Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Watchmen Files // Half-Chapter Fourteen // Trust and Obey

Hey guys!

Again, it is Wednesday!

   And again, another chapter has been written. Well, almost. I'm so sorry 'bout that :( I'm not quite finished with the second half of the chapter, but I didn't want to leave you hanging, so I'll just give it to you anyway :)

   So, we pick up right after last week's kind-of-like-cliff hanger with Mason inching along to the ship

   Creeping as silently as possible around the tree limbs that had been scattered from their craft's descent, Mason moved slowly but stealthily with his back pressed against the outside of the ship. He spotted vague movements in the dark woods that loomed about half a football field away from him, to his left. It was hard to see, but to his right he could tell that the back end of the small plane was sticking up into the muggy night air about eight feet off the ground.
he mentally lamented. Now what? There was only one thing to be done. Graham, you better know what you're talking about. He was hanging his life on it.
   Reaching down, he picked up a small branch and tossed it over the top of the plane to the other side where it snapped just loud enough for whoever was waiting in the shadows to hear it.
   He heard murmuring in German and then a mass of darkly clad Hydra moved in after the branch noiselessly.
   After a few seconds, Mason carefully edged closer to the back. Once he had gotten there, he examined the rear wing (or tail or whatever, he had never been very interested in planes).
   Looks pretty battered, he considered. How's the Sarge gonna get us out of this one?
   With nothing else but his instructions, he leaped up and caught the very back of the plane. Without much weight on his bones, he would have to think of someway to get it down.
   Pulling his feet up to the plane (which he was surprised he could even do), he pulled back as hard as he could. Which, fortunately, was very, very hard.
   Once it was close enough to the ground, he jumped off and pulled it down the rest of the way.
   Unfortunately, he hadn't thought about what would entail after he got it level again.
   "Dort!" came a cry from the other side of the plane.
   A man in a full black uniform and a mask appeared from the other side of the plane and charged at him with a syringe in his raised hand. Mason dodged him, grabbed his arms with his own to keep him away. The Hydra pressed all his strength against him, trying to get him to drop.
   Mason's arms glowed red, and he threw the agent off balance only to be pushed to the ground by the force of a Hydra jumping on his back. Pulling himself up despite the man, he slammed his back against the side of the plane, squishing the Hydra into letting go of him.
   Immediately, he whirled around but stopped short to find another man in black, this one with his face uncovered pointing a gun at him. Sven. His skin changed from red to blue the second he spotted the gun.
   "I warned you," he stated flatly in plain English and cocked the hand gun.
   It was a stand off. Neither one would make the first move.
   Suddenly, a high pitch shout came from behind his cousin. "Duck!"
   Mason immediately dropped to the ground as a ray of pale white hit Sven in the back, who fell on his knees, and then fell face first into the ground, unconscious.
   Conner stood wide eyed behind him, grasping with white knuckles a small hand gun himself, staring at the unmoving body. "Whoa."
   The blue tint in Mason's skin faded away and he rushed over and slapped his friend on the back in congratulations with a smile.
   "I shot him." Conner's eyes were huge and he looked weak and shaky.
   "C'mon!" Mason grabbed his arm, avoided the enemy fire, and pulled him back into the cockpit of the plane.
   "Strap yourselves in!" Graham yelled over the hum of the electricity coming back on as the guys fell through the tear in the ship and nearly rolled to the back of the plane. "Mason, hold this lever down!"
   Mason jumped up off the floor, rushed back up to the cockpit, grabbed the handle and pulled it down hard as Graham clicked all sorts of buttons all over the control panel. "I said-"
   "Right!" He fumbled with the buckle with one hand and held down the lever with the other. "Now what?"
   Graham smiled widely, which wasn't too comforting. "Hold on!"

Aaaaanndd that's all for today, folks! I'm sorry I dropped it off so fast, but I don't have the entire chapter finished up, I thought you'd want a taste :)

Well, on to announcements...

Willow's Friends and Enemies next chapter is up, chapter twenty one. It's got Shadow Knights, fighting, etc.

Ammelia is going to try and post her next chapter (or maybe a half of it) of Without Cause next Monday, so be on the look out for that. I'm so excited :)

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  1. Oh my goodness, Darrion, this was AMAZING!!!!
    I love it so much! Conner's so awesome!!! =D =D I can't wait for the next chapter; it's so intense! Keep it up! <3

    1. Thanks Meg :) You think it was intense enough? I can't really tell, being the writer... I have a hard time with action scenes. But you seem to be pretty good. Any tips? ~Darrion

    2. You're welcome! :D And yes, I thought it was amazing! No one could have written it better than yourself. :) Aw, you're so sweet. :) *hugs* The only thing I could honestly say is "WOW". It was so high paced and epic. I don't have any tips, but I don't mean that in a bad way. :) Just because you wrote it so good. :)

  2. I LOVED it! Way to go, Connor! I love when people say 'duck' and the person just falls to the ground. I would probably be like, "Where? Where's the duck?" Haha. Oh well. I can't wait for the next part of this chapter. I like the title. Trust and Obey. It's such a good reminder for me. Ooo, Sven, you looking *fabulous*:) Sorry, I just had too;) I really like his jacket though. I want a black 'watchmen' jacket. :) I have a black jacket with blue stripe down each sleeve. It's the closet I'll get. Well, can't wait for the next part!

    1. Yeah, I'd probably look at what they're yelling at me to duck about :) I'd be like, "Where?"
      Yep, Willow thought of the chapter name for me. She's really good at that!
      Really? I didn't notice. He does look kinda cool, but I think it's just because of the gun. I like guns :) Even though I don't know much about them. I just ask my brother, he knows :)

  3. I can't wait for the next chapter!!!! :-)

    1. Thanks :) You only have to wait until next Wednesday! Hang in there :) ~Darrion

  4. You said Allonsy and now I am dyeing! I am going to miss Ten really badly. Just three more episodes! Nice chapter!! I loved it!

  5. Yeah! That was so good. I can't wait for the next chapter!

    1. Thanks, Hope :) Glad you liked it! ~Darrion


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