Friday, May 23, 2014

Friends and Enemies // Q&A #2 // Answers

Hope E: What's next in the plot?

What's next is the series of chapter I call "The Trick".

Who do you ship?

I ship several people, but the one at the moment that I can talk about is Betromith and Hyaline.

Who is personally your favorite character (besides yourself ;D)?

I really like all of my characters, but Immer, Teclemith, and Hyaline are characters that I really enjoy. 

Is Willow ever going to get home?


Are any of the people from Willow's world ever going to be introduced?

A character named Cole is. He is basically Willow's boss in their ''job'' they do for the Resistance.

When does D come in?

When Cole does :)

You have a story on your upcoming story tab called The Shadow Games, are you going to write that?

 Unfortunately, I do not see myself writing that in the foreseeable future. The Shadow Games were supposed to be right after F&E and be a fixed version of the Hunger Games, e.g. more like martyrs less like a bloodbath. But because the plot would be so complex, it would take a long time to write, and I have several other writing projects I am going to be working on, so I have no time.

 Hope O: Who is your favorite character?

 Me :)

When will D come in?

When Cole does, like I said to Hope E :)

Do you like Asharlah?

Yes and no. Her outfits are ugly, but she's okay. Only time will tell ;)

Rebekah: When will Tajoreth come back in?

In the Trick.

And like the others, when will D show up?

As I already said, when Cole does :)

And, why does Willow think that Emmeth is taking what they're doing lightly?

Because it's a plot twist that will become a breaking point, perhaps, later on :)

Thanks guys, for all of your questions :)

Be a friend, not an enemy,


Postscript // I will be getting my waist-length hair cut to chin length to give to Locks of Love today!

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  1. :D I can't wait for the next chapter! {Like I say every week :D} Oooh, I've given my hair to Locks of Love several times. It's really weird to hold your hair in your hands. :)



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