Sunday, October 27, 2013

Friends and Enemies // Characters

Characters of Friends and Enemies

Willow, Elvish-grace of the Second Gold Ring

Prince Emmeth of Tashra

Sir Richard of Gossgath

Betromith son of Dradith


Teclemith, twin brother of Hyaline

Hyaline, younger twin sister of Teclemith

Kadesh, son of Sir Richard

Lady Adira, wife of Lord Kriddeth, and Sir Richard's sister-in-law

Tajoreth, younger son of Tashmath

Kedemeth, elder son of Tashmath

Tashmath {he renamed himself} brother of Clemathith, King of Tashra

Sirius Darkfeather, high-level errand boy for the Shadow

Shemesh of Shoresh

Aliatha, daughter of Adrore

Zemerah, elder daughter of Tashmath

Orna, wife of Tashmath, mother of Zemerah, Kedemeth, Tajoreth and Asharlah

Zethan of Gossgath, head of the "Outlaw" group

Ganymede, son of Sir Jehonathan


Sir Jehonathan {Sir Richard's brother}

Asharlah, younger daughter of Tashmath

Brédin, younger brother of Betromith, son of Dradith {Bréda's elder twin}

Bréda, younger sister of Betromith, daughter of Dradith {younger twin to Brédin}

[Note: This is a work-in-progress page. When new characters come up, check back here for names and pronunciations.]


  1. Prince Caspian! Allan A Dale! (Not so much), Robin Hood! Guy of Gisborne! Kate Blanchett! Murtog! Archer? Yuck. Even worse, Sheriff Vaisley. Will Scarlet!
    Nice job, and I especially love the characters you used from movies, which are, awesome. Keep up this wonderful job, and I cannot wait until next Friends and Enemies Friday!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's kinda funny how I mix the movies :)

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  2. I love Aliatha!!! She's so sweet! And did I mention how cool Emmeth is?;)

  3. I love how you used the Robin Hood characters! And Cate Blanchett, which is funny, because she plays Maid Marion in a different Robin Hood! I'm using her in a story, too; just not as Marion:)

  4. Very interesting indeed. I'm looking forward to reading this, though I must navigate to the very beginning.:-) I thought it quite funny how Sir Richard is personified by the character Guy of Gisborne, played by Richard Armitage. Was that intentional? The one that stuck out to me most, though, was Sirius Darkfeather. He immediately caught my attention. Don't know why, but he seems quite intriguing.
    May I post a link to this website onto my own blog?


    1. Hi Grace! Um, yeah, D suggested as a joke that I name him that, and I wracked my brain for any other name, but because it was so early in my book, I didn't have that many good names, so I chose that one. I don't usually like naming characters after their actors, but this was an exception :) And yes, you may :) Thanks so much!

  5. Hi Willow!
    Just wanted to say that I think its really cool how you did yourself dressed up that way for the story stuff! :D Its neat that you did that. (Nice dress!)

    1. Thank you, Angela! I actually just changed that picture (it was an old one from a few years ago) but I'm still wearing the same dress.


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