Tuesday, January 21, 2014

//Without Cause// //Character Post//

Hello dear readers! Since I cannot seem to be satisfied with how the fifth chapter keeps turning out, I'm just going to post a character page for my characters from Without Cause. As new characters are introduced, they will be added. So, here's what I've got so far.

We start with the head of the Robard family, Mr. Logan Robard.

Mrs. Bethany Robard, who is a bit younger in this picture (around 30).

 Ethan Robard, age 19.

Kylie Robard, age 15.

Hugh (last name withheld).

Shannon (last name withheld)
James Stockett. 

For the will of Cause,


  1. Kylie is sot cute! Ooo Ethan. Sorry, I just and to. I love Ethan and Kylie's brother-sister relationship. Aww. Bethany if gorgeous. Not to mention her husband *smirk*. Shannon is pretty.

  2. I find it amusing that every story on this website includes Richard Armitage. :) I love your story!

    1. That is pretty funny! It must be his majesticness. Thank you!

  3. Okay, I just realized that Shannon and Kylie are the same actress:) There's nothing wrong with that, I just thought it was cool=)

  4. What actress does Ammelia have playing for the mom? I'd like to know her name. Thanks:)

    1. Hi Sarah, sorry Ammie hasn't responded. Her computer is down temporarily, but I'll make sure that she knows she has a comment to respond to :) Sometimes, though, it's hard to know the actor/actress because we'll find their photos on pinterest on another person's character board but we don't know their real name :)

    2. Hello, Sarah! Sorry for not getting back to you! The actress's name is Kristin Cavallari. I think she's a model or something... :)


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