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The Watchmen Files // The Christmas Edition // Chapter Three // A Bell Rings

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   And yes, this time I have a chapter! Yea! I'm excited to move on to the shopping scene, love that one... but I'm still not completely sure how it'll work (order wise).

   Anyway, in my last post I told you guys about our upcoming website. We've been working on it (Willow has lots of Clara cosplay stuff), and we're nearly ready to publicize it. We've got a date, on either Saturday or Sunday we'll post about it on here and let you know how to find it. This is so exciting! :)

   So, on with the chapter!

   The dark gray pavement was mostly hidden by a thick layer of fluffy snow, except down the center of the road where tires turned it to gray mush. A few vehicles spotted the town streets, but most were gone on a holiday vacation or simply didn't want to slip and slide on the icy road.
   But one of the brave vehicles on the streets that day was a gray van with a newly cut Christmas tree tied on top. The car was filled with little giggling girls, two young men, and a lady and her husband at the wheel, who were all fully dressed in wooly coats and warm boots to fit the weather.
   The children complained of heat as the boys tried to keep them entertained with stories of the Watchman life. They had heard lots of those, seeing that Mr. Harrison had formerly been a Watchman in the field before retiring to a stay-at-home worker (due to his injuries). But the boys were new to the business, and full of adrenaline pumping tales to tell the energetic little ones.
   "So there we were," Conner continued with his adventure from the row of seats directly behind the first. "Cornered by at least twenty InterTech agents who (from our ingenious make-up) thought we were simpletons. They were sure to shoot us right then and there."
   Ava, Tessa, and Abbie pulled their seat belts to the limit from the very back row of seats to hear the climax.
   "Bang!" Mason shouted, making them jump. "We were shot to death, right on the spot!"
   Addie's eyes filled with disappointment. "What?!"
   "Mason!" Mrs. Harrison scolded from the passengers seat.
   "That can't be true!" Tessa objected, folding her arms defiantly.
   He chuckled to himself as Conner shot him a friendly glare before correcting him, "Actually, Jared and Gabe swooped in their plane to our rescue, and we made it back to safety with the asset."
   "You mean the nice girl," Ava butted in.
   Mason shrugged, "The 'young woman', yeah. Thankfully, she was still blindfolded the entire time."
   Addie plopped back into her booster-seat and sighed with relief. She was very taken in by their stories, and could be frightened easily.
   Mrs. Harrison also enjoyed their tales, and listened intently to them all. "You boys sure put yourselves in a tough spot doing that. She must've been so grateful!"
   Conner shrugged and answered, "Not really, she was too flustered at the time to talk to us. She nearly took Mason's head off with a crowbar, actually."
   He crinkled his nose at the memory. "Ugh. She was totally out of it."
   "Well, we're almost home. What should we do until then?" Mr. Harrison questioned the group as Conner wrapped up his story.
   "Ava should practice her song," Mrs. Harrison suggested.
   Mason wasn't completely convinced about Ava singing in front of their whole church on Christmas Eve. She was his cousin, and he knew that Hydra agents were everywhere. Why not at their church? They knew who she was and what she looked like. It sounded sort of ridiculous, but one had to take every precaution to stay out of their far reaching web. It wasn't like he didn't want her to have fun and do something for the church Christmas concert, but he was worried for her safety.
   Mrs. Harrison pulled the disc from the glove compartment and put it in. Beautiful piano and cello music started to play from the speakers all around, and Ava sang along with it as the others listened to the Christmas song.
   He was very proud of his young cousin, doing something with her talent like that. Sure he was worried for her, but hey, what could possibly go wrong?

