Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Watchmen Files // File One // Questions, Edits, and Theme Songs

Hey guys!

   I know you're not gonna be happy 'bout this, but I'm postponing my chapter until next week. It needs polishing, seeing that it's the last chapter of the book.

    So, instead, I've got a variety of things I'd like to ask/do.

   First, I found the song that would totally be in the credit rolls if this was a movie :) It fits with this story, I think, and it sounds like something based off of Mason (as the edit above says). I'm not really into Imagine Dragons, but this song is actually pretty good, story wise. The style isn't the awesomest... but hey, it's still good :) Here it is, Monster by Imagine Dragons.

   Willow and I are finding songs for everything, theses days! But anyway, that's it :)

    Since I'm in thinking mode for the second file (which is top secret at the moment), I'd like to ask you all some questions on how I can improve my writing, and/or how it would be a better read. You don't have to answer all of the questions, but a handful might be helpful for me :) Should the chapters be longer or shorter, or is this length okay now? More descriptive, or less? More/less dialog? More flashbacks, or are they confusing? More action, or less action? More story edits to share with you guys? And would you like a girl character more heavily in the plot?

   Also, I'd love to get any tips on writing itself! I'm kinda new at this (this is the first piece of writing that I've actually finished-not-quite-yet that isn't a short), especially action writing. And ending chapters (or even books!) kind of writing would be helpful too :)

   Also, Pinterest update! Since my board for The Watchmen Files is so enormous, Willow and I are going to be sectioning it off soon. The second book will have it's own file (so you don't have to go fishing through the endless pit of a board I have now for pictures) and I think the Holiday Specials will, too. I'll give you a holler when I do!

   And don't ask Willow about the second file yet, she's bursting! She really wants to let you guys see the edits and stuff I've done. But not until I finish the first book, then the Christmas Special can I do that!

Willow: {Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeee? They'll really like it?!}

   Darrion: Okay fine! One edit! The bad guy in the story is cast. The actor's name is Lee Pace, who played Thranduil in the Hobbit. I haven't named the character himself, but I'm working on it. He looks kinda crazy here...

   Later on, I'll give you some more edits and covers for this. I've got most of the cast down, some plot points too, but I need some time to get it all together. I myself am super excited for the next book :) Got some fun stuff planned.

   Also, for the first file, I'd like to remind you that it is taking place in the fall of 2012, so for Marvel fans, it's after the Avengers, the Battle of New York took place. The stories won't really be going along with the Marvel movies, since not everyone watches it. But some things will obviously tie in, like S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra, Dr. Banner, Steve Rodgers, and others. They will be more prominent as the books go by.

   Well, I think that's everything... So sorry I didn't post the chapter today :( But I hope you enjoyed this anyway :) Comment bellow or on Pinterest if you'd like, thanks!

   And to my faithful readers... I love you guys! You're the best, and so supportive! Thank you for your interest in my book, the comments and pins :) You're all too sweet!!

Well, have a good one! Just one more week!

Always Watching,



  1. Darrion, I honestly think your book couldn’t get any better! I find music for my books all the time:) I like finding credit music too=D Well, just don’t make your chapters and shorter. I like the length of the chapters you give us:) Yes, more action would be lovely! I like action and when characters get hurt. I don’t know why, but I do. I especially like it when characters take a bullet/or any wound causing material for their friend:) Ooo Lee Pace...He’s a perfect gut for the part. Mason looks so sad in that picture:( Well, can’t wait for the next chapter, the Christmas Special, and File Two!

  2. Yay! I can't wait for the next chapter! :D So, to answer your questions: Personally, I like longer chapters, but this length is fine. I like the description, so keep up the good work! I love dialogue, so I think there should be more, but I think you had enough in File One. I love the flashbacks! I think there should be more, especially about Conner. :D Action is awesome, so I would like more. :D Sure, I like the edits, but I don't want you to stress. :) Hmmm, I like female characters, but mostly I like male characters more. So, I don't really care. :) Ultimately, it's your book, so it's your decision. {I know that probably doesn't help much :D} Yay! I would love for Cap to come in. {Or any of the Avengers for that matter} Ooohhh! You could have Coulson! Wait . . . you would have to decide if you wanted to stick to the Avengers, or Agents of Shield. :D Awww! Thanks so much, Darrion! I love you too! :D

    Hope Brockway {or Oakenshield :D}

  3. This was an amazing post, Darrion!
    I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter but hey, no rush! I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! I'm so happy it's almost finished! Go D! That's just so exciting, for you to finish this. It's such a grand book! :) I think it's perfect just as it is, but you could never have too much action! I especially love car chases-- they're my favorite thing to watch/read/write. :) But other than that (and it that was no criticism-- you're book is perfect. I was just, you know, throwing out a suggestion.) it all sounds wonderful! I shall excitedly dance like ants in my pants when the next chapter comes out! That's so exciting about the next file being about after The Avengers! I'd love to see how they entwine into the story! I especially admire Hawkeye, just if you were wondering. ;) That's just going to be so amazing! I totally admire your work-- you are one of the best authors I've read from. God has truly talented you, girl! :D And I love ya too! You're amazing!



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