Friday, May 16, 2014

Friends and Enemies // Q&A // #2

Hey guys! Long time no type!
I apologize for the silence, but with my toofies getting removed last Tuesday
and my new wire being put in on my top teefs and our choir concert tonight, 
I've had a busy couple weeks!
And the fact that I'm having a hard time with the next chapter..... but whatev.

So I used the fix-all solution - a q&a!
 I've done one before, but never posted it properly on Pinterest, so the turnout was rather low.
D did one and her turnout was rather high, so I thought I'd try it again.

So anything and everything! Any question is welcome,
but please keep your questions appropriate and rated G ;)
Though I know none of you will do that. 
And I do not have to answer any question I feel uncomfortable answering, kay?

Anywho, you can ask questions about my characters, plots, what's next, etc. Ask away!

You can ask here on this blog or on pinterest.
 But just some chatting of my own....
I'm really, really excited for these upcoming chapters!
I'm sure you've seen me type that before, but I really am!
 All of the plots, friendships and actual "ships" and enemy-ness are so exhilarating!
Maybe it's 'cause I'm a writer....

Be a friend, not an enemy,


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  1. I love the timeline that you've developed with your story. I especially love how you combine literary references with your own profound thoughts. When does Willow's story take place? Is it on Earth or in a different realm? If it is in the future, I would assume we have somehow developed a way to teleport from one realm to another (Thank you, Scotty!) and yet the present looks to be a sort of medieval world. Prophecies, archery, creatures like Liberty. I have to admit, that sounds pretty awesome.



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