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The Watchmen Files // File One // Epilogue

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It's Darrion again :) For the last time, or at lest for this book it is.

   So hello, friends. Here we are, you and me, on the last page. It took a while for it to get here, and I want to thank you for your support. I certainly could have never done it without you guys!

   It feels weird to have it all said and done, but of course, it really isn't. I hope you enjoy this epilogue, the last of the Watchmen Files, File One.

(Photographer Emma Wood originally took this picture, and I just got it off Pinterest and cropped it to use for the cover.)


   Weeks passed in what seemed like moments to Mason Kruger. He treasured every second he got to spend with Ava, and he and Graham brought her twice to the Harrisons to visit them.
   Ava was suspicious at first (since he found it better not to tell her that he might leave her with them), but soon warmed up. Especially to Mrs. Harrison, who was the mother she had always wanted. She was quiet in spirit and gentle in heart, taking Ava by the hand in a motherly fashion. She liked Mr. Harrison too, his stern yet gentle way of carrying himself wasn't frightening for her.
   Mr. Harrison himself insisted that Mason call him Isaiah, which he tried to, but often forgot about.
   Isaiah Harrison and his wife, Katrina, were as Graham had described. They were nice, gentle people, with two daughters of their own. Well, not technically of their own. They were adopted, since Mrs. Harrison couldn't have children. But they were adorable kids, and were both very different from each other.
   Tessa was Asian, with beautiful dark eyes and hair. She was obviously the eldest of the girls, and was more of the leading type. She was fun, and often found a way to get herself in lots of trouble, which she was rather talented at getting out of. She was nice to Ava, and they both could get along well.
   Addie was four, and she was blond with forest green eyes. She was shy, hiding behind her mother's legs when Mason approached. She had a small smile and timid spirit, and followed her older sister around all of the time. She was sweet and quiet, and Ava took a special liking to her and took her under her wing. She in turn followed after Ava, who followed after Tessa. They were a good team, and Mason knew they would get along just fine.
   On their third visit, Mason had already made his decision. He didn't want to tell Ava just then, so they spent the day running and playing in their large backyard. Ava was giggling and throwing leaves in the air with the other girls as Mason took advantage of the moment to speak with Mr. Harrison, who agreed and suggested they take a walk.
   The grass was speckled green and brown, waving gently in the slight breeze as the crisp leaves fell from the trees above. They continued down the lightly worn path through the patch of trees while Mason spoke his mind. "At first, after Ava had been captured, I wanted to take her back for myself. I wanted to free her. But now I understand that if we stuck together, she wouldn't have the full life she would have otherwise. I love her so, so much. And that's why I'm putting her in your care, sir. Will you do that for me?" Mason looked up at Isaiah, his eyes watery and sad with the knowledge of what had to be done.
   Mr. Harrison put a supportive hand on Mason's shoulder and nodded. "We would love to take her in. She's a good kid." He smiled as they watched the children play in the leaves.
   "I know," Mason stated solemnly. He loved her so much, but it was because of that love that he gave her up. They had been through so much together over the years. Now it was time to go. But he wouldn't let the sadness of the parting spoil the remaining day for them. A wide smile came over his face and he ran out to her, picking her up over his head as she giggled joyously.
   It was ever so hard for him to tell her the news that night. Her large gray-green eyes filled with tears and she sobbed into his shirt for a long time. He patted he back and whispered comforting words to her as he held back his own tears.
   "P-please don't go..." she croaked as she buried her face in his shoulder, grabbing the fabric of his shirt tightly in an attempt to keep him with her.
   "It's what's best," he softly coaxed, holding her in his lap to sooth her. "I can still visit you. I'll come when ever I get leave. You'll still see me."
   "Will you come for Christmas?" she pleaded, her voice shaking.
   He smiled supporting and looked her in the eyes. "Of course I will!"
   She extended her hand to him. "Pinky promise?"
   Giving her a real smile, he hooked his pinky finger in hers and whispered back, "Pinky promise."
   Mason felt a hand pulling on his pant-leg and looked down to see Tessa, holding little Addie's hand tightly. "We'll take good care of her, Mr. Mason," She smiled confidently. "Don't you worry. We got this."
   "We promise!" Addie added, matching her sister's loudness.
   Mason couldn't help but smirk, but kept as serious a face as was possible. He extended his pinky. "Pinky promise?"
   Tessa nodded with a dead serious expression and locked her pinky with his. "Pinky promise."
   Ava sniffled as Mason wiped her tears away with his thumb. "It'll be okay..."
   Ava's little head rested on Mason's shoulder as she breathed deeply, fast asleep. He held her snugly in his arms where he was seated on the couch, rubbing her back tenderly and humming her a song. Realizing that she was asleep, he slowly rose from the couch and tip-toed quietly down the hall to her new room.
   It was pink, her favorite color. The drapes on the windows were a pastel green, and a chair with printed flower fabric sat near the bedside. The bed itself was small and white, with painted purple and pink flowers on the headboard. He gingerly laid her down on the bed and tucked the pastel pink and orange comforter around her, and placed her teddy-bear tightly in her arms.
   He lingered by her bedside, not wanting to leave her just yet. Tears filled his eyes as he whispered softly to her, "Remember the time you tried to make me a birthday cake, and when I got home from work you had spilled flour all over the kitchen floor. Or when you walked to the park to pick me flowers and I didn't know where you were. I was totally freaked," Mason chuckled at the fond memory. "Or when you painted half of my room pink," he stated more dryly at that little adventure. "We had the best of times, the two of us. I love the way you run up to me in the mornings and hug my legs. Or your early morning wake up calls. You run to me when you've had bad dreams, you give me a syrupy kiss when you've had good ones, or when you fall asleep on my chest..." He started to choke up and stopped to breath. He wouldn't have those everyday moments, not anymore.
   He reached over the bed and stroked her hair out of her face and smiled tearfully. "But every good thing has an ending. Otherwise, nothing would ever get started. You've got a good life ahead of you, and I'll still be here when you need me. I promise," leaning over, he gave her one last kiss on the forehead. He had done that so many times before, but the lump growing in his throat told him how special this one was. It was a bittersweet moment for him. Tears falling out of his eyes onto her teddy bear, he whispered, "We had the best of times."
   Then, turning away from her, he quietly left her room and closed the door behind him.

