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The Watchmen Files // Half-Chapter Ten // Turning Point

Hey everybody!

It's D.

   And I have come to a difficult conclusion.

   As you know, next Wednesday is Christmas Day. And we will (as everyone will be) be extremely busy with the holiday season and all. And I'm suppose to be writing the Watchmen Files: A Holiday Special: The Christmas Edition that week.

   And, as Willow would testify, I can get really stressed (and a bit cranky) when I get behind on my chapters. It totally freaks me out because I'm always nervous that I won't be able to finish a chapter in time, and I told you that I would.

   And now, I have realized that I can't be in the Christmas spirit and be madly writing five more chapters at the same time.

   So, I'm so sorry to say this, but I'm not going to be able to post the special this month, or until I finish the first file.

   Now I really, really wanted to write this. But I really, really don't want to ruin Christmas (or at least make it unpleasant) for the rest of my family.

   I am so, so sorry I got everyone's hopes up. Please forgive me!

And now, as an I'm-so-sorry-thing, here is the beginning of The Watchmen Files: File One: Chapter Ten. Now this is the first half, not the whole thing.

   Days, weeks, then three whole months passed Mason and the rest of the squad by in a blur of training, training, and more training. And whenever they weren't training, they were either eating or sleeping. There was no time to laze about, not when your training Sargent is Mike Graham. He had them train hard, and his work payed off.
   Mason could pass nearly every test that was thrown at him. He excelled in anything physical, his ability did all of the work. Also, he didn't have any huge 'freak outs' for a time. He did get very angry at Duke on a daily basis, but Conner kept him pretty calm if he had too much trouble with that.
   Conner himself was also doing better, he could keep up with the others more easily, though it was still quite a challenge for him.
   But then, disaster struck.
   It all started the day Sargent Graham burst in to their barracks earlier than normal telling them that there would be a cadet training squad shadowing them around for the day.
   Mason thought that was stupid, and said so. "I'm not here to show the Watchman-wannabees around town."
   Duke rolled his eyes dramatically. "Oh come on, Kruger! It won't hurt to have some kiddies follow us around for a day."
   Mason scowled back. Duke just wants to show off, as usual.
   "Cut the chatter," Graham rebuked them. "I want all of you to be on your best behavior. Show them how it's done."
   "We should tell them to head for the hills," Conner muttered from the bottom bunk where he was groaning about his achy back. He was obviously still having a hard time with the exercises. Apparently, he didn't do much of that in Ireland. Which explained why he weighed more than everyone else. Mason was kind of skinny, but it wasn't that big of a deal to him. But for Duke, it was the perfect target for rude jokes.
   And those kind were what Duke S. York mastered in, or at least, he thought so. And since no one wanted to tell him otherwise, he continued to harass Conner about his weight, height, and faith.
   "Okay boys," Graham snapped Mason out of his character run-over. "Let's show 'em how it's done."
   After Graham left the room, Mason opened up his trunk and rummaged around for his uniform. While shifting everything around to get to it, he found one of the items he had asked for from his apartment: Ava's teddy bear. Gently pulling it out, he examined the stuffed toy fondly. Ava had gotten that from her daddy, a long time ago. She would sleep with it every night.
   But not that night. She was probably in some super secret Hydra base out in who-knows-where with his freakish Nazi cousins. 
   Sighing, he began to stuff it back into the trunk when he noticed a hole ripped in its side. "Huh, that wasn't there before..."
   Sticking his finger into the small gap and feeling about, Mason found a wadded up piece of paper.
   He unfolded it and read what was written in spidery letters written so lightly that they could barely be made out.
We have the Mädchen. If you want her to live, give yourself up. She will not be harmed. It is you they want. You are a Hydra. It runs in our blood. Embrace who you are, save the child. Live to tell.
Cut off one head, two more will take its place. Hail, Hydra.
    Mason read quickly, his blood pulsing and that blinding anger welling up in him again. How could this happen? Why did they want him in the first place? And what would they do to to Ava if he didn't do what they wanted? What should I do? Sighing, Mason followed after the others and tucked the note into his pocket. He would tell Graham about it later. At the moment, he had kiddies to show off to.
   "Hey everyone," Jason Gray called the giddy eighteen year olds and younger scuttling about in the hall to attention. "As you know, name is Jason Grey. I'm the Junior Director of Special Forces, but you can just call me Mr. Jason if you'd like. I recruit a lot of Watchmen, and since you're all going into the system in a few years, we're going to shadow a squad around the training grounds to see how it's done," Jason smiled in a friendly fashion at the skinny, some of them barely out of puberty boys. They were the next generation Watchmen, and he planned to set a good standard.
   "Um, sir?" A teen with styled brown hair raised his hand gingerly.
   Jason glanced around the group until he spotted the tall, wiry eighteen year old and nodded. "Yep? Wait... are you Jeremy Stone?"
   "Yes sir," Jeremy beamed proudly at being noticed.
   "Ah yes," Jason smiled back. "You were saying?"
    "Um, who will we be shadowing?"
   "An experienced Sargent for today with his squad," he answered patiently. "Anymore questions?" With no more raised hands, Jason asked, "Are we ready?"
   A ruckus of yes sir's followed with exuberant nodding from the teens.
   "Okay, follow me!"
   There was a pack of jubilant urchins ready to see the world awaiting them right behind Jason, following after him like puppies to their master. Jason showed them down the hall with a sign that read Main Training Room C in bold, dark lettering. Once inside the massive room, he lead the wide eyed boys to where a team was standing in formation with their Sargent.
   "Hey Graham!" Jason hollered at the tall Sargent, who turned from his cadets to the small troop.
   "I see you've got your Watchmen-to-be's," Sargent Graham noted with absolutely no expression on his face at all. Taking his height, piercing green eyes, and the serious way he held himself into consideration, he was quite an imposing figure.
   The other boys shrunk around him, but Jeremy stood tall above the others with a ready expression. He'd been waiting years for this opportunity.
   Graham immediately noticed him and made note of how he kept his cool. It was, after all, a very important quality in a Watchman. "My name is Sargent M.B.G., but you will call me Sargent Graham, or sir."
   All of the cadets nodded enthusiastically in return as he continued.
   "I've been a Watchman since I was 19 years old," Sargent Graham informed them sternly as he done on his squad's first day, "I've been on more missions than I care to count, and I've trained 17 squads and will train many more. And all of my trainees have passed, except two, in which occasion an unfortunate event occurred."
   The teens all gaped in awe at every word as if their lives depended on it. Mason smirked at their excited faces.
   But looking next to him, Conner was still catching his breath and had a look of pity. "We should tell them to get out while they still can," he suggested jokingly (hopefully).
   Mason just shrugged and kept listening. After he finished his welcome speech, Graham let the boys watch as the team went through various courses and hand-to-hand combat, which, of course, Mason was the winner of. Though he did kind of have an unfair advantage over the others, with his ability and all.

