Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dwarves of Yore ~ Heavy is the Head + Theme Song

This is the very first story of our Dwarves of Yore stories! You've read a little of the second tale, called Dis Makes a Friend, but this one is the very first one :)

Note from Willow || D wrote this one, and I'm writing Dis Makes a Friend, but we're kind of co-writing this series. She'll write some, I'll write some. Just to clarify :)

This song is called "Don't You Worry Child" by Swedish House Mafia,
and is covered here by Sam Tsui. It's basically the theme song for Dwarves of Yore.

Okay, now that you're through listening to the song... here we go!

   Years before the the fall of the mountain, and ages prior the great dragon's flames licking the cornerstone of Erebor, a sharp child's cry echoed through their dark halls as servant bounced off to tell his prince of the joyous news: it was a boy.
   Blue icy eyes aglow, the little one sucked contentedly on his thumb as his father gazed down at him, gently rocking the newborn in his arms.
   "Come child, there is a time for rest and a time for war," the proud father coaxed as the baby tugged mercilessly on the man's beard. Chuckling, he commented "I see you have Durin's twinkle in your eyes. A grand King under the Mountain you shall be! Just as our forefathers before us, you will rule this mountain with loyalty, honor, and a willing heart."
   A dark shadow passed by outside of the door. The Dwarf quickly recognized that it was his father, the infant's grandfather. He watched suspiciously as the large Dwarf drifted away, probably back to admiring his growing hoard of glittering gold and treasure in one of the lower halls.
   "Well, as honorable as most of them," he muttered as the baby watched his grandfather disappear out of sight inquisitively.
   "Can you feel the weight of it? Even from afar, one with Durin's blood running through his veins can feel the pull of gold."
   Glancing down, he found the boy gurgling as he sucked contentedly at his father's signet ring. He chuckled at his son's obliviousness. "Fine, you may be a child for now, while you still can. Soon enough, you will be king, and heavy is the head that bears the crown of his people."
   Wandering to the balcony, he surveyed his sleeping kingdom. The golden lights illuminated its halls just enough for one to gape over the mountain's vastness, the levels hewn directly from the living stone as glittering gold ran down them in streaks like rivers.
   "One day, this will all be yours, young Thorin."
   The child cooed softly, his blue eyes closing gently as he snuggled closer to the warmth of his father.
   With the future lying asleep in his arms, the father, Thrain, whispered half to himself and half to his son, "At least one of us will sleep tonight."

   Whew, that's it! Super short intro story. Hope it's okay! I haven't written in a long time, as you know. Too busy crying my eyes out about the Battle of the Five Armies (I still haven't had the guts to watch it a second time). But soon I'll be working on the Watchmen Files once again, and also a new fanfiction sort of series. I hope to get that done soon.

Thanks for reading, guys! You're the best to be hanging in there for us this long.



  1. I can't wait to read more! This was really awesome:) I love how you're so descriptive=D

  2. This is so cute! I can't wait for the rest of the story, keep up the awesome work! :)


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