Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Four Rings Series

It all began with four boxes holding within them four very special things.
 Those boxes were the gifts to the newly appointed Chosen Four. Each one got a box, and each box was unique. Each box would change the world. Actually, what was in each box would change the world. As the Four opened their tiny chests, they gasped with wonder, but confusion as well.
 For in each box was a ring. Two gold, two silver. Gold for the two elder, silver for the two younger. As they drew them out to the light, they shone and glinted and sparkled.

 They were rather peculiar rings as well, for they each had beautifully scripted words encircling them. But the peculiar thing was that the language was not of that world, but of a different world. A world that would need these four young chosen, and would change their lives, and the lives of most, forever.

An early edit, I didn't use the proper font

Based on the movie of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Oh dear, the One Ring is back! What to do, what to do... 

The One Ring has returned as the Black Ring, 
and Sauron is close to entering that world.

The Ringwraiths are after the Four Rings, and their bearers.
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 The Four's obsession with their rings must be stopped, 
so Willow recruits their ninja friend Cole to help.



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    1. Thank you! I have the first part of the first chapter for "An {Unexpected} Journey" written, if you'd like me to put it up.


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