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The Watchmen Files // Second Half-Chapter Fourteen // Trust and Obey

Hey guys!

   What a day it is! Finally, the sun is peeking through those clouds and the sky is blue again! Seriously, the sky has been white for days.

   But anyway, I'm excited to give you the next chapter of T.W.F. Though I must say, the next few chapters after this will have lots more action. I'm not too good at writing that, so if you've got tips, share 'em!

   This one is a bit short, since it is, after all, a half chapter.

Well, here we go! The second half of chapter fourteen, Trust and Obey.

   The doors that sealed off the cockpit from the rest of the craft closed, and the hum of engines filled the tight room.
   Conner shrieked as the cockpit and only the cockpit launched into the air. With the wind blowing in their faces from the cracked windshield, the small mini-craft flew through the air, being powered on by miniature engines in the back that would fly them out of the ground and away from Hydra.
   The sheer G-force threw Mason back as he gripped the bottom of his chair. A thrill of terror pumped through his heart and he went from yelling in fear to laughing hysterically from the mad sensation of joy.
   Conner was screaming at the top of his lungs like a kid on a roller-coaster and his eyes were darting from Mason and back to the windshield with a mix of confusion and alarm.
   For a moment, they were soaring through the night. And then that moment ended.
   The experience of plummeting down ten feet at a time is something that you have to experience to describe.
   But let's just say that for Mason it was heart-poundingly awesome.
   For Conner, it was heart-stoppingly terrifying.
   And for Graham, it was just another day on the job.
   Their minicraft streamed through the air and toward the ground just like their first decent, accompanied by the same reactions from its crew as the first trip.
   Conner gripped his seat and snapped his eyes shut. "Not again!"
   Scraping through the ground, tufts of grass, dirt, and now even rocks flew through the cracked windshield and shattered it. Shards of glass cut through the air dangerously. The cockpit slid about thirty feet before slowing down and jerking to a sudden stop.
   As the craft's engines cooled, Conner's shaky breathing and the tinkling of falling shards of glass was all to be heard. Then Mason started chuckling.
   Conner was absolutely furious. "Mason...!" He fumed as his heart began beating again.
   Mason burst into laughter, he could hardly stop long enough to answer him. "I... I can't believe we're... alive! That. Was. Awesome!" He threw his hands up into the air for emphases.
   "That was terrible!" Conner shrieked. "You are insane!" Then he lowered his head into his hands. "Oh thank You God, we're alive..."
   Still laughing, Mason turned in his seat to look back at Conner. He started to say something, then couldn't because he was cracking up. Then (finally) he laughed, "You shoulda seen your face..."
   Conner furrowed his brow.
   "You looked like a little girl! 'Help, help! We're all gonna die!' "
   "I did not say that!" Conner glared.
   "Okay girls," Graham butted in. "We've got to move-"
   "-and fast. Hydra's going to be here any sec-"
   Pound. Pound. Pound.
   Something pounded on the side of the craft, alerting them to another's presence. Everyone was silent, waiting for orders.
   Pound. Pound. Pound.
   Mason glanced at his Sargent, who held a finger to his lips for quiet and hand signaled for him to go check it out. Mason wondered why he had to be the one to do all of the dangerous things.
   He carefully clicked the seat-belt open and stepped over and around the pieces of glass lying on the floor. Without a sound, he pressed his ear to the wall. Well, somebody's out there, his super sensitive hearing (thanks to the Super Soldier Serum) informed him. He shrugged at Graham and mouthed that he had heard movement.
   Suddenly, Graham's cellphone vibrated in his pocket. Curious, he opened it and silently read the text, not saying anything but still mouthing what it said. Apparently, he didn't remember that he hadn't taught them lipreading yet.
   Knock knock, knock know knock! The pounding came again.
   Graham motioned for Mason to let them in. Mason shook his head vehemently in return, and so did Conner. As they had a mouthing argument, Jason stuck his head through the broken windshield and exclaimed, "Did ya miss me?"
   "Jason!" Conner gasped with joy. "You would not believe what we've been through!"
   "C'mon boys," he motioned for them to follow him, "You've had enough action for one day. You better come with me in my ship to get to the training facility."
   The next day, Conner stumbled sleepily after Mason down the nearly identical to the last facility's hallway leading to the main training room. "Hurry up Con," Mason encouraged him. "We don't want to be late!"
   "If you would slow down," he panted as he caught up with his partner. "I'm still bruised from the landing- erm, landings."
   "Fine," Mason slowed down and let Conner catch his breath again. "You ready to continue training?"
   "Yeah, actually," he smiled back. "Let's... oh, how do you say it?"
   "Get our game on?"
   "Yeah, right, that!"
   Mason smiled as his friend's Britishness, but then sighed. He was another step closer to rescuing his cousin, but how long until they would find her?

Okay! Now that that's over with, I'll tell you a little 'bout the next chapter, in answer to the last statement by Mason. Finally, we get to go on a mission! Yay! Or not, since they're not even finished with their training, things could fall apart, and fast.

And on to announcements!

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So, I think that's all that needs to be said.

Always Watching,

P.S., do you think that 'Always Watching' thing is kinda creepy? Like I'm staring at you though your window right now, watching you read my chapter. Okay, yeah, that analogy is creepish. But is that what you think of when you read it? Or should I keep it?


  1. I LOVED his chapter! I think I say that every time:) Oh, well, it's trues though. I don't think 'Always Watching' is too creepy. I didn't think of that until you mentioned it, but I just imagine to always be on the look out for danger. I think you should keep it. It's very creative:) Can't wait for the next chapter! (I think I say that every time too:)

  2. Hi again. You said that if we have tips, we should share them with you. You probably already have this in one of your missions, but I think that Mason and Conner should (it doesn't have to be in the same chapter save each other at least once. It'd really show their loyalty. I've sent you some ideas before, and I have another chase scene idea that I would like to give to you, but my computer won’t let me, so I’m going to have to send them to you in parts. I’ll try to have them sent by next Wednesday. How did you like the last part I sent you? You might think that part’s weird, but the next part I’m going to send you is more interesting.

  3. That. Was. AWESOME!! *throws hands up in the air for emphasis* (Like Mason). I LOVED it, Darrion! So sweet and funny and suspenseful! I can't wait to read more, and I know that I say the same thing pretty much every time. So I'll say something more now: I super really appreciate your awesomeness, and God has totally blessed you with such an amazing writer's talent. I love to see how you use your epic gifts to paint a lovely picture in the form of this book. I'm so sorry if that sounded poetic and fake, but I mean it. You are an awesome writer and totally awesome friend! God bless you!
    <3 M.J.

  4. Hi, D. Why do you always leave us with cliffhangers?

    And 'Always Watching' isn't creepy at all. I always thought it was very 'Watchmany'.

  5. Ooo that was so funny the silent argument. lol Loved the chapter D!! Can't wait for more. I don't think I can give you any tips. When I write I just do what ever comes to me, that is what works best for me. *shrugs* Loved the chapter though and I can't wait till next week. :-D

  6. So, I went to the Dentist for a check up on my braces a while ago, and as I sat down in the dentist chair, I felt like I was at the Watchmen's building taking a test or something;) Now I like going to the dentist 'cause I just pretend I'm a Watchman...even though I'm a girl. I know I could be one of Sargent Graham's daughters. JK lols.


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