And there we have it! Since next Wednesday is Christmas Day, I shall not be posting the rest of the chapter until the Wednesday after Christmas, which would be the first of January, 2014! Awesome, no?
And again, my deepest apologies for not keeping up on my promise to write the special. I'm so sorry I couldn't keep up with it.

So the next half-chapter will include lots of Mason and Duke and the name of the chapter will be made clearer. But let me give you a little hint... it has something to do with the chapter cover.
Well, have a very merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!

Always Watching,


  1. D! You are killing me!!! Stopping at a place like that. ;-)
    I loved it D and I wouldn't feel bad about the special your family should come first. :-)

    1. Muahaha! >:) The perks of being a writer are endless.
      Thanks for understanding. I thought I could take that many chapters in one month, but obviously, I over shot and was quite wrong. ~Darrion

  2. Darrion, this is awesome! I don't mind if you don't do the special. :)

    1. Thanks Surfs :) Thanks for understanding. ~Darrion

  3. Hey, D! I want more!

    Don't mind about the Christmas Special, it's not that important. Your family is. I think we all will be really busy Wednesday anyway. I completely understand. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Rebekah, and a merry Christmas to you and your family as well! :)

  4. I loved it! It was wonderful! I totally understand about the Christmas file. Don't worry a thing. I can wait. I've had to wait a year for The Desolation of Smaug to come out, so I'm sure I can wait several weeks. Well, I hope;) The next chapter has something to do with the cover? I cannot possibly wait;) *squeal* *sigh* *gasp* *tear* I don't know why the tear, I just really like your story. It's my favorite book now. Just though I'd let you know. You should publish it. You really should. I would be the first one to buy ti. Well, great job on the chapter! Oh, and Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! And sorry about the Special. I over shot myself on that one...
      Oh yeah, the suspense with the Desolation could kill someone! But it was worth the wait :) Mostly.
      Anyway, the next chapter (or the rest of this chapter, I mean) will be up the Wednesday after next.
      Aw, you're too sweet :) I don't think I could publish it, though... Megan Jane can publish hers, but I'm not at that level, or willing to go through the proses. But thanks anyway :) You're so encouraging!
      And a merry Christmas to you and your kin as well! ;)

