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The Watchmen Files // Half Chapter Six // Characters page

   Top of the morning to ya!

   Once again, it is I, Darrion! But once again, it is a half chapter that I must post. Why? Because I'm not finished. Thought I was, turned out I wasn't. And now I'm sick :( Not like I've got a funny feeling in my stomach, but a real cold. Bleck.

   But anyway, that also means that I will give you a special treat because you have to wait until next Watchmen Wednesday for the rest.

And that treat is this...

A characters page!

   A what, you ask? A characters page has actually been on this blog for a while, but has been under construction. But now, it is open! I have put the important characters on the page for you to view, because we know just how confusing it is to remember what all those guys look like.

   I do believe Willow will be adding pictures for her story later Friends and Enemies, so hang tight!

And here is my preview for the next chapter...

   "Mikey, I see you're playing the tourist part well," a young man's smug voice chirped from behind the postcard stand in the gift shop that Sargent Graham immediately recognized as Jason Gray.
   Michael Graham sighed, annoyed once more by the son of one of his best friend calling him that irritating nickname that just wouldn't go away. "Don't call me that," he remarked in his light Scottish accent.
   "Why?" Jason shrugged casually. "Dad calls you that all the time."
   Graham adjusted his Ducks football cap and kept the no-nonsense expression on his lightly scarred face. "You aren't your dad. Now why'd you call me here, kid?"
   Jason flinched, irritated by the use of the word kid. "If you remember, I'm Junior Director Gray now. I'm not a kid anymore." Then Jason's tone turned more playful again. "Just like you're not as young as you once were." After all, the guy's, like, in his fifties now. That was pretty old for a Watchman, but not too old to be a trainer of rookies.

   "We shouldn't talk out here," Graham whispered carefully, glancing around the Tillamook Air Museum gift shop warily.
   "You're right," Jason nodded toward the hanger where they kept the vintage aircraft for the public to view.
   When they entered, Jason admired to high open structure of the hanger. The crisscrossing beans when made in WWII out of wood, since they were running low on mettle for the air craft. It was first made to hold Blimps, but now housed many different vintage air craft. They moved closer to a group of planes and Graham ducked around the tail to move on and study the cockpit.
   "This is a
PBY Catalina," Graham stated.
   "And how would you know that?" Jason questioned. "I mean, I know you're old and all, but you're not that old."
   Graham's expression grew cold. "Cut to the chase, Jase."
   "Right," he pulled out an old photo from his pocket and handed it to Graham. "We want to know if you'll train this little guy."
   The photo was of a boy, with dark curly hair and a smiling face seated at a table with a cake on top (most likely a birthday cake, with the six candles pocking out of it). The boy wasn't alone in the picture, a man Graham knew very well was standing near, along with his pretty red/brown haired wife. He wasn't smiling much (he hardly ever did) but he did have a small smile peeping out. It made Graham smile too, recalling the old memories fondly, then his face turned downcast when the not-so-fond memories came to him. That poor boy...
   He examined it carefully, taking in all the details before asking, "Where'd you get this?"
   "I've got connections," Jason examined a postcard as if it was an easy task to get his hands on the family's last real family picture. "And I knew you'd want to help. You knew his dad, you know what they're like."
   "They who?"
   "You know who. Supers. After all, you worked with them a lot."
   Graham turned to look the young ambitious man in the eyes. "Is he an active?"
   "Yup. Just take look at this," Jason handed him a iPad with a video of the little boy, except he was much older, probably in his mid-twenties, and he was smashing through a door and running from Watchmen. Just like his dad.
   "He's got the condition?"
   "Oh yeah. Except it's more muted than his father's, of course."
   He understood and considered the idea of becoming his trainer. There were a lot of difficulties with Supers: they were different than normal people, stronger, and specialized in different ways, but weaker in others. They often had emotional issues, and this kid would probably have them too. His dad had left him, his cousin had been captured, and he was alone in the world. The kid would be tough, like his dad.
   Jason tapped his foot impatiently. "What's the verdict, chief?"
   After considering the concept for a moment longer, Graham nodded, "I'll take him."

And there you have it! Now I'm gong to go get another tissue box and work on the rest of the chapter. And make sure to check the characters page, see the characters, you know, all that good stuff. 

And, please, if you happen to think that a character is particularly good-looking, keep it to yourself. We have eyes, we can see. And some of us are still kids (*cough cough* me), and feel even sicker when you say that stuff.
Thank you for your cooperation :)



  1. How mysterious! And don't worry, my family has the cold right now too, not like everyone else in the world doesn't have one this time of year.
    Good job, keep it up! Hope you feel better!

    1. Oh, I hope they recover quickly :( Thanks for the encouragement, Surfs :)

  2. Awesome! I love this story!
    Haha, I too dislike it when people say that kind of stuff. :)

    1. Yeah, I'm glad someone else dislikes it when people make comments about characters. Ew. Just ew.


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