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Friends and Enemies // Chapter Thirty // A Message and an Accusation

Tajoreth dipped his goose quill into the ink jar, tapped it lightly against the rim to get rid of any excess ink, then set it down on the tiny bit of foolscap paper. After penning a quick message, he rolled the paper into a tiny scroll, and tucked it into his sleeve and meandered out into the hall and down to the gardens. There he found his brother conversing with Hyaline about their "future".
   "Mind if I sit down?" Tajoreth asked casually, sitting down before his brother had a chance to disagree. "Lovely weather today, is it not?" he remarked.
   "Why yes," Hyaline replied, giving him a tiny but grateful smile.
   "Kedemeth," she laid a hand on his arm. "I am rather famished. Would you..?"
   "Of course, my dear," Kedemeth agreed, patting her hand, rising, and exiting.
   "You have the letter?" she questioned.
   "Yes. But I do not understand how you will get it to your friends," Tajoreth remarked, handing her the tiny scroll.
   Hyaline's eyes sparkled. "Do not worry," she assured him as she took the scroll. "All will be well."
   He watched her as she secreted the scroll away on her person.
   "Here you go," Kedemeth's voice startled them, and he sat down between them and offered Hyaline a plate and glass.
   "Thank you," she smiled, and lifted the fork to eat.

  A knock sounded on Hyaline's door the next morning. "Come in," she called, yawning and stretching.
   "Your breakfast, miss," the dark haired servant offered. Then he lowered his voice to a whisper. "And I am here to take your message."
   She nodded and withdrew the tiny scroll from her person and handed it to the messenger. She had seen him before, and Willow had mentioned using him, so she wasn't afraid of treachery.
  "This scroll must get the Resistance Headquarters as soon as possible," she instructed.
   "Yes, miss. I am going there right after I leave," he assured her.
   "Very well. Thank you."

   Zethan rode up to the almost completely covered in ivy gates of Essgarothe. The gatekeeper gave him a solemn nod and allowed him to enter. Two children were waiting for him, a young boy and girl. The boy took his horse without a word and the young girl smiled at him.
   "You are to follow me," she explained, and turned on her heel and trotted off at a brisk pace. Zethan followed, and was soon led to the center tower, and up the stairs to an old wooden door. The little girl knocked.
   "He's here!" she reported breathlessly, bouncing up and down with suppressed energy.
   "Enter," a familiar girl's voice called from within. The little girl gave a curtsey and raced back down the stone stairs. Zethan let himself in.
   The room was circular, and had several mahogany tables, covered with books, maps, papers, and pens. Scattered about the room in no particular  order were comfortable looking chairs, one of which had its back facing him and two legs were sticking out on one side and a long dark braid hanging down on the other.
   In a moment, the feet swung down, the braid bounced and a young women stood before him. Her height wasn't impressive, she came up to about his shoulder, but her deep dark eyes darted over him, and her braid bounced as she inclined her head at the chair across from hers.
   As he seated himself, she let herself fall back into the chair and crossed her petite legs. "Thank you for coming, Zethan. I'm glad Immer was able to convince you to help," she thanked him in a cheerful voice. "I think you'll remember me, I'm Willow." She smiled.
   Zethan smiled hesitantly back, and pulled the tiny paper from his sleeve. "Here is your message."
   She thanked him and took it. "Oh, by the way, Aliatha can't wait to see you," she added with a grin.
   His eyes lit up and he rushed excitedly from the room. Willow watched him pick Aliatha up around her waist and twirl her around. Aliatha looked like she was about to faint, she was so happy.
   Willow wished she be happy with them, but the note was serious. Propping her feet up on the table, she unrolled the miniscule note and picked up a magnifying glass.
To Whom It May Concern,   I am writing as you requested. What assistance do you need? I will gladly help, although sending in Hyaline was a bit foolhardy on your part, I believe. Please know that I am being watched by Zemerah at all times, it seems. My sister Asharlah arrived earlier this morning with Cousin Emmeth. I do not pretend to know your plan, but am willing to take the risk. I await instruction, and expect the utmost secrecy to be maintained.
   "Awesome!" she whispered, relief filling her. Now all she had to do was get a message to Tajoreth about the next step in their plan.
   Grabbing for her pen, she started to compose her message. Writing furiously, she barely looked up until a tap on her arm made her jump.
   "Supper time!" Bréda crowed in her ear.
   Willow couldn't help laughing. "Thanks Bréda," she commented, carefully tucking the letter into her leather journal, then tucking the journal into a drawer and locking it.
   Bréda cheerfully took her hand and the pair hurried down to supper. But halfway there, Betromith caught Willow's elbow.
   "Bréda? Would you go tell Brédin it is time to eat, please?" he requested. His little sister nodded brightly, let go of Willow's hand, and skipped off to find her twin brother.
   "Willow, I saw the Outlaw come with the message. How is Hyaline? Did the note mention her?" Betromith inquired.
   Willow shook her head, her braid whipping back and forth. "Yes, it said that sending her in was a bit "foolhardy" on my part. But I'm sure she's doing fine, try not to worry so much."
   "Worry so much?" his voice started to escalate. "She is in the very heart of danger, and you tell me not to "worry so much"?!"
   Willow tried to calm him down. "I was just trying to-"
   "No," he snapped. "You were just trying to meddle. You know that I care for her, and all you want is to use her for your insane plans!"
   "Hey, it wasn't all my plan, you know," she shot back. "Emmeth came up with most of it, and-"
   "Of course, blame it on our prince. You know, he was never this foolhardy before you came," he commented bitterly.
   "Well maybe you didn't know him that well," she suggested, her eyes fiery.
   "Oh, precisely. You have put your meddling finger right on the problem! Silly me. But I have known him for years. And you have only for a few months. Why don't you just leave? Go back where you came from, if the Resistance is so important to you! Or has the prince become more that just someone to help?"
   "Would you just shut up!" Willow cried, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. "I'm only trying to help, and it was mostly his idea! You guys don't even know how dangerous this could be! And all you can do is accuse me of trying to steal your prince! Stay away from me!" She spun on her heel and ran away.
   Betromith could feel his chest heaving, as if he'd just run a long way. He didn't know why he blew up at her, she just seemed to annoy him. She is just so different from us, and will not conform to our ideas! And she has so much influence on the prince, why is that? He is so naiive, that is why.
   A strangled sob interrupted his trying to justify instigating the fight. Bréda stood there with her eyes huge and watery.
   "Bré-" he started, reaching for her hand.
   "Stay away from me!" she cried, covering her face and sobbing as she ran in the direction of the kitchen.
   Stay away from me, stay away from me, stay away from me... the phrase seemed to echo in Betromith's ears as he walked mechanically towards to dining area. Maybe they should stay away from me...

