Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Break In: Infiltrating the Citadel: Part Two

 "We're almost to the drop point, Leader." Anthony {Tony} commented as he peered thru the space-proof glass.
Warren nodded absently.
 "Are you sure we're doing this right, Warren?" Tony asked, twirling a piece of hair that had just grown enough the tug on. "I mean, the two of us, Nex asks us to do a dangerous mission to drop a shock-bomb onto Lola Sayu, in a very, very highly Empire controlled area, and no escorts? I mean, c'mon man!"
 Warren stared glassily eyed ahead. "It doesn't seem so strange to me," he said dully, twirling the golden chain around that hung on his neck with his fingers.
 Tony rolled his eyes at Warren's golden ring that dangled from his fingers. He opened his mouth to say something, but thought better of it, and closed his mouth again.
 Leaning over the console to the comm, he pressed the familiar greenish button. "Ninjaball to Nex, we're goin' in hot. We should be back to base by ten hundred hours."
 "Roger that, Ninjaball. I copy. Please proceed with the plan." Nex's voice instructed.
 "Copy that, sir."
 Tony's fingers flew over the control board. "We should be over the drop-spot in less than a minute, Warren."
 Warren nodded absentmindedly.
 I wonder why Nex was so insistent that we drop the bomb? And I'm certain he knows how dangerous Lola Sayu is, so why didn't he at least send Darrion with us? Tony wondered. Darrion's quite a capable pilot, she knows what she's doing. But Warren... his thoughts drifted.

 Willow crouched low behind the craggy rock as she heard voices draw near. They aren't droids, that's for sure, because those aren't droid voices, thought the sniper. But where is Cody? And Cole, come to think of it?
"Now Willow," she told herself, "They will be along in just a moment surely. Practice patience."
 The crunch of boots on gravel alerted her to another presence.
 "That accursed droid isn't keeping watch, again," a male voice pointed out in a dark tone.
 "Well," countered another voice, "can your Shadow Knights do better, Sargent?"
 "Yes, of course they can. A single one could overpower any warrior in the galaxy." The dark voice said coldly.
 "Excepting those Chosen Four, and their friends." The other voice commented.
 "They were young and untrained, these are the highly trained Knights. They will not fail."
 "That I do not doubt, but Commander Sobeck is rather, ah, nervous. His brother was killed here, you'll remember."
 "Yes," the other agreed, "but he was not guarded by our knights, now was he, Captain?" Captain?
 "No, he wasn't. I'm sure you'll keep the place secure, please report to Arc Trooper 55-55 if you have any trouble." Fives? Uh-oh.
 "Of course, Captain. But I am curious, didn't you infiltrate this very prison in the days of the Republic?" Wait, this must be Captain Rex!
 In a rather gruff voice, the captain answered, "yes, I did." Silence. "I must report back now." The voice was now formal.
 Willow nearly fainted when someone placed one hand on her arm and another over her mouth. Jerking her head around to see who it was, she was relieved to see Cole. He lifted his hand from her mouth and lifted it to his lips in a shhh motion. Willow nodded.
 Cole jerked his head towards the fast disappearing Rex.
 "C'mon, Will," Cole hissed. "We can follow Rex."
 "What about Cody?" Willow hissed back.
 "Cody's already climbing." Cole nodded towards the sheer cliff which had been climbed by Darrion scarce a half hour before. Indeed, a rather large shape, for clones are known for their height, was making its way up the cliff. Willow sighed with relief.
 Cole started to get up gingerly, but Willow snatched his wrist. "What about that Shadow Knight?" She hissed.
 "Oh. I didn't think about that." Cole leaned to the edge of the rock, just peering around it's jaggedy edge.
 The Shadow Knight, cloaked in black and wearing complete black {as was their custom} was meandering back towards the door where Rex was headed.
 Then he stopped, and pulled out his communicator, "Please be sure that you position the men as I instructed. I sense something's about to happen."
A murmuring came from the communicator. "Good." The head Knight nodded briskly.
 Cole tugged Willow's sleeve, and jerked his head towards the almost out-of-site Rex. Willow nodded wordlessly.
 Silently, they both crept behind the rocks after the clone captain.

Part Three: Coming Soon!

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