Friday, September 20, 2013

Our Schedule Here on The Call

Hi there to our old and new followers!

This is Willow typing, by the way. I wanted to let you guys know of our new schedule here.

First, we have Watchmen Wednesday by Darrion, where every Wednesday D will post either her new chapter or a sneak peek to the newest chapter.

And then I have Friends and Enemies Friday, where I will basically do the same thing as D.

And then on the other days of the week, one of us may post an inspirational song or poem or some pictures.

Or maybe even some sneak previews for upcoming books {like in the Watchmen Files, which I am impatient to get to, because my character is introduced in the third book {?}} Excited yet?

Anyway, the tenth chapter of Friends and Enemies will be posted shortly.



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