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Friends and Enemies // Chapter Twenty Nine // The Trick

Willow read out loud the script under her pointer finger. "The Dark Lord shall rise again. What you see will deceive you. Trust no one."
   The three glanced at each other. "What is that supposed to mean?" Emmeth asked, scratching his head.
   Willow wrinkled her nose in thought. "Who's the "Dark Lord" supposed to be, anyway? *Sceleris, perhaps?"
   Emmeth shook his head. "In Tashrian culture, Sceleris is referred to differently. If it were him, they would have worded it "Dark Lord of All", even though, of course, he's not lord of all. It is a cultural term."
   Willow grunted. "Some cultural term. Anyway, Mr. Terraneth, do you have any more books on this?"
   Terraneth shook his head. "I'm sorry, but no. About a year or so ago, actually, the king visited me and requested all of the books pertaining to that. I must have overlooked this one here, to give to him."
   Emmeth looked surprised. "Really?"
   The old librarian nodded. "He did not say much about why he needed them, but he mentioned that he was storing them in the palace's library."
   "Great," Willow muttered. "How are we going to see those other books? This might be vital to the Resistance!"
   The prince looked thoughtful. "Perhaps..... well, I have an idea."
   Willow cocked an eyebrow at him. "What?"

   "Are you sure you want to do this?" Willow asked for the fiftieth time.
   Hyaline nodded as she whisked the eggs in a dull silver bowl. "Of course," she answered with conviction. "This could be extremely important to the Resistance, and to us."
   "But you have to understand the risks involved?" Willow persisted, an uneasy look residing behind her normally confident brown eyes.
   "Of course I do," Hyaline answered, tucking a stray bit of wavy hair behind an ear. "But I know what must be done." She waved the whisk. "Now go on, you have work to do!"
   Willow nodded. "You're awesome, Hyaline," she grinned, than bounded out the kitchen door. Hyaline watched her leave with a smile.

   "One down, still several more to go," Willow reported to Emmeth, who was supervising some new fortifications being erected.
   "I have already asked the others," he answered. "All will be well," he added, noting the concern lurking behind the mask of cheerfulness on her face.
   She smiled. "I know. I simply must trust, and try not to think about it. But, I know this is stupid... but do you think it'll work?"
   Emmeth nodded firmly. "Yes. It will. It must."

    "Sir, you have a visitor," a servant reported to Kedemeth, where he was seated in the great hall of the palace at the capital city of Tashra.
   Kedemeth gulped his roast chicken. 'Who is it?" he asked carelessly.
   "Hyaline of Gossgath," the servant answered.
   Kedemeth started. "Hyaline you say? Send her in now," he ordered. Then he turned, and grinned at his younger brother. "You see, my brother, the lovely maiden has chosen me instead of that dirty son of a shopkeeper."
   Tajoreth looked concerned, but managed to hide most of it with an indifferent expression. His elder brother was extremely thick at times, and never seemed to noticed the times that his younger brother did not seem to approve of his actions. Their elder sister, Zemerah, on the other hand, seemed to always notice. If he didn't know her better, he almost would have thought that she was spying on him.
   A petite young woman with curly dark hair and a pale face entered, and Kedemeth rose to meet her. "Hyaline, my dear," he grinned, taking her delicate hand in his. "You have finally come to your senses and come to me. Here is some food and drink. You remember my sister and brother?" He gestured to his siblings.
   Hyaline nodded and took a seat. I surely hope that Willow and Emmeth know what they are doing, she thought.
   "I shall be back in but a moment," Kedemeth assured her, patting her hand. "I am going to tell Father about your fortunate turning up."
   Zemerah rose as well. "I shall ask the servants to prepare another plate," she commented coldly, directing her piercing eyes at Hyaline. She left with a rustle and a swish of her ornamented gown.
   Once both Zemerah and Kedemeth had left the room, Hyaline leaned forward so that she was face to face with Tajoreth. "Your cousin sends you this message," she whispered, drawing a tiny note from her sleeve and offering it the Tajoreth.
   Glancing around to make sure they were alone, he accepted the offered paper. "That is why you are here, is it not?" he murmured.
   Hyaline bobbed her head ever so slightly. "Yes. Please, this may be extremely important to the Resistance. Tell me once you have replied and I will send your note on its way."
   Tajoreth nodded. "Thank you. I will."

"Here you go Asharlah," Willow offered, handing the princess the end of a weather-beaten gray chain. Emmeth twisted the chain uncomfortably. It had been fastened to a largish metal ring, which was then secured around his neck.
   "Sorry," Willow added, adjusting the chain. "But this was your idea, I seem to recall."
   He rolled his eyes. "Remind me not to tell you anymore of my ideas."
   Asharlah tugged at the tight fitting garb. "Not the most flattering apparel," she commented dryly.
   Willow shrugged. "According to my research into your culture, it's some kind of historical staple. No idea what that's supposed to mean, but it works."
   She nodded, and her expression hardened into a rather frightening mix of hatred and revenge.
   Willow grinned. "That's the spirit. Perfect. Now, don't mess up, don't forget the plan, and I'll see you in about a week."
   The pair started off on the dirt road, chain links clinking. Willow watched them nervously, fiddling with her waist-length braid.
   "Author be with you," she whispered into the warm summer breeze. "Be with all of us."

Whew! That was a looooonngg time coming. I am sorry that it took so long :(
But it's here, so that's good :)
Anywho, as you've read from D's post, she completed her first book! Hooray! Good job, D-ster!
Ammelia 'n' Billie are going to be at camp for a while {it seems like all our friends are (:}
so they won't be writing in :(
So I will be trying to keep on, but it shouldn't be hard. The Trick chapters are going to be tons of fun :)

Be a Friend, Not an Enemy,


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  1. A chapter!! I really liked it Willow, can't wait for next weeks chapter. :-)

    1. Thank you Mary! What did you like about it, if you don't mind me asking?

  2. This chapter was awesome! I really liked it! {as you can probably already tell :D} The Trick. . . I thought it would be a lot different, but I like it better this way. :) Emmeth is so awesome. Just saying. :D I hope you have a great week!


    1. Thank you Hope O. :) How did you think it would be different? Just wonderin', I'm always looking for ideas ;)


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