Anywho, onto announcements, like D does.
As she said, there is a new page, Schedule, for those of you who aren't sure when and who posts when and who.
Also, D did a Q&A for her TWF {The Watchmen Files}. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to do the vlog. We did do some test reels, and maybe someday {because they're hilarious} I might post them on here.
So for those of you wondering how long this book is gonna be, I've got a rough estimate. To cover all of the ideas that I had, and to get the climaxes right, I'm estimating maybe up to thirty more chapters. 
Maybe. I'm kinda hoping for sixty chapters total, 'cause this book's definitely gonna be a novel. I hope to finish around the time D finishes her second book. But only time will tell. 
And if she's not done by the time I'm done, I'll be working on our huge FANFICTION of the HOBBIT! I actually will anyway, because Forgotten, the next book after F&E, has *spoilers* for other stories not yet written.

Be a friend, not an enemy,


Postscript // If you have any questions at all, please by all means ask!


  1. I loved this chapter. Hmm, Asharlah is very suspicious. Can't wait to read more!

  2. :-D I love the friendships Willow is making.

  3. Psh. Killian could learn a bit o' manners, methinks. OH, D! COME SPEEDILY! o.o
    By the way, Immer (not "Limmer"! ;) is fantastic; I wonder where her journey will be led.
    And yes, I concur Sarah's remark: Asharlah is most suspicious, indeed. x

    1. Totally, but he does warm up a bit. Eventually ;) D thanks you, and so do I!


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