Now THAT was emotional! It took me awhile to get around to writing it, and I finished it on Wednesday, and was so excited to post it, I was disappointed that it was only Thursday the next day.
I am sorry for taking a while, I just wasn't feeling it. And then we started watching some of BBC Robin Hood last night and I started feeling the inspiration again ;)
Anyway, the next chapters should be really exciting. If you watch my F&E Pinterest board you might get bombarded with medieval party dresses and masks.... spoilers!

Anyway, D and I are still working on the cosplay/fanart site, but it's mostly done. And even though none of you will know what this means, I'm probably going to get the screen accurate Hide dress off of  this week, and I'm so excited!
Billie and Ammie are still at camp, working. Still waiting for updates :)
D is progressing rather well through TWF The Christmas Special, and is busy drawing little "chibis" people to go with the story.
I am debating whether to start TWF Shades of Reason. I think I may be able to handle both {and maybe another....} but I wanted to know if you guys would read it if I put the backbreaking effort into it ;) Please let me know on that. You can find the rundown in "Upcoming Books".

Oh, and happy Independence Day! I think we should always say Independence Day, and not Fourth of July. We don't call Christmas December 25th, nor anything else. But the founding of our majestic country? Independence up, and call it Independence Day ;)

I think that's all!

Be a Friend, not an Enemy,



  1. I am feeling very sorry for Betromith. (Did I get his name right) ;-)

    1. You did get his name right! That's pretty awesome, since the name on Tashra are really hard to spell ;) And say. Why do you feel sorry for him?

    2. *pumps fist in the air* Yes! I got it right! (my spelling stinks) :-\
      I kind of feel sorry for him because all of the girls are telling him to go away. Now I am a little worried he is going to go off and get himself into trouble. :-\

    3. Their names a re VERY hard to spell, I've even had to go back and check myself! He does have a habit of getting into trouble...

  2. Great chapter, Willow! I kinda feel sorry for Betromith, but then again I don't. He's always doubted in Willow's ability, and Willow has always done above and beyond the call of duty. She has lots of great ideas, but Betromith always seems to find fault in her. The reason I kinda feel sorry for him is cause he just lost the respect from his little sister. Anyway, that's my two cents. :) You started Robin Hood? How do you like it? I've finished it, and it's probably one of my favorite shows.


    P.S.- Congrats on your new blog/website! I checked it out, and I can't wait for more posts! Y'all are so pretty! :)

    1. Thank you, Hope O. :) I love the way you put it! We've seen a couple of episodes, but haven't committed yet {we're busy with Doctor Who}. Thank you about the website!

    2. Thanks! Anyway, cool. I watched the first episode of Robin Hood, and I was hooked. Unfortunately, I haven't seen Doctor Who yet. I really want to! Anyway, you're so welcome.


    3. Doctor Who is so awesome, if you have Netflix streaming, it has everything except the 50th anniversary and the newest Christmas Special {2013}. D and I want to finish the episode we were watching {Tatoo? What Tatoo?} but haven't been able to yet...


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