   After a quick stop at the store for some groceries, they arrived back at the pleasant house. Tiny flakes of snow fell lightly on their cheeks as the group dismounted and lugged the bags of food inside, leaving the unpacking in the (fairly) capable hands of the boys.
   Conner eyed the noble tree warily. "Okay, how do we get this thing down?"
   "It can't be that hard," Mason reasoned and untied the ropes securing it to the top of the van. "This is why I always had a plastic tree..."
   "Spit spot!" Conner encouraged from the opposite side as Mason unstrapped the trees bonds. "Careful not to-"
   He pulled the last one off, and in the process pushed the tree itself a tittle too far, which sent it rolling off of the van and down on top of Conner, who stopped mid-sentence and squeaked as it pushed him to the ground.
   "What was that?!" Mason shouted from the other side.
   Finding Conner lying on the ground seemed quite amusing to him, he laughed very hard as Conner tried to push the tree off of himself.
   After dragging the heavy noble onto the porch, they found a bucket full of water waiting and shoved the tree trunk inside, sprayed it with bug spray, and headed in with the others.
   Stomping the snow off of their shoes, they found Ava and Tessa battling over movies. Apparently, the girls had decided it was movie night and wanted to watch things like 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer', "The Little Drummer Boy', or 'A Christmas Carol'. The battle grew thicker when Addie refused to watch A Christmas Carol, since she thought it was too scary for her, and the fight continued.
   Mason, who wanted to watch 'A Christmas Story', was tired of asking and went to go make some popcorn.
   Suddenly, Mrs. Harrison dug an old movie out of the box and called, "Hey, what about 'It's A Wonderful Life'?"
   The room grew quiet as Mr. Harrison agreed, followed by Abbie, Ava, and a reluctant Tessa. Conner smiled broadly and nodded, "Sounds good! I like that one."
   Mason returned with the bowls of the delicious, buttery snack he was stuffing his mouth with. "Wad I mif?"
   Ava ran over, got her bowl of popcorn and plopped down on the couch, dibbing her favorite spot. "It's a Wonderful Life!"
   Mason's shoulders slumped as he whined, "Aw c'mon! Not that one! It's so... boring!"
   "What, if something doesn't explode every ten minutes the movie is immediately dull?" Conner defended, snatching his bowl and settling comfortably on the sofa. "Besides, there are children present."
    Mason grumbled and got the last seat, in between Ava and Mrs. Harrison as Mr. Harrison got it started.
   "They probably have credits at the beginning of the movie for heavens sake, it's ancient..." Mason mumbled to himself as it began.
   In truth, he didn't remember much of the movie at all. Especially since he slept through three quarters of it, and the rest was full of being used as a handkerchief by Mrs. Harrison who was just bawling, and trying to stop Ava from squiggling and asking too many questions.
   "Is that really how angels get their wings?" She pulled on his arm for an answer, eyes still locked to the screen.
   Mrs. Harrison sniffed and wiped her eyes with Mason's sleeve as the end credits rolled. "That was so beautiful, wasn't it... Mason? Are you asleep?"
   Ava glanced up to find his eyes closed and mouth slightly open, sleeping quite soundly. She poked him in the arm, but he didn't stir. "He sleeps like a rock."
   They picked up the empty bowls and went to get ready for bed, opening another day on their advent calendars and finding a small chocolate inside.
   Mrs. Harrison pulled a warm wooly blanket off of the top shelf and spread it over the sleeping Mason, tucked him in, and moved back. Pulling her Canon camera out of its bag, she snapped a picture and snuck away with a smile on her face, leaving him to sleep until morning.
   Heading to her bedroom, Mrs. Harrison noticed Ava standing next to a stray box of decorations that Isaiah had brought up in advance. She was fishing through it, searching for something in particular.
   "What are you looking for?" Mrs. Harrison asked gently, though still startling her in the process.
   She shyly reached her arm toward her, reviling a small silver bell in the palm of her hand. Her eyes shined with guilt, which Mrs. Harrison found odd.
   Hanging her head in shame, she causing Mrs. Harrison to wonder, "What's the matter, dear?"
   She looked up, eyes glinting with tears. "I'm sorry, I just wanted to give the angel his wings."
   Mrs. Harrison smiled, taking the little girl in her arms and hugging her tightly. "It's okay, sweetheart. I'm sure he's very grateful." Picking the small, silver bell up, she handed it back to Ava with a smile. "Here, why don't you keep it?"
   "Can I?" A goofy smile covered her face. She assured her that it was fine, and the six year old rushed back into her room with the bell in hand, jingling it merrily.
    Mrs. Harrison shook her head, still smiling. Flicking off the lights, she left the living room dark, only lit by the moon's glow which cast long shadows behind the couch where Mason snoozed.

Willow will try to get her chapter up, but her jaw is really bothering her because she just got new wires.
I'm going to shoot for the next chapter (which will include a dog, btw) and also work more on the website.
Speaking of, we're going to publicize our cosplay/fanart website on either this coming Saturday or Sunday, so watch out for a post about that!

Well, I think that's everything... thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Darrion, that was a great chapter! I was literally laughing at some parts, especially when Mrs. Harrison was using Mason as her personal tissue! That was so great. :D I'm excited about y'all's new cosplay and fanart page! That's gonna be great! You are such a grand writer, Darrion. I know I've said it many a time, but it's true. :) You're a great inspiration to me. I wish you luck on your next fantastic chapter!

    1. Thanks, Megan! I try :) You're seriously too sweet!! YOU'RE an inspiration to me! You've got a book on the way to be published, and you asked about my book and encouraged me to put it up. Thank you so much for it all!!

    2. Well you do such a wonderful job of it! :) Awe, and thank you. :) I feel very blessed to be a friend of yours, even if we're just online buddies. ;) Oh, the publishing is taking forevah, but thank you for the excitement! Trusting God is all it takes to have peace! You are such an amazing writer, and I know I keep sayin' it, but it's true. :) Haha-yes-I'm-glad-you-saw-that-I'm-beginning-to-become-a-whovian. :)
      ~ Megan

  2. Great chapter! As usual. :) I really like this one. It's A Wonderful Life! Yay! I love that movie. :D I'm glad most everybody *cough* *cough* *Mason, shame on you* agrees with me. :) Yay! I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to see the cosplays. :D


    1. Thanks, Hope! Well... ah... I sorta don't like It's A Wonderful Life, actually. Mason was representing me *smiles with shame* But I know a lot of people do like it (like my mother), so I represented them sufficiently :) I think. Maybe? Yep, the cosplays are up today!

  3. Mason and Conner's relationship just keeps getting better and better. Loved the chapter D!

    1. Thanks, Mary!! Glad you like :) More Mason and Conner scenes to come!


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