    2. I can't wait to read the next chapter! I don't know how many times I think that throughout the day. I just LOVE your book *squeal*. I found Megan Jane's story once but now I can't find it, could you please help me with the link? If you don't want to give away the link to everyone who looks at your comment, you can just comment on my blog with the link, and i won't publish it. If that's okay. I hope you understood all that. I can tend to write run-ons. Anyways, I'll be busy with Christmas so the wednesday after next Wednesday will come fast. I CAN'T WAIT! you're probably like, "Whoa, this girl needs to calm down." Well I seriously do. I can't remember if I told you this or not, but I really like how Mason is being convicted(I hope that's the right word) by God. He wants to believe in him but he's scared. I can't wait to find out what his decision is. I hope he choses God. God is always the best answer anyone can have. Isn't it wonderful to know that God is always there watching over us? I always tell him about my trouble and fears. It really helps. Anyways, I think I should probably stop there. Bye.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Thanks Sarah :) The next chapter is coming very soon now!
      So Megan's story is on her blog which I will give you the link to here... I hope that helps! She has a really good story. I just have to catch up...
      Nope, you're fine. You kind of sound like me and Ammelia's story, actually :)
      Yes, convicted is the right word. I think he still has a lot to go through, but Conner is helping a lot.
      It is a wonderful thing that God is always watching. I think reading my Bible is the best for me. Because people always say to listen for God, but He doesn't talk to us like that. I heard someone say once, "If you want to hear God verbally, read it (The Bible) out loud." I just love that :)
      Sorry about the deleted comment. I misspelled some things and so I just copied and edited the other comment :)

  5. Lovely, as always, D! I can't wait for the next half!
    I am disappointed about the special, but I wouldn't want you to be stressed. I know what it's like to be super busy. I have a story I'm writing, and I haven't posted in a long time, and I don't like to post it without doing tonnns of editing, because I sometimes change it, so you are doing way better than I am with being consistent! And, yes, I have changed my name:) This time the pronunciation is I-oh-lahn-ee Shah-hee-nah, just so you know. :) I hope you and your family have an awesomely merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Iolani (your name use to be Dywen, right?)! Cool name :) And thanks for the pronunciation, those always help me out. I have the hardest time with that sort of thing...
      Thanks for understanding. Yes, stories are very hard to keep on-top of. It helps me to have a scheduled, to keep me on track and all. Even a half chapter a week is good.
      And a merry Christmas to you and yours :)

    2. How old were you when you started writing? Or do you not like to talk about things age-related online? If you don't, I understand perfectly. I was just wondering. My name used to be Darlwyn, but Dywen sounds cool too! Good for you for having a schedule! I should probably do that...

    3. Now I'm back to my real name, by the way:)

    4. Oh, age is fine. I was... well, I started to really write when I started this book, so I was (erm, I meant am) thirteen (going on fourteen!). I wrote some small things before then, a short story or two, but I never really finished anything big and the shorts never turned into something bigger, which adds to my determination to finish this!
      Oops, sorry :( I didn't mean to get your name wrong!
      Yeah, schedules help a lot, because they force you to work on them. You can't just leave it. It's a perk and a downside at the same time.

    5. Well, I think I started the story I have on my blog when I was about twelve, and I have changed practically all of it since then, and updated as I went, plus I haven't worked on it for a while. But now I am almost 15 (in six days, actually), and I am working on a different story.
      Oh, it's so fine about my name! I know it's been confusing, with me doing so much changing! I didn't touch my blog for about a year, and then one or two months ago I started to again, and did all sorts of editing, and re-designing. What is your favorite thing to write about?

    6. Wow, you've been writing stories for a long time! Though technically, it's not a long time. Depends what perspective you have on things. For me (someone who's been writing for round about a year) it's a long time, though! Must be awesome :) Happy (late) birthday!
      Good for you! I haven't touched my personally blog in a century. I kinda feel bad for not posting... but I'm busy with other things, like writing for this blog, and life.
      Anyway, one of my favorite things to write is this story (T.W.F.). I've worked on it in my head for some time, and seeing it in print on the blog feels really cool. It also helps that I like my characters (except Duke, whom I don't favor very much compared to characters like Conner). I also like to write stories about little Fili and Kili, and Thorin and Dis when he was still under the mountain. Or, at least, come up with ideas to write down in a story one day...

