Friday, April 3, 2015

Schedule Additions

   So here's our new schedule for this blog:

Monday: Without Cause (Ammelia's still working at it! She hopes to make it a summer project.)

Tuesday: Star Stories (D's new series, not final name)

Wednesday: Watchmen Files (the Christmas Special and Shades of Reason, then Collision of Worlds)

Thursday: Dwarves or Yore / Heirs of Durin / etc. (Dwarvey stuffs, Thorin Thursday)

Friday: Friends and Enemies (and someday, Forgotten, basically Four Rings-y stuffs)

Saturday: n/a (Song Saturday, but we're not doing stories so it doesn't quite count)

Sunday: n/a (Billie, unfortunately, is quite busy, so she is not planning on working on her book for a while. If she does, we'll be sure to add her back on the schedule!

Which new stories do you anticipate most?

~Willow + Darrion + Ammelia + Billie

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