Saturday, April 4, 2015

Shades of Reason || Characters

Meet the characters in Shades of Reason

Jonas N. Parker
played by Drew Roy

Jeremiah (Jeremy) F. Stone
played by Andrew Garfield

Lila Norris (formerly Norland)
 played by Evangeline Lilly

Quentin Norris
played by Ewan McGregor

Briella (Brie) Norris
played by Lily Collins

Cambria Norris
played by Emmy Rossum

 Simon Hollens
played by David Wenham

Ginger Hollens
played by Georgie Henley

Nora Hollens
played by Natalie Portman

Daniel Shakes
played by George Blagden

Victor Shakes
played by Aneurin Barnard

Renata Stone
played by Emily Rudd

Dr. Hans J. Kruger
played by Richard Armitage

(Captain) Clark Barton
played by Daniel Craig

Michael (Mike) B. Graham
played by Graham McTavish

Cesar E. Russell
played by n/a

Genevieve Kerr Wiley
played by Keira Knightly

Mercedes Kerr
played by Natalie Dormer

(more will be added once more characters are introduced)


  1. That's funny, Drew Roy, Richard Armitage, and Graham McTavish are actors that I'm using for inspiration for my story also:) I'm also using Evangeline Lilly:) You have good taste in actor/actress choosing;) Can I just say...FARAMIR!!!

    1. Cool, Sarah, what's your story called? Yeah, I kinda chose my characters before I thought of the plot, which is interesting... :)

    2. Well, I'm working on a trilogy with one of friends and I'm writing the first book called The Rebellion(it's like my character's back story). Then my friend is working on the second book called The Initiation(which is about her character's back story. Then we're both writing the third book called The Termination(which is when our characters meet). Each books sorta links up with one another:) But then I'm writing a prequel to the trilogy called The Journey and that's the book with all these actors/actresses in it=) Don't worry, I always choose my characters before I think of the plot too so I can get to know them better:) It's a modern sci-fi trilogy plus the prequel and it's similar's to Megan's books but I started it before she wrote her book so you can know that I'm not copying her:) I wouldn't want people to think that because I'm not:) Of course her Pinterest board and writing have inspired me but I don't want to take credit for something that's not mine:) Also, if you want to know, the prequel starts in 2014 and The Termination(third book)starts around 2050...I think something like that:)

    3. Wow, that's a lot! I'm hoping to collab with some books someday too :) It sounds really cool, let me know if you put it on your blog :)


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