    7. What do you like to write about the most?

    8. I like writing medieval stories: One is on my blog (about a dragon), another is about how people found the country where most of my stories are set, and then there is another one I'm working on, and one I'm going to do with a friend! So, yeah, I like medieval best, although one is half set in the early 1800s.
      That's really cool about the dwarf stories! I must admit, I have done one or two of those, but they're set in the Blue Mountains.
      And I hope this comment is clear; sometimes mine get confusing. :P
      Part Two of this chapter is awesome, by the way! I just read it today, and I loved it. And man, are you good at cliffhangers! :)

  6. This was so good, Darrion! I love it!
    And it's okay that you can't write the Christmas Special! I forgive you ;) This was a very cool chapter, I love it! And I can understand about the Christmas thing; I understand the stress! I'm looking forward to the next chapter! Merry Christmas to you! And let us not forget the real reason of the season! Jesus' birthday! :) And have a happy new year!

    1. Thanks, Meg :)
      And thanks for understanding. I get really irritable when it comes to posting chapters on a deadline. Sorry I couldn't write it in time :(
      And a merry Christmas to you and yours!
      Oh, and how is your book publishing coming? Have you talked to that guy at your church who published is book? Can't wait to buy it ;)

    2. You're welcome, girl!! :D Anytime! I can completely relate to frustration with time and writing, believe me. :) And it's fine! I am so looking forward to it!! It's going to be amazing!
      And about my book. . . our family (except for me, Daddy and Mama) have all been sick so we can't go this coming Sunday. . . but hopefully the next time we go I will talk to him. You're so sweet, Darrion! I'm blessed to have such a friend! :)

    3. So how'd it go?? Did you talk to him? No pressure :) It would just be so cool to hold you book. In paper!

    4. Oh, actually I haven't talked to him yet, unfortunately. Our Church has been out since Christmas has been around and stuff, but this coming Sunday, which is in two days, I will plan to talk to him. :)
      Aw, you're so sweet, Darrion! That really means a whole bunch of a lot to me! You are an amazing friend. :)

  7. I can't remember if I told you this already, but I love your Pinterest page. My favorite boards are Heirs of Durin and The Watchmen Flies. I also really like your Story Characters board. I don't have my own Pinterest Page, so if it's all right, could I just comment on your blog in place of commenting on your Pinterest Page? Just wondering.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Really? Cool! I do most of the pinning on both The Heirs of Durin and The Watchmen Files. I just love all those baby artwork pieces of little Fili and Kili :)
      And sure, you can comment here if you'd like. But if I don't comment back as quickly as on Pinterest, it's because I have to log out of my mom's account to get to my own, and then inevitably, someone wants to check their emails or do something on her account. *sigh* So sorry if it takes longer. But if you ever get a Pinterest page, let me know! :)
      (Oh, and excuse the deleted comment. I put one too many r's in my name :P)

    3. I love all the pictures of little Fili and Kili as well. They are so cute;) I wish they would've had a flashback of little Fili and Kili in The Desolation of Smaug. I liked it just as well without though. Did you like The Desolation of Smaug? I loved it! I think Peter Jackson did a good job. So, what's your opinion of Kili/Tauriel? I think it's kind of cute. I think that Kili wished he could have her, but in the third movie, I think Tauriel is going to end up leaving Laketown with Legolas. I mean, if I was on my "death bed" and this beautiful woman comes and heals me, if I were a guy, I'd be pretty head over heals with her myself. You can't really blame Kili either. Think of it, all dwarves(most dwarves)hate elves. So when this elf(Tauriel), who they’re suppose to hate, heals him, that has to be a shock. If someone I didn’t like healed me, I’m pretty sure I’d be friends with her/him after that day. Anyways I would just like to know your opinion. You don’t have to publish this comment. If you reply, could you comment on my blog in reply instead of on your blog? Thanks! I won’t publish your comment either. If you reply, I’ll reply to your reply on your blog. Thanks for baring with me. This is going to be the longest comment in history because I have somethi’n else to tell you;) So, by me liking your writing, and since I write stories as well, I started writing some ideas of my own, using your characters. I hope that’s okay. I have some ideas that I would like to share with you, if you’re okay with that, and maybe you could think about them and put them into a part in one of your chapters. If you’re not okay with this, then just tell me and I’ll delete my ideas. This story was your idea and I don’t want to interfere. Just let me know by commenting on my blog. I’m so sorry that this was such a long comment. So, take all the time you need with replying. I think I can be patient. I’m probably the weirdest person you’ll ever “meet”;) “Farewell, may your memory never fade.” –Tolkien: The Hobbit. P.S. I'll let you know if I get a Pinterest page;)

    4. Okay, I commented back on your blog, on the post about the Desolation review!

  8. Ermegersh. AWESOME half chapter! But... you left me hanging! I need more! More! MORE!!! But really, no rush :) I can't wait to see what happens. Does it involve Mason having an 'episode'?? That's what I gathered from the cover. :)

    1. Ha! Well, so much for no rush with all the demanding ;) Yes, it does! And it also involves Duke *evil smirking*


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