   The sun peeked over the waters of the Pacific, sleepily stretching its rays of golden light over the wavy, spotless surface. There was only one blemish to be seen for miles, a dark spot of metal technological advancement, laying on the surface of the great deep. In the sky only a few scattered clouds floated, and one aircraft rode the winds to its carrier, the enormous submarine, The Liberator by name. She was not under the water just yet, simply waiting patiently for her last bird to make its landing.
   The small plane landed without a problem and its passengers and crew disembarked. Two of the figures squinted in the golden light of the rising sun, but stood still, waiting for their welcoming party as the others went into the sub and back to work.
   "You're trespassing, you know that?" a voice rich with sarcasm hollered as the man approached the pair. "I should have you thrown overboard."
   "It's good to see you too," Mason offered Jason Gray with a smirk and punched him in the shoulder playfully.
   He winced and rubbed it. "Dude, carefully, don't wound the Junior Director just yet."
   Mason rolled his eyes as Jason composed himself be fore asking, "Well? Have you made your decision?"
   Mason straitened his posture and asked, "Where do I sign up?"
   Jason smirked and pulled something out of his pocket. "Sign on the dotted line."
   Both Mason and Conner were handed a document, and seconds later, they were officially Watchmen. Well, not quite officially.
   "You'll need these."
   He handed them each a square case about the size of his hand across, but thin. Inside, a metal disk with a bold, black W engraved into it sat securely in its place. Mason touched it gently, feeling the engraving. It was a Watchman badge. His very own.
   "Now it's official," Jason noted perkily. "You're a real Watchman now."
   He glanced sideways at Conner, who was staring at his badge with wide eyes. He took a deep breath, then looked up and saluted. "Thank you, sir."
   "I won't have any of that," Jason shrugged it off. "That's not even our thing. But anyway, you'll have to thank Dad for the special privilege of being admitted in the first place! Technically, Mason's dead, and you're on a long vacation getaway thing."
   Conner tilted his head slightly. "Your father is a Watchman, too?"
   Jason blushed, "Yeah, he's kinda... well, he's the Captain."
   "Captain Barton?" Mason choked in surprise. "But your last name is Gray!"
   "Ha! Nope, check the form!" He pointed to Mason's certificate paper, and Mason checked it speedily. Yep, the document was signed J.G.B., and below was written, Jason Gray Barton.
   "You never said that!"
   Jason glanced at Conner, "We all have our secrets." Then he turned back to Mason and explained, "And, of course, I didn't want to keep my last name on there, because the guys may treat me differently if they knew the Captain was my dad." Then, turning more serious, his posture straightened and he saluted.
   Then mirrored him, the three figures stood alone as the golden sun cast long shadows over the platform of the vessel and down to the vast ocean waters. A new day was dawning, and his story had only just began. Mason Kruger knew that there was so much more to be learned, though he had no plausible idea of what lay in store for him. But the future shone golden with the rising sun, and God was guiding him carefully, always having a plan and knowing the outcome. He knew the answers to all of Mason's questions, about his parents and friend, and He knew how best to lead him on to that future. Now all that had to be done was to get there. One story was finished, and another had just begun.

The End

I just did this quick drawing last night for the post :) Of course, it's Mason holding Ava as she sleeps.

