Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Watchmen Files || Shades of Reason || Character Name Help!!

   Really long time, no post {good gosh, I've really got to start working!}. Anyhow, I've been working on the second chapter of Shades of Reason, and I added a new character, to be played by Keira Knightly.
   She's going to be the young Lila Norland's best friend and the future wife of Fletcher Wiley. In the story she'll probably be engaged to him. She's the daughter of a high ranking crime family {like Lila}.
   I really like the name Genesis for her {Genesis Wiley?} or Gypsy {but that sounds kind of dumb}. I also like the name Rose, but I would love some suggestions!
   I also need a last name {maiden name} for her, but I'm thinking Kerr {like in In Freedom's Cause by G.A. Henty} pronounced like the last part on "concur". 

I hope to get chapter two of SOR {Shades of Reason} done by next Wednesday, but you never know...
I'll also work on our comic con post, we met Alex Kingston {River Song, Doctor Who} Hayley Atwell {Peggy Carter, Captain America, Agent Carter} and Chloe Bennett {Skye, Agents of Shield} and got our pictures with them and got stuff signed.



  1. My first thought for a name is Joanne. But I love the name Genesis!

  2. Hello again, Willow!
    Hmm, names . . . for some reason, I think of the name Sophia or Sophie. For maiden names: I like Kerr. That sounds pretty cool. I'm not really sure if it goes with Sophie, but oh well. :) I hope these names help. :D


  3. Morgan Kerr? Hope this helps:)

  4. Sounds like you're pretty set on Kerr as a maiden name. But not all names roll of the tongue when you get married. My brother's wife's name is Shelby Yee. It's a pain when you're dealing with telemarketers over the phone. Lol!
    Let's see...
    Evey Kerr. Evey Wiley.
    Bellamy Kerr. Bellamy Wiley.
    Mercedes, Emmaline, Genna, Haydee (it's a real name), Jill, Brooke, Yvette or Yvaine.
    Now I'm just spit-balling.
    Maren. Audrey. Meg. Anna (or Anya, if you want the Russian nickname for Anna).


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