Sunday, July 6, 2014

Website // The Girls Who Time Forgot // Cosplay + Fanart

Hey everybody!

Happy Independence Day! Totally forgot to tell you guys that last post...

Anyway, yeah, this is D, here to announce the website!

   If you haven't heard all about the site already, I will inform (and re-inform) you :) Willow and I are doing a Weebly website for cosplay/fanart. Short version, cosplay is dressing up as a character from a movie/book/videogame/comic/actors/lots-of-things. Fanart is fans making art of everything already listed.

   Willow will be doing most of the cosplay, while I'll be doing the fanart. She's done Clara from Doctor Who, and has a list of other things she'd like to do someday. I've already drawn a couple (mostly Hobbit or Doctor Who related), and am sure to continue to add new things.

    We also have a blog to go along with it, so that you don't have to keep going through the entire things to find what's new. We'll make posts as we add new things.

   As you may have already noticed, we've never posted photos of ourselves on the blog. Well, that's about to change.


(drum roll please)

Willow! (though she recently got her hair chopped lots shorter, so this picture is a tiny bit out-dated)

And me (Darrion)!

Oh, Dalek. Um, I don't really like getting my picture taken so much anymore (though I use to love it), so I can't seem to find one of me smiling... hold on, lemme look a little more... ah, here we go!

Yeah, I'm not really smiling... but hey, a picture's a picture! Mom took this while I wasn't looking on the 4th.

Willow's and my hair color is not black, btw. It is very dark brown. Our dad has black hair, if you were to compare it, you could tell.

   Anywho, yep, that's us! Finally, it's our faces! Ammelia and Billie also have their pictures on the website, too.

And the cutting of the red tape... here it is, the link (and name) of our site!

The Girls Who Time Forgot

   That is the title of our website. The link is simple:

   Weebly is like a free website, you just have to say weebly when you search for it.

   Now Willow came up with the name before we started the site, and when she searched it on the internet, she found that there is another girl that time forgot (who we apologize to if she thinks we took her name which we did not). But I'm sure it'll be fine. Just don't get us mixed up ;)

   So here's the link to the website...
   And the link to the blog...

Thank you so much for the support from you guys, from Pinterest to books to blogs to websites! You're the best readers/followers and we couldn't do it without you! We hope you enjoy the site and are inspired to do your own cosplay/fanart. Thanks so much!

Signing off,

Darrion and Willow

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  1. Hey Darrion and Willow!
    I just wanted to congratulate you both on your cosplays! They look amazing, and you both are so beautiful! (As are Billie and Ammelia!) Y'all all looked so wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing more cosplays! Good luck and God bless! <3
    ~ M.J.McKeel


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