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Friends and Enemies // Chapter Nineteen // Immer's Story

Willow lowered her dagger, which she had raised just in case of need for self-defense. "Maybe. Why do you ask?"
   The girl smiled, her very-white teeth flashing against her warm brown skin. "My name is Immer, and I've been waiting so long."
   Willow cocked an eyebrow. "Waiting so long for what?"
   Immer ran her hand through her cropped hair, which had a tad bit of wave to it. Even with her hair so short, she still looked feminine with it all askew. "I've been waiting so long for a chance at freedom," she said by way of explanation. "You see, I am what you might call a spy. I've been checking up on everyone around here, trying to help the "rebellion"."
   Willow was squinting at her the entire time. Finally she gave her a sideways grin. "You're not Tashrian, are you?"
   Immer grinned. "How did you know?"
   Willow shrugged casually. "You use contractions and "modern" words, unlike most people on this planet, who all sound like poets who don't know it. So, how did you end up on Tashra if you're not native?"
   Immer's dancing eyes drooped. "I was brought here as a slave, brought by portal jumpers when I was four. I'm an orphan. No family at all."
   "There was no one to miss you, to chase you to the end of the galaxy and back, if need be, to get you home," Willow's eyes were dewy.
   "You have someone like that?" Immer snuffed and wiped her eyes.
   "Yeah. My family. Mostly my sister, though." Willow's eyes sparkled.
   "She must really care about you, I take it," Immer noted.
   "She's my best friend. Anyway, sorry, back to your story. Who were you enslaved to?" Willow interjected.
   Immer nodded. "Father bought me. He and his wife adopted me as their own, because they were childless. Then they both died about two years ago."
   "I'm sorry," Willow offered.
   "Thank you. Anyway, I now live on my own in the forest. But I came back to find someone who needs my help. And I think I've found them," she finished.
   Willow tilted her head. "How can I trust you?" She doesn't seem to want to reveal much about her past. It must hurt a lot.
   Immer blinked innocently. Gently, she lifted a necklace from where it had been tucked inside her tunic. It was a green V medallion. She nodded to the red one hanging around Willow's neck. "That enough proof for you?"
   Willow took the medallion from her and turned it over. To Immer it stated simply. "Welcome to the team, Immer."

   Immer was up before Willow that morning, and had already bathed and was combing her still-damp hair when her new friend groaned.
   "What time is it?" Willow asked, sticking her tousled head of very dark hair out of the cascade of pillows.
   "Eight. You are just in time to take a quick bath and dress, as breakfast is in a half an hour," Immer informed her cheerily. Her friend was less cheerful, but she hurried to take her bath.
   A half an hour later, Willow trotted down the immense hallways towards the dining room, almost tripping over her long skirt. And then she did trip over her long skirt. "Oof!" she grunted, landing face-first in the plushy carpet. Untangling herself, she managed to roll over onto her side. Unfortunately, she wasn't alone. As she rolled onto her side, she came face-to-face with a pair of black leather boots. Large black leather boots. She craned her neck and peered upward into the face of a tall, black-leather clad austere man. Gulping, she offered an embarrassed smile.
   "Would you like some assistance?" the man asked, offering a black gloved hand. Willow grasped it and he helped her to her feet.
   "Thank you, mister...?" she offered.
   "Sir Jehonathan," the Knight corrected.
   "Oh, my name's Willow, and I was just going to breakfast." No matter how ridiculous that sounded, she couldn't just go babbling on about their mission. Killian would kill her.
   "May I escort you?" he asked coolly. She wondered if the guy was ever cheerful, but nodded and took his offered arm. He must be Sir Richard's twin, they look exactly alike! she mused.
   Both Killian and Teclemith looked rather annoyed that she was late when she and the Knight entered the dining room. Ganymede looked surprised, but composed his face with lightening speed. He offered Willow a seat and motioned to his father to follow him into the hall. "If you will excuse us, we'll return in a moment," Ganymede said by way of explanation.
   "What took you so long?" Killian hissed at Willow, who was taking a long drink of orange juice.
   "I have someone I want you guys to meet, she's a Codebearer."
   "Who?" Teclemith inquired, wondering who on earth Willow could have met in her room during the night.
   "Don't tell me you were cavorting around outside," Killian groaned.
   "Of course not! A girl named Immer knocked on my window. She's a Codebearer, like we are, and was brought here by portal jumpers. She's got the greatest skin too. She wants to help!"
   "I never knew someone who could get into as much trouble as you do!" Killian whispered, exasperated.
   "It wasn't trouble-" Willow started, but was interrupted by the re-entrance of both Sir Jehonathan and Ganymede.
   "May I introduce my father, Sir Jehonathan of Gossgath? Father, this is Killian, Teclemith and Willow. They have come here under sanction of Uncle Richard to gather support for the cause of the prince," Ganymede explained.
   Willow tried to kick Killian's shin and ask him why on earth they had told Ganymede about their intent, but her boot only kicked air, and she couldn't reach Teclemith's either.
   They all nodded politely, and the Knight nodded back. "Please, help yourselves," he directed.
   Breakfast was pleasant, but mostly because Ganymede made conversation, asking them about what they planned to do and if they were enjoying their stay in Gossgath. Killian answered back just as politely, but Sir Jehonathan literally made no sound whatsoever.
   After breakfast, the trio excuse themselves to prepare for the day. "Meet back here in fifteen minutes, and Willow, tell that Immer girl to meet us at the pastures," Killian directed.
   Willow nodded. "Sure. See ya in fifteen."


   Fifteen minutes later, the trio set out down the sunny cobblestone roads to the pastures. "It's like a postcard," Willow marveled, a light breeze ruffling her hair. "When this war is done, I'd love to bring the Four down here for a visit."
   "If we win," Killian murmured.
   "There are the pastures," Teclemith pointed.
   The pastures were rolling hills where many brown and white cows grazed lazily on the emerald grass. Immer was lounging beside a fencepost, shading her eyes against the sunlight. Willow waved, and the trio approached her.
   "Immer, this is Killian and Telcemith. Guys, this is Immer," Willow explained.
   The guys bowed and Immer nodded back politely.
   "Good morning. Here, come closer, I don't want anyone else to hear this," Immer pointed to a small shepherd's shelter leaning against the fence about twenty feet away.
   "All right, Willow explained why we should trust you, we don't have to go over that," Killian commented, though he seemed slightly unsettled. "So why don't you tell us what you've noticed about here?"
   Immer lowered her voice. "I will. Follow me."


   I love Immer, she's an awesome character. To you guys who can't wait for D's appearance, she's coming soon - promise.
   I hope to work on my characters post soon, it might take a while, I'm going on a photography retreat today.
   If you want to see more of Im, she's on my pinterest board for Friends and Enemies.
   Next chapter will be called Investigative Research. Can't wait!

Be a friend, not an enemy,



  1. I like Immer! I also liked this chapter. Keep it up. I like cliff hangers:)

    1. Thank you Sarah! I really like Immer, too. She's a favorite of mine :)

  2. I love it Willow and I can't wait to read your next chapter! ~Abbie

    1. Do you know if you'll be able to sell your book once you've finished it? I would live to buy a copy if it works out for you! ~Abbie

    2. I hope to maybe have some printed just for personal use, but I may end up selling some for special order or something on Etsy. I promise to let you know if I do!

    3. That would be wonderful! Thank you!! By the way, have you read "The Door Within Trilogy" by Wayne Thomas Batson? He's a Christian author and one of my favorites. I don't know you, but I think you might enjoy them :) ~Abbie

    4. No problem. I believe I've heard of them, but never read them. I think I'll look into them though, thanks!

    5. They're really good! :)
      Kind of off-topic: I have a blog where I post a story I'm working on, and I didn't know if you'd be interested in reading it or not. If you are, here's the link: :)

  3. Very creative Willow! I can't wait for Darrion! And to find out what happens next!

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