Thursday, December 20, 2012

Break In: Infiltrating the Citadel

The only sound was the chilly, stale air whistling over the grey jagged rocks.

 The only thing that interrupted that sound was the soft crunching of boots on stray pebbles.
 The black-clad girl slid the long, curving sniper rifle off of her shoulder and settled it on a small boulder, hidden in the thick fog.
 "I don't see anything," the clone-sized commando droid stated into his comm-link.
 "Try your body-heat scanners." Whomever was on the other end of the comm ordered.
 "Roger, roger." The commando's mechanical voice replied flatly.
  The girl leaned forward, her shoulder pressing to the end of the rifle, her eye searching the small aiming glass atop the rifle.
 The commando pressed a small button on his arm. "Body-heat scanning," he stated to no one in particular.
  He came into sight on the aiming glass. The click of the trigger reached only the ears of the one who pulled it.
 Click. The tiny dart struck the droid easily on his chest, precisely in the center of the small circle of red light.
 The droid stood perfectly still for a moment. A voice spoke in the ear of the sniper.
 "Great aim, Will. I'll have complete control of this commando droid in less then a moment, to be precise." Darren was in the control room {as usual} but the mission was being directed by Glennall Wolffe, the son of Commander Wolffe. Glennall was working his way up in the Special Forces unit in the Codebearer's army, and was a favorite of Nex.
 "I'll signal Darrion to make her move, but get that camera first." Glennall's voice directed.
 Willow aimed again, this time fixing the glass on a small rectangular object, barely to be seen in the fog. Click. The same fate of the droid befell the camera, as the dart dug into the wire slightly to the left of the camera.
 "Lovely job, Will." Glennall affirmed.
 Willow peered silently through the fog, her eyes searching for any sign of movement on the rugged and steep sheer cliff. The electro-barriers sizzled and flicked from unit to unit.
 Then she spotted it. A small, slender person was clambering up the cliff, clutching the sharp rocks as handholds. On her back rode a smaller, black, scaly object clutching for dear life. She had almost reached the flat outcropping where the commando droid still stood unmovingly.
 Her two black-clad hands clutched the edge, and she quickly swung herself up onto the platform. The droid still didn't move. Then it did.
 "This way," the droid said flatly, poking a code into the keypad beside the door. Darrion {for that was whom the small person was} nodded, brushing her almost-black bangs away from her forehead. The small, black, scaly object pulled itself up from D's back to perch on her shoulder, her long tail swishing against D's back.
 The keypad beeped its approval, and the droid led D inside the Citadel.

 Arc Trooper 55-55 scrolled through the upcoming schedule for the high security prison. More guards. More security. More everything. Blah. Blah. Blah.
 He'd be glad to have a break-in, an explosion, a fire, anything that would be more fun then sitting around waiting for something to happen.
 And if he thought that was bored, taking orders from Osum Sobeck, the freakiest, creepiest, craziest prison warden in the galaxy was even worse. But orders were orders. And weirdos were weirdos. Oh, brother.
 "This way," a flat, droid voice echoed about the hallway. Fives glanced up from his data-pad, peering through the glass to the hallway, to see whom the person was the droid was bringing.
 The person was small, he couldn't be much taller than little Ahsoka Tano was. Used to be. Whatever. He was wearing a dark cloak, with some kind of pattern, but it was hard to tell what kind. The hood covered most of his face, except for his lower nose and mouth.
 Then the hood moved as whomever was under the cloak glanced side to side, revealing {for half a second} big brown eyes fringed in dark eyelashes.
 Fives squinted. He could have sworn that he recognized that face.
 But the hooded person disappeared behind a sharp corner, so Fives couldn't hurry out and ask about whom they were. Ah, well. Such is life.

Part two, coming soon!


  1. When did you guys make this? How come I didn't know about it?! =D


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