I think this song sounds like Ava to me :)

Well, that's it I suppose. The deed is done, as I so often say :) I hope you enjoyed the chapter and book itself, I certainly liked writing it.

   Feel free to tell me your favorites of anything, moment chapter, character, whatever! My favorite chapter would probably be Appletree Grove and Road Rage. Those were fun to write...

Willow is going to try to get her chapter in this Friday, so check back for that.
 So, what's next for D, you may ask? The Holiday Special: The Christmas Edition! A very important development to this series, I must say. For the scheduled, I'm going to take a one week break from posting, and then on the 11th of June start up again. That's only in two weeks! Hang in there, guys :)

I seem to have nothing else to say... well, goodbye for now :) I will be back! Thank you for bearing with me through emotional ups and downs, cliffhangers, and writers block. Your faithful commenting and reading has been such a support to me :) Thanks so much! Love you guys! :)

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  1. Brilliant! I love it! Your a very good drawer. I haven't ever done anything that good. :)

    1. Thanks, Carly! :) I've been getting art lessons lately, so I thought a little drawing was needed for the end of my book :)

  2. Congratulations, Darrion!
    I'm so happy/proud/excited for you! That's just so amazing that you're finished! That epilogue-- wow! It was by far my favorite chapter! I teared up a time or two, but that's just what makes a story amazing. I, like you, loved Road Rage as well! It was very exciting, and I love car chases! Conner and Jason and Mason are my favorites! By the way, that was one amazing drawing you made! That looked professional! Wow! I'm so so happy for you! It's so exciting! I loved how you just finished it up-- it gave me internal chills! Yay!!
    Love you!
    ~ M.J. McKeel

    1. Thanks, Megan!! I'm glad I'm finished, too. A bit bittersweet, but still good :) Since you like car chases, I'm sure I can get another one in the next book :) I like them too, btw. Willow and I have been getting art lessons, so I thought a drawing for my book was due :) You're so sweet! Thanks for all the support you give :)

    2. Awe, you're welcome! Hey, what are friends for? Yes, yes, that's perfect: bittersweet. But undoubtedly amazing!!! :D Oh, YAY! I just adore car chases-- they make me happy for some reason. ;) Oh that's so cool! You seem to be very talented with art, too! That's so awesome! It looks professional! I was thinking. . . It's quite funny how you have Jason Barton and his dad, and I was thinking, maybe Jake (my Barton) ;) is Jason's brother!!! Haha, I'm just kidding! But it's still a funny thought!

    3. I know, once a car chase starts in a movie, I just settle in and think, "This gonna be good." ;) Thanks! I'm hoping to do some more drawings for my book in the future. Jake and Jason! Well, that would be quite fascinating, wouldn't it? They even have rhyming names :) I had come up with the Barton last name thing before I even started the book, and then I saw your pin about your name change, and I was pleasantly surprised :) But Barton is a cool last name, though.

    4. Yes, I'm the same way!! Oh yay! I can't wait to see more of your drawings! :) Oh, well I promise that I didn't copy you. I wouldn't ever dream of that! :)

    5. Thanks!! Oh no, I didn't think you were copying me. For one, you didn't even know of his last name yet. And I know you're not that kind of person :) I just thought it was interesting. Great minds must think alike! :)

  3. I didn't realize I would be so sad at the end, for it being over with it. It is a good thing you are writing another one, that way I don't have to wonder around feeling so lonely. :-)
    Hmm, I don't know what my favorite chapter is, they all were so good. :-)

    1. Thanks :) Yeah, sad, but happy, too. Bittersweet is the word, I think. Hang in there, book two is on its way!

  4. Darrion, this was sooooooooo good! Awww, Mason and Ava are killing me emotionally;) The feels*tears* I love how Mason remembers all the times he spent with Ava. D'awww! Sorry I haven't been commenting in a long time, my family and I are trying to be o the computer less. So, if I don't comment for a long time, just know that I do read your posts even though I may not comment. I can't wait for the Christmas Special!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Yeah, it is bittersweet with Mason and Ava, but hey, they'll still see each other. And very soon, the Christmas Special is starting soonish. Okay, that's fine :) Good to know you're still reading! Thanks for your continuous support for this book, it's very sweet of you! :)

  5. My favorite character is probably Conner;) Yes, yes, I normally go for the main characters friend. I don't know why, but I just do=D My favorite chapter? How am I suppose to do that? HELP! Um...Chapter 22: The Fall, Chapter 17: road Rage, Chapter 13: Crash Landing, Chapter 12: Getting things sorted, Chapter 11: What Have I Done, and FINALLY Chapter 7: Of Guns and Girlfriends. You get the're book is one of my fandoms;) I can't pick a'd probably be The Fall...if I had to choose but I'm not going too=D

    1. Yep, Conner is very popular, apparently. Well, all those chapters were picked in good taste :) Thanks for that, readers input is very